Thursday, 28 March 2013

A fruity birthday cake :)

So this week was one of my best friends 21st birthday and she decided to do a fruit and veg theme interesting and unique yes? I then decided to make a cake for her , I didn't want to do a fruit cake so instead I did a Victoria sponge with nutella/butter cream filling and decorated with various fruity bits and pieces including chocolate strawberries. 

For the sponge I went with good old Mary Berry who in my eyes can do no wrong she is fantastic. This is the recipe I used which is super duper easy and doesn't require loads of ingredients.  Mary Berry.
I made one teeny edit and that was too use 3 tablespoons of nutella instead of jam for a chocolaty fix.

Buttercream : both for the filling and for decorating the outside 
140g Softened butter
280g Icing sugar
1-2 tbsp milk
few drops of vanilla and a few drops of food colouring. I went for a pale pink .

1. Beat the butter until soft , slowly add icing sugar until smooth.
2.Keep beating until all the icing is combined, add a little milk and mix in your chosen colouring.

100g melted white chocolate
100g melted milk chocolate
A punnet of Strawberrys ( take your time to search for nice ones as strawberries aren't in season and aren't always the best in March .
You simply dip the strawberry's in the chocolate and allow to set.

Lots of fruity themed sweeties I went with gummy cherries and foam banana's . I also made little cherries out of red fondant icing and piped on some green stalks with royal icing.

So there you have it sorry It's all a bit jumbled it took an age to make and I stupidly didn't take notes but I hope you can follow it . Feel free to ask me any questions . Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The boots tag

A few people have commented that they'd love to see a few more 'drugstore' bits on the blog so I thought whats the best way of kicking things off ? Do a bit of a tag . I've changed it too boots tag because my friend s often joke that I live in boots but Superdrug is a bit of alright too. 

1. What is your favourite drugstore make up brand? 
Easy Peasy REVLON!!!  especially for lip products which you will see further in the post. 

2. What are your favourite ' ' products?

Lip: Like I said I really like Revlon lip products I have a selection of most of them but I do really love the Lip butters - I think for the formula they have a strong colour and are incredibly nourishing. 

Cheek:  Topshop cream blushers 

Face:  I really love DR.Jart Water fuse BB cream but I don't know if that would be seen as drugstore but you buy it in boots so good enough for me. For a heavier foundation I'd choose Body Shop moisture foundation and it almost goes without saying but I love collection lasting perfection concealer. 

3. Least favourite product? 
Bourjois delice de poudre just isn't for me anymore but I like to keep it for sentimental reasons. In fact I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Bourjois sometimes I love bits sometimes I hate bits.... weird.

4. Make up bargain?  
MUA eye shadows and for the price they aren't half bad. 

5. Favourite underdog products? 
The body shop foundation I mentioned above is a really great foundation but I've never really heard anything else about it. 

6. Best drugstore dupes? 
 - Revlon just bitten(£7.99) VS Clinque chubby sticks(£16.00) - These are incredibly incredibly similar I think the only real difference to me is that I hate the smell of the Revlon ones.
-FashionistA brow kit (£7.00) VS Benefit brow Zing (£22.50) - Again really similar In fact I prefer the FashionistA brow kit as it comes with a wax and a choice of 3 colours in a palette.

7. Drugstore Product not worth the hype? 
 For me its Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer. I was really excited to try this but it's just too cakey and the colouring is a bit off I dunno I just don't like it - however my sister just bought it and enjoys using it so I guess it's all personal ! 

Just to give a flavour as to how much I love Revlon lip products.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mid-Week pamper ...

Concern: Moisture and get my glow back for summer ....

I love indulging in a bit of pampering and when I'm particularly stressed this happens more frequently in the past two weeks I've had a facial,manicure and back massage and although not good for my bank account I do feel much much better. I also like to have some skin/body concern in mind when deciding what to use and this week I wanted to prepare for cracking out the shorts, skirts and dresses and yes ! I am aware of our current weather situation but I'm an optimist.  

