Wednesday, 19 June 2013

In flight beauty ...

So I thought that I'd do a little post about what beauty bits found there way into my clear plastic bag. Everything is mainly centralised around staying hydrated with a few make up bits chucked in so I don't scare anyone.

So first up we have the hydrating and cleansing - mini bioderma to remove traces of make up,Korres 3 In 1 cleanser in case I fancy something a little more , ginzing eye cream, Clinique dramatically different lotion,beauty elixir and of course origins drink up intensive.

With skincare covered I chucked in some essentials such as toothpaste ,sun cream - opting for Clinique city block sheer and lip balm. I also popped a little this works deep sleep roller ball in as its a lovely relaxing scent (I hate flying) and on the subject of scents I put a travel size prada candy in.

Finally for some make up , I don't wanna scare anyone on the other end !!! I've got some mac studio sculpt samples (I'm in between shades NC15 and NC20 at the moment) then I've got a sample of Chanel sublime de Chanel mascara. I received this with my les beiges and fell in love <3

Sorry it's the best quality post it's done on my iPad,with like 4hrs sleep and my nerves are going crazzzzzy!!! I'm going to try and post whilst in Canada but until then I'll be seeing ya ;)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

In Vogue ...

I love flicking through the pages of Vogue , looking at all the beautiful clothes and pieces of make up that I just can't afford right now.  Whilst flicking through the July edition a particular piece caught my eye- All about Charlotte Tilbury and her tips for youthful make up with this I thought I'd put my twist on her tips and share with you lovely lot.
If you aren't aware Tilbury is the queen of a sexy smoldering eye with a client list to die for - Cara Delevinge, Kate Moss, Beyonce and Penelope Cruz.  Last year Tilbury launched a You tube channel and accompanying blog so that we can all give that infamous flick a go. Watching her work is simply fascinating. One of most interesting tips of the whole article is that Tilbury sees that the face isn't a flat canvas rather it is moving and has higher and lower points that need to be enhanced.

1. Cheeks that make the eyes pop ! 
By using a creamy highlighter on the highest points of the cheeks it allows the cheekbones to appear higher which in turn will leave the eyes to smolder even more... Hey sexy lady!
Two of my favourite cream highlighters include YSL Touche eclat or MEMEME beat the blues.

2.Strong brows that frame the face 
It does't look like the big brow trend is going any where fast so Tilbury advises that you should never pluck above the brow and when applying product make you stipple it on for a natural effect.  Strong brows can really frame the face and pulls the whole look together.
Personally I prefer to take my time with a shadow and angled brush ( I use MAC wedge) but I also really love the Bobbi Brown brow pencil in the shade Ash.

3.Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Who would have thought that curling eyelashes would make such a difference to the way our make up looks? but boy it really does. By curling the lashes the eyes look wider and let in more light which in turn creates a brighter more open look. Mascara then adds lift to the lashes.
A good nude eyeliner along the lower lash line will again make the eyes look brighter and more awake... no one need know what time you went to bed last night.
Rimmel do an amazing nude in their Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl range- this soft nude pencil glides gently and effectively onto the lash line.
For Mascara I tend to lean towards L'oreal waterproof Telescopic or YSL Shocking . I do however want to purchase the Chanel Inimitable intense mascara after trying a sample of it.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

This week #6

L-R - I finally got some scones and tea , Cocktails in the sun, Tommy and Cupcake just chilling and me and my sister at Chime for change
I will be buying this and 5-6yrs will fit !

Product of the week - 
It's got to be the St.Tropez gradual tan which I blogged about recently. It's really helped my skin look summer ready rather than like Casper's big sister! 

Read of the week - 
It's awful but I just haven't had chance to do any reading this week but I will be catching up on my self in the next few weeks. I'd love some suggestions of peoples favourite books so I can download some!

Listening to or watching - 

Over the past week or so I've re-watched all three series of Downton Abby. I love it and Cannot wait for series 4 to start . I usually hate period dramas and didn't start watching Downton until the series 1 Christmas episode . 

Top 5 of the week ( and it's been a cracker) - 

1.  James and I finally picked up the keys to our little cottage . We are renting but it's still super exciting to be living together come the end of August. 

