Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Favourites

Keeping up with magazines , Zara Winter coat, Yankee fireside treats candle and neom tranquility candle, Mac peaches, Origins  no puffery , lanolips 101 ointment, Chanel Sublime de Chanel waterproof mascara and Berry lips.

Beauty bits and pieces :  This peaches blush is just beautiful it add a lovely little glow to the cheeks which is perfect for these colder months. This week I picked up a Chanel mascara that I'd been wanting to purchase for ages as I had a little trial. This mascara holds the curl beautifully whilst adding volume ( I will be doing a review next week). 
       Berry lips are just perfect for Autumn through to Winter as they add a bolt of colour , look sexy and interesting all rolled into one ! My weapons of choice would be the Revlon just bitten balm stain in crush beguin,Topshop beguiled,Kate Moss lasting finish 107 and Georgio Armarni lip maestro in 201.  Sporting all these berry coloured lips and cold weather calls for a good strong moisturising lip balm I've been loving Lanolips 101 ointment which I reviewed here. Last on the beauty front is the Origins no puffery cooling eye roll on which is so relaxing when rolled under tired eyes, I just chuck it in my handbag and use it for long library sessions or whenever I need a perk up.

Random... I love reading and keeping up to date with magazines some of my favourites this month include Little white lies , Suitcase , Allure and Elle which my Aunty and Cousin kindly bought me a subscription for my birthday. I signed up for Netflix again and got hooked on House of cards.
        Autumn defiantly calls for more candles to be lit and two of my favourites this month include the Yankee fireside treats candle which smells like marshmallows and reminds me of Canada and the NEOM tranquility candle which really is helping me get a good nights sleep and relax- review here.   Finally we have the lovely ZARA coat which is the cosiest warmest coat I've ever owned and definatly worth every penny!

Something I've enjoyed ...  My Birthday who doesn't love their birthday? and getting the opportunity to write a few pieces for my University newspaper :) if you fancy a look here and  here

Something I've not loved so much ... My wisdom tooth has become infected again which means it's coming out in a month. Honestly didn't think it could hurt this much but hey ho ! 

Something I'm looking forward too... Bonfire night and the colder autumn nights 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Budget beauty : Cleanser

No7 Beautiful skin. Melting gel cleanser 

No7 is a brand that I usually just walk past unless I have a voucher and even then I still end up with a handful of vouchers at the bottom of my bag. The odd chance that I do pick up No7 I'm never really disappointed so maybe I'll head over to the stand more often . Back story aside lets move onto the actual review ... 

A yellow tinged gel that you massage onto the skin to create an oil which breaks down any dirt or make up . It does say on the back that the gel turns into a milk when you add water but I didn't see this - This could be because I prefer to use cloth to take it off as it turns into an oil I wanna make sure it's all off !!
It cleanses the skin well with the exception of it's not great at eye make up but I double cleanse so it's not a massive deal personally. This works well with my skin and it is labelled being suitable for Normal/dry skin. I'd definitely agree that if you have oily skin it may be just a bit too heavy.
One gripe with this is that it smells too floral and a bit Granny esq but again that's personal taste and it's not so strong that you can't use it . I'd liken to smell to the Clarins Instant eye remover so if you like that then you wont find this a problem.
Overall I can't fault this cleanser yes it's not as luxurious as say the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but at less than a third of the price it's a new favourite in the budget beauty collection .
you can pick it up at boots and get change from a tenner

Now I'm off to buy some Halloween bits and a pumpkin or two

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review : Neom Tranquility

As I've aged my sleeping has defiantly improved but it's still not bang on and as it gets colder I seem to struggle more anyone else get this? Since returning from Canada my routine has been all over the place so as part of establishing a new routine I purchased the Neom Tranquility set from QVC. This is such a nice little introduction to the range and in the set you get a little tranquility travel candle and pillow spray. 
Neom candles are made by mixing vegetable wax and essential oils to create candles which produce a clean and fresh scent.  The tranquility range is a lovely combination of English lavender,sweet basil and jasmine.  I love to light the candle whilst I take my make up off and get ready for bed so that the room is filled with the beautiful scent. 
I then spray my pillow,sheets and even PJ's with the pillow spray and relax! I just love the smell of this spray it's so comforting and oddly reminds me of my mum ... 
I will defiantly be picking up the 3 wick tranquility candle when payday rolls along. 
This little set can still be found here for £19.50 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ...

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I love the beach and really hate that I don't live by it now, my parents however!  This weekend my boyfriend and I took a little trip back up North and stopped by the local beach with the family pooch. Yes the beach is lovely in the summer but come Autumn winter it beautifully transforms.  

So I apologise in advance that this is an incredibly picture heavy post but it does feature my winter staples - a huge coat and Hunter Wellingtons and of course Scamp's winter essentials - a big coat and a fancy collar ... 