Hair and Body : 

Redken Extreme Shampoo and leave in mask : Whilst the baths running I rinse my hair with this shampoo then follow it up with the mask for about 15 minutes. I love this range as it really does help distressed and damaged hair . I've used it once a week for over a month now and can really see a difference. In fact I may do a more detailed review very soon. 
L'Occitane Honey foaming gel:  So firstly I put a generous dollop of this beauty into my bath  to fragrance the bath not only because it smells great but also because it is incredibly moisturising . 
Soap and Glory Flake away : This is my current scrub of choice It's not my favourite but It's the original and works a treat for getting rid of scaly skin in order to give the body a lovely glow.  
Body Shop Coconut Beautifying oil:  Now I know you can get more expensive oils ( such as Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse) but I really like this little oil its cheap and cheerful , smells great and does really moisturise. I often pop a drop of the oil on the ends of my hair . 
Body Shop Chocomania Body butter:  Cocoa butter is possibly my favourite smell in the world it just makes me think of my muma and it is incredibly moisturising. This particular number is meant to last for 48hrs which is great for someone like me who is lazy with creams. After all of this I slip on a onesie with the ideas that it will somehow lock in all the moisture :P


Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm with Emma Hardie Rosehip Exfoliating seeds: 
When my skin's feeling particular dull and clogged I like to mix the seeds with the balm and pop them on my face and use as a mask. I leave this on for about 10 minutes and then massage off the balm. After I've done this I like to place a warm face cloth on my face for a few minutes. 
Clinique turnaround instant facial masque: I bought this on a bit of a whim in the hope that it would give my skin a boost of radiance and boy does it.  Due to it been an exfoliating  mask it boosts radiance and makes the skin look more vibrant. 
YSL youth Liberator serum: My boyfriend bought me this in a YSL set for Christmas( he's been well trained) and I secretly wanted to hate it as it aint cheap . It's great really great- I am rarely disappointed by YSL, the gel like consistency means its a light serum which helps retain youthfulness and glow. 
I then pop on my current moisturiser - Liz Earle Skin repair moisturiser. 

So there you have it my mid-week pamper .  I think we often neglect pampering sessions due to having such 'busy' lifestyles but I am a huge believer of the benefits taking 30 minutes out really does for you.  Feel free however to take longer . 
Enjoy the rest of you're week XO 

Just a couple of little side notes :
1) Apologies for a lack of baking posts I've just not had too much time to bake BUT I am making my best friends birthday cake at the weekend but unfortunately I wont be able to upload it until after Tuesday as we don't want to ruin the surprise :) I will however say the theme of her birthday is Fruit and veg yes you saw correctly. 
2) You may or may not know that as of June Google reader will be no more. You may be wondering how does this affect me? Well it may not but if you use reader to read blogs you will struggle so alternatively you can keep up with your favourite blogs on Bloglovin. I'd really love it if you could follow me on Blog lovin too (It's super simple to use) :) Thanks guys !!!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Knickerbocker-glory and Pom pom by Ciate

So a while ago I bought my 'dearest' sister the Ciate caviar mini nail bar kit for her birthday and although the caviar effect is pretty swish it's the two of the polishes that I'm interested in .  Now there are perks to my sister now been 15 and interested in make up ... 

Left = Pom Pom / Right = Knickerbockerglory  

Pom Pom - 
 I love both theses colours but I do feel Pom Pom has the edge over knickerbockerglory. It's a bright in your face red with hints of tangerine and coral. Perfect for the upcoming warmer months ( I keep saying this surely they have to come ....eventually.)  I think this shade  is perfect for the beach - just looking at it makes me smile it's such an uplifting colour. I just have one teeny gripe and that is that it's very drying and if you don't take your time it becomes a little streaky. 

Knickerbockerglory - 

Ciate call this a 'A hot fuchsia pink. ' and boy they aint wrong and this picture just doesn't just do it justice. It really does give a pop of colour to the nails. Strangely the formula seems different to pom pom and is alot easier to apply. Think I might just pop it on my tootsies later this afternoon. 

I'm not sure if you can still buy the nail bar set as everywhere I look is sold out however you can buy full sizes of both theses colours on the ciate website for £9 each and I can tell you know I will defiantly be purchasing once these run out .  Just another side note but how cute is the packaging for Ciate paint pots I love the little bows that just give the pots a little extra twist. 

What are your top summer colours? I'd love some recommendations :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kevyn Aucoin - The Sculpting powder

The powder in action 

So this little beauty has been in my collection for since before Christmas now and is rarely out of my weekly Muji stack , I'm actually a little surprised I haven't blogged about it before - I have certainly instagramed it and the effects it has.
Ladies and maybe gentlemen I present to you Kevyn Aucoin -The Sculpting Powder !!!
I picked this up on one of my many trips to Space Nk in Newcastle and yes I was meant to be Christmas shopping but I was lured in after reading Ana's review Vivannadoesmakeup. I find I have to go into space NK with an exact list or I will spend far far too much money ... I learnt this in the Manchester branch .
Anyway back to the powder!
Unlike others 'bronzers' you may use for contouring this creates more of a natural shadow to the cheeks, jawline and temples using more grey,red and brown shades rather than having orange undertones.
I really love that it is more of a natural colouring as it looks like a genuine shadow rather then ' yes I am trying to sculpt my cheekbones look' . The natural colouring also means that you are free to then apply more (yes more) bronzer,blush and highlighter.
A slight nod to the packaging which is simply beautiful I love the red/brown plastic of all Kevyn Aucoin products it's simple no faff my only gripe is the brush - but you get that with most products so hey ho !

