Monday, 15 September 2014

Lifestyle || Run like Ryan Gosling's at the end

For a while now I've been thinking about doing this post but then always decided not too because I'm certainly no expert and well I didn't want to sound a bit preachey. 
Never the less I have decided to share with you my running tips and why I love to run. 
Like I said I'm defiantly  not an expert it's just something I've always enjoyed doing, it's a great way to stay in shape and for me it's just perfect at clearing my head. 
Like I said before I've always enjoyed going for a run(this probably stems from my dad who's just done his 19th Great North run) and most the time I've been lucky enough to have amazing surroundings to take in on my runs be it the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral or the North East coastline.
I also find that going for a run is just so relaxing it's nice to just forget everything.

So why is running so good? 

Of course any exercise is good and running is just another form of getting the heart pumping, it's good for your knees, weight loss and toning. 
Anyone can run - you don't need to much equipment and it's especially good if the thought of going to the gym makes you feel a little sick inside. 
And like I said it might even take away the stresses of your day. 

My top six running tips

1.   Buy a decent good quality pair of trainers. 
You want something that's comfortable,durable and has a bit of bounce to them.  
I wear Nike Flex TR2 trainers and honestly they were worth every penny. but on this note a lot of 'professionals' recommend spending at least £45 however if your savvy you can usually find a good deal at sports direct or outlet stores.

2. Be realistic.
On your first run your probably not going to manage a half marathon but so anything is an acheivement instead take it easy at first and then build yourself towards going a little bit further.  
And if your struggling take a breather and have some water.

3.Set goals!!!
I find that if I set myself a goal I work a bit harder and push myself to go for a bit longer. 
So at the moment I want to tone up as I'm getting married in 2016 and going to America next year. 
Other goals have included the Manchester 10Km run or the Great North run. 

4. Playlist & app's .
Get yourself a good playlist that will motivate you and make you feel good. 
There are so many good apps on the app store that can track your progress - my personal favourite is the Nike running app. 

5. Alone or in a group? 
The choice is yours some people prefer to run alone and some like to be in a group - this can be friends or a local running group. 
If you are looking for one in your area this website is really great

6. Safety!!!
Most importantly be safe running alone can be a little dangerous especially in the winter months or in an area you don't know so I advise getting to know a route. 
In winter wear florescent or reflective clothing and try not to run too late in the evening. 
If your worried run in a group. 
I'd also recommend that if your running alone to leave one ear phone out so you can hear traffic and pedestrians too and carry a phone.

So there we have it my top tips, sorry it's a little bit of a long un.
Hope you enjoyed this post do any of you enjoy running? if you do what are your tips I'd love to hear them :)

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