Off for a paddle & check out the rock pools 

I absolutely love this Zara coat it's sheep skin lined so it's perfect for keeping the chills out ! I originally ordered the medium as I wanted it too be cosy but it just drowned me so defiantly order down ... Find it here .  The Hunters were a birthday gift and I wanted the shorter ones as they seem a little more practical. I absolutely love them and can't wait to buy some big woolly socks . Admittedly they are expensive but they do keep the rain out and are subtle enough to wear casually.  Similar ones here 
Scamp says he doesn't know where his coat is from but he'd like a new one if anyone has any ideas? His collar is from an antiques shop in Spain... 

Scamp fell into a rock pool 

So  there you have it a trip to the beach and a peek into our Winter coats. 
Is there anywhere you feel changes when the seasons change? 

Have a nice rest of the week!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Skeleton Tutorial

Can you believe that it's nearly Halloween which means Christmas isn't all that far away ! I love Skeletons (yes I even have a skeleton onesie) so for today's post I thought I'd talk you through my skeleton tutorial....

What you will need: 

  •   White and black face paint – I got a set from Asda but all the major supermarkets are selling Halloween paints for next to nothing
  • Face crayons in black and white
  • Mascara 
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  •  Dark cherry red lipstick
  •       A contour shade – I used the Kevin Aucoin's sculpting powder but anything cool toned will work 
  • Two make up sponges 
  • A thick paintbrush , a fine paintbrush and a contour/blush brush

1) Firstly apply the white face paint all over the face,neck and lips with one of the make up sponges. (you may need a few coats depending on the quality of your paints)

2) Apply the contour shade to the hallows of your cheeks - really over exaggerate this too create deep shadows . 

3   3) With the black crayon paint add outlines around the nose and eyes. Create bone shapes around the side of the face and fill in with black face paint using the other sponge and a paintbrush.
I can assure you I was happy I just don't know if skeletons smile? 

 4) Using a liquid liner draw on cracks where you like and neaten up the outlines.
      5) Mix the red lipstick with a little black paint and put on the lips and under the eyes. 

6) With the liquid liner, paint on teeth, curl lashes and add a coating of mascara.

Hey presto! your done and ready to scare or stuff your face with Halloween themed goodies you decide !
What's your favourite Halloween look? 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

An almost perfect dupe?

Okay so tonight we have another lip post - I just love lipstick guys, but I do promise something different in the next few weeks, now neither of these lippies are particularly new releases but they are both perfect for the berry stained lip trend.  
First up we have the Giorgio Armarni lip maestro in the shade 201 which is a beautiful deep berry shade featuring purple undertones with an almost matte finish. When worn straight on the lip this colour looks gorgeous but where it really shines is if you blot it. Next is the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick 107  which looks more red toned in the bullet but is actually much more of a burgundy shade and if I'm honest is an almost identical match to the lip maestro at a fraction of the cost. Rimmel have really hit the nail on the head with this shade as it's on trend , has a nice formula and doesn't even have too much of an artificial smell...RESULT! 

So is it worth buying the Giorgio Armarni? 
At £5.49 the Rimmel is more than half the price of the lip maestro so you're probably asking is it worth it? Honestly probably not but I will say that the Armarni is a lot more moisturising and looks much stronger when applied directly to the lip and personally I like that. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for in a lipstick ... 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A cold weather saviour?

I am definatly a little late onto the lanolips trend but to tell you the truth I've never really needed to look any further afield than the NUXE Reve de Miel lipbalm. However I fancied a change especially as it gets a bit chillier and the common cold becomes a weekly occurance.  Cue lanolips - not only does it hydrate the lips but it relieves a dry sore chapped nose making it a perfect cold weather saviour. 
Lanolips contains the natural moisturiser Lanolin which is found in shorn sheeps wool. Yes sounds gross but if you can push that aside this ointment is 100% pure , natural and fragrance free. Honestly it made my lips feel lovely and lipstick ready but it really did fix that rudolph nose I had been sporting. 
NOW  The Lanolips 101 ointment formula is very very thick and it does require some squeezing in order to get the product out of the tube. I would defiantly recommend warming it with the fingers before applying. This aside I defiantly can see this becoming one of my Autumn/winter staples. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Let us not be strangers ...