Okay as much as I love this contouring powder it isn't exactly easy on the purse strings at £34 but like I said it's lasted me since before Christmas and it's not even dented in yet but it is still expensive.  On a sadder note it is currently out of Stock on Space NK online but I may be worth trying in stores or searching around alone.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and enjoy the rest of your week !!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

You are what you eat ...

So I recently did a current skincare post and mentioned how I believe that what you eat makes a huge difference. Now I am not saying we all eat 100% perfect diets 24-7 and I certainly don't I am partial to Malteaser bunnies, Coffee and the odd take out pizza but I do try to eat fresh food over ready meals .Instead I make little changes to my diet which overall make a difference to my skin . Okay so I am no way claiming to be an expert what so ever  these are just things which I find work for me . I guess the reason I do these things is that I spent 3-4 years studying Food technology and came out with an A grade so we had it drilled into us so to speak ... Ladies and gents I present to you 'you are what you eat'.

Vitamins,Vitamins and more Vitamins:  

Vitamin C:  The biggie that were constantly told to eat and for a good reason too !
Vitamin C is an anti-oxident, protects the skin from U.V damage , also helps the body produce collagen, A lack of Vitamin C will give spotty skin and the skin will often have a duller complexion. Vitamin C is also essential to the absorption of Iron - useful to young ladies  So when your muma and papa say eat your fruits and veggies take note !
Sources of Vitamin C:  So I was always taught the brighter veggies will be the best ! but to make things easier - Oranges, broccoli, Berries and Red and green peppers..
Interesting fact : Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and this is why it should be Incorporated into your everyday diet.

Vitamin B:  = Healthy skin 
Sources of Vitamin B - Meat , fish , vegetables , beans and peas 

Vitamin E:  This vitamin is great for the complexion, keeps the skin moistured and glowing.  Vitamin E is also useful for supporting the immune system and protects the bodies cells. 
Sources of Vitamin E:  green leafed vegetables such as spinach, almonds and olives. 

Fish oils? Omega 3 and 6 :
Don't know about anyone else but my Parent's used to always encourage me to take fish oil tablets especially before exams . But for  this post I wanna talk about the benefit on the skin - They help retain moisture, gives that glow we all want and it is also said to aid the reduction of acne. 
Sources of Omega 3 and 6 :  Oily fishes such as sardines, salmon, mussels and of course fish oil supplements. Don't worry if you are vegetarian or vegan you may want to try flax seeds

WATER!!!! - If you don't do or eat anything I urge everyone to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day . Water makes up 2/3rds of the human body so it's important to keep those levels up . Water is also great at flushing out the toxins, keeps you hydrated ( HANDY TIP!! I can safely say I rarely get hangovers nowadays because when i get in off a night out I drink a pint of water and a glass of orange juice in the morning)

So there we go some things I do in order to keep my skin tip top a rooney , hope you enjoyed this little post :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013



Ahh I don't know where to start on my love for this product , so much so that I always have a bottle to hand.  I use it every night to take off my make up before cleansing.  You just squirt (funny word) a bit on a cotton pad and wipe away ... SIMPLE .  It's really gentle and perfect for sensitive skin - removes a multitude of sins , eye make-up , lippy and even face paints. 
'Sensibo H2O gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes, through the micro-emulsion of impurities.' 
The best bit it's possibly the cheapest piece of skincare I own especially in the long term . I've used this for about two years now and have only had two 500ml bottles and one 250ml bottle which you can see is still full.  
2nd) best bit ... It's now available in the UK :) 
It's been availaible in Beauty Mart for some time now but you can now order online @ and Alternatively I buy mine from ebay Ebay or alternatively if you know anyone going to France give them a handful or euros and a bar of chocolate and they might be persuaded to bring you some back. 
I really wanna try some more of there products especially the moisturizer's and I'm going to Paris in April on the Eurostar so not as much as a baggage limit. Boy is my Boyfriend going to love me !
If you haven't tried this before I urge you too ... I have tried other micellar water and always go back to Bioderma. 