Ladies and gentlemen today's post is a brief one because today is in fact my BIRTHDAY :) 
I thought I'd just do a little post about the ways in which you can keep up to date with Feedthesharks or if you have any questions :) 

BlogLovin - ( Bloglovin is a great platform in which to keep up to date with all you're favourite blogs , it's incredibly easy to use and you can even log in using you're faceyB account. You can follow a whole range of different blogs be it beauty , art or cooking. I really love that all the blogs I enjoy reading are in one place that I can flick back and forth to. 
Too follow Feedthesharks simply hit the bloglovin button on the right hand side and click onto follow if you have an account if not it's simple as pie to create :) 

& the rest- 

Twitter -  When I first got a twitter account I could not for the life of me work out how to use it yet now I am a fully fledged twitacholic(is that a word?)  I like how interactive it actually is and that essentially the worlds you're oyster.  If you fancy checking out my odd tweets or wanna ask me anything you can find me by clicking the birdy on the right -----> 

Instagram -  Now Instagram is amazing I do not care what anyone says , I like to nosy at other peoples pictures as much as I enjoy uploading my own - usually baking,make-up,food or my pets. Again click the little camera on the right ----> 

Email -  and finally I have a separate email account for this blog which is so feel free to drop a line be it a question, something about this blog or something to test out :)  

So there we have it a few ways in which we can stay in contact , so let us not be strangers and of course you can always comment at the bottom of a blog post and I will get back to you :) 
Have a good week ! XO

Thursday, 10 October 2013

My brown eyed girl...

When Autumn comes a knocking  I love to up my make-up and play around with colour be it on the lips or on the eyes.  One of my favourite looks is a casual smokey eye with minimum fuss but maximum impact. Personally I stick to browns and coppers because I find they work best with my colouring and look a little more casual.  This look is simple as pie and can be easily taken from day to night.

The tools -
  • A creamy eye shadow in a bronze shade such as Rimmel scandal eyes in the shade bad girl bronze. 
  • A brown/gold eye shadow. I've used L'oreal colour appeal in Brown lame 
  • A mascara of you're choice 
  • A flat brush, blending brush and eyelash curlers.
1) Apply the cream shadow and really take you're time to blend it all over the lid. 
2)Take a teeny bit of the shimmery shadow onto a flat top brush and gently pat into the cream shadow. 
3) curl the lashes and finish with a coat or two of you're favourite mascara.

VIOLA !!! simple as pie :) 
What I really love about this look is that it's perfect for Autumn and can easily be taken into the night with a slick of eyeliner .

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Radiance renewed...

REN Glyolactic radiance renewal mask: 

I had wanted to try this mask for quite some time and just hadn't had chance to pick it up. So when my sister asked if I'd like hers I snapped it up. She has very sensitive skin and after just one use knew it wasn't to be.

A peel mask which exfoliates the skin with 'Glycolic,lactic,citric,tartaric acids. Extract of passion fruit,grape,pineapple,lemon, omega 3 and 7 papain.' Whoa what a mouthful !
This mask aims to renew the complexion by removing dead skin cells which results in a baby fresh radiant glow to the skin.

I love using this mask once a week to de-congest my face. I put a few pumps of the marmalade like gel onto my face and allow it's magic to work for 10 minutes. I then wipe off with a face cloth and behold radiance is revealed - this is no exaggeration. Personally I am not a fan of the smell of this mask as it reminds me of orange calpol - YUCK! I really love the packaging of this REN mask as the pump has a nice little cap on it which prevents dirt and gunk collecting around it.
My skin can be a little sensitive at times but it was fine with me however my sister really struggled so perhaps air on the side of caution.

Make sure you use SPF after using this mask as the skin is prone to sun damage when it is baby fresh and new. 

If this mask takes you're fancy it can be picked up in a number of places including Space NKCult beauty and REN for £30

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beating the block ...

Okay so if you regularly read this blog you may have noticed that I haven't blogged consistently or at all for the past week or so. This was due to a number of reasons 1)  I left my laptop charger at my Parents and them the boy's laptop broke 2) After not wearing much make up in Canada or writing for that matter I just felt uninspired. I knew I still loved beauty and still wanted to write and blog, I just needed to get into the rhythm and the love of all things beauty. 3) If I'm honest I just haven't had all that much time to concentrate in the past month I returned from Canada,moved into a new house,got a new part time job and started my masters (Journalism if you were wondering- defiantly helps get into the swing of writing)

With all this in mind I decided to dedicate a post to staying inspired and beating the block :)

1) I love sitting with magazines, a pair of scissors,prit stick and paper to make 'inspiration boards'. On here I put new trends, style icons and new products.Make notes and be aware of whats happening.
2) Have somewhere that is you're space where you can spread out,have the time you need and feel inspired. Above is a picture of my temporary coffee table desk.
3) PLAN!
4) As geeky as it sounds but READ, READ AND MAYBE READ a bit more. Magazines,blogs,books and even you tube are great places to be clued into you can increase your'e knowledge and stay ahead of new products etc...
5) Most importantly DON'T feel pressured, take you're time and effort but mostly ENJOY!

Thinking about it these are tips that can be applied to blogging,studying or work. What are you're top tips for staying inspired when you feel just a little lack lustre? Comment below :)
Enjoy the rest of Thursday XO