I'm really excited to do my post on Sunday it's not baking post as such but it's certainly a foodie/beauty one :) 
Stay tuned guys !! 

Monday, 4 March 2013

My love affair with Pinterest

So I am fairly new to to Pinterest but so far I can confirm I have fallen hook line and sink for it . I love just sitting looking at all different things and it has defiantly reignited my creative side.I love finding new recipes , motivational quotes on arty crafty bits (I might even start sketching again - I did art to AS level )With this in mind I thought I'd show of two of my latest finds on Pinterest :

1) Crayon wall art : 

So I saw this and thought wow that's cool and really simple. All you do is superglue crayons to a strong canvas and blast them with your hairdryer. So really simple . However I would advise using 'higher' quality crayons as the pigmentation tends to be a bit stronger.  I'm thinking of doing another two for my bedroom wall. 
If like me you love Toy Story 3 you will notice the peas in a pod on the right hand side :) 

2) Rainbow 'american' pancakes:

I made these as a naughty little treat and break from doing dissertation work only to discover they are actually low in fat ... buy hey even better .  These are a great idea for kids super simple, colourful, contain 'hidden' fruit, low fat and most importantly taste yummy!  If I were to make these again I would defiantly use natural colourants instead of food colouring just because it's cleaner and don't make children *cough* ME *cough* as hyperactive. 

Recipe :
200g S-R flour 
1 tsp Baking powder 
1 egg 
300ml semi-skimmed milk
Knob of butter 
150g Fresh raspberries ( experiment with other fruits) 
1 tbsp yellow food colouring
1tbsp blue colouring
1tbsp pink colouring 
Spray Sunflower oil for cooking
Maple syrup, golden syrup, honey or raspberry coulis for drizzling 

Method : 

1) Mix together the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a large bowl. Beat the egg with the milk, make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and whisk in the milk to make a thick smooth batter. Beat in the melted butter, and stir in the raspberries - I do this a bit roughly so the raspberries pop . 
2) Split your mixture into 3 bowls and in each separate bowl mix in the different colourants.
3) Over a medium heat , add a spritz of oil into a non stick man and add a ladle of mixture to your pan and cook. I'd do 3 minutes each side. You can either make lots of little pancakes but I made a 3 huge ones and cut out heart shapes :) 
4) Gobble them up whilst there warm with the drizzle of your choice and the left over fruit !!! 

On the subject of things I am loving is that I am absolutly obsessed by the song summer paradise by Simple plan it's just so cheerful and making me even more excited for summer ( which for me starts in May) . It promises to be a good one !!! I hadn't listened to Simple plan since I was like 16 and at that point I think I had a crush on them all ... Can certainly say that some members have aged nicely ;) and the music aint bad either... I still like the cheesy classics <3

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lazy Sunday , Lazy locks

So I am super lazy with my hair I love that typical ' French' 'lazy locks look' . I  just love when my hair looks super simple and has that yeah I just rolled out of bed look .However this isn't always the easiest look to recreate in the winter- come summer I will literally do roll out of bed and bam where done (it's got to the point I'm not even going to bother taking hair tools to Canada more room for clothes and make up :) )  I thought I'd do a little post about  what I use / what I do to attempt to recreate the look .  

This is me in palma last summer as you can see my hair is sporting the look I'm on about :)
My sunglasses are RayBan wayfarers and the dress is from a boutique in St. Tropez... Fancy pants eh ?  

1) If I really want a natural wavy look in the morning I will wash my hair the night before and spray it with Tony and guy surf spray and leave it to do it's thing. I then sleep with my hair in braids.  I do think however I will be purchasing the Bumble and Bumble surf spray very soon !
2) Morning comes round and I take the braids out and whack on a bit more of the surf spray . I also use a little of the Loreal professional play ball pearl whip to define. I then use my denman backcombing brush to add a  bit of volume to my 'bangs' and so that they kind of stay in place . 
3) There we are it is just that simple .
Bit of a cringey self picture there and my lovely penguin  case getting in on the act 

Loreal playball clicktey click
Denman brush Clicktey click
Tony and guy surf spray Clickty click

So there you have it See it's simple really ... I am however going to Paris in April so I will defiantly be doing a bit of  people watching with a cafĂ© et un croissant but in the meantime I've been reading and for a bit of extra hair inspiration .  I may just add that I am so lazy about my hair that the stylist asked if I had dyed it too look ombre and I turned round and said nahhh just growing the colour out a bit so there you have it . 

Is anyone else this lazy ? 

Have a nice week guys!! I know I will be as by Friday my dissertation will be handed in and gone :)  xo