2.  last night my friends and I ordered our graduation ball tickets so the preparations start for the Graduation outfit, make up and then all over again for the ball. 

3.  It's a week today until I go to Canada , so this time next week I'll be high in the sky. 

4. Hotel in London has been booked and as luck would happen that it's the Rock 'N' Kohl festival in Selfridges next week too .... Might have to have a sneaky peek.

5. Last minute catch up's with the girlies <3

Making the switch ...

So today I thought I'd do just a little post about making the switch from Google friend connect to Blog lovin. Now you my or may not know that google are planning on loosing the gadget on the right hand side of a blog which shows your lovely faces .
So what does this mean to you ? Well it means that those of you following Feed the Sharks through GFC won't be able to see recent posts and such like ...

Now you can use a variety of different blog hosting sites but my personal favourite is bloglovin.  Bloglovin is easy to use , keeps all your favourite blogs in one please and you have the freedom to choose what you want to read and when. For all of you who like a little bit of order in life you can drop posts and blogs into neat little categories.

So if this sounds like your cup of tea and you don't want to miss any of the posts on Feedthesharks have a stroll over to my bloglovin site and feel free to check it out :)

Thanks guys , I really do appreciate the comments and those of you following this blog...

I'm sure a post will appear later tonight :)

Even simba is preparing for the switch :) 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Top ten - Summer nail polishes

L-R - ( all Essie) - Mint Candy apple , Aruba blue, Sugar Daddy ,Lapiz of luxury   and Watermelon

Whenever I want to brighten up an outfit I look to nail polishes they add colour and hide how gross my bitten nails actually are.  Come summer I turn to bright bold colours sometimes a tad garish rather than dark rich tones.

I introduce you to my favourite summer colours...

Ahhh Essie polishes and I have such a love hate relationship , I love the colours they love to chip on my nails ... dilemmas. I also sometimes feel £7.99 can be a bit pricey ... I say this but I still have rather a lot of  those delightful Essie shades.
 Mint Candy Apple -  Mint seems to be a shade adorning everyone these days, you can really see why - such a versatile pretty colour. Mint candy apple is a little more of a pumped up pastel colour.  Whenever I wear this shade I get compliments so it must be nice .
Aruba Blue -  How beautiful is this jewel toned navy blue - I actually love it so much so that it can be worn every season its just that pretty. It is a really rich blue with hints of golden shimmer.
Sugar Daddy -  Funny story I hated this for months, I thought it was a complete waste of money and didn't leave the required pale pink. However I've since learnt that it needs a good few coats. You are then left with a pink that is ideal for days on the beach or summer weddings.
Lapiz of Luxury - I do like a good blue and this is a simply divine cornflower blue .  It does actually feel very luxurious when you look at your blue tipped fingers.
Watermelon - Who doesn't love a bright pink for those hazy summer evenings? and boy is Watermelon bright - it really makes me smile when I look at it and who doesn't love watermelons.

L-R Ciate Pom pom ,Barry M gelly Papaya, Gelly in Greenberry,Gelly in Prickly pear and Ciate in Knickerbocker glory.

For the next five shades it's a bit of a mixed bag as you can see we have the 'high-end' Ciate and then the drugstore Barry M Gelly Polishes.  Now I am aware I said Essie was expensive and then choose Ciate but I find I prefer the formula of Ciate and well the packaging is incredibly sweet.  The first offering is the shade Pom pom which I've spoken about before it's just a simple bright orange , next up from Ciate is Knickerbockerglory . You know having the two together I must say that Knickerbocker and watermelon are very very similar ... I really do like that colour clearly.

Next up are the Barry M Gelly polishes which have been talked about all over the beauty community and the shades are    definatly summer ready, These polishes are really good for summer because they last a good few days longer than the traditional polish ... perfect if you are going on holiday. My personal top three so far have to be Papaya  a lovely orange coral shade which compliments tanned limbs and who doesn't love a coral shade? Next we have green berry which is a brighter mint shade but I wouldn't say it was green green.  Lastly Prickly pear  is a delightful lilac colour which isn't too in ones face rather it provides a much more subtle colour.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The hair saviour ...

I'm not even exaggerating about how great this baby is. It really has done my hair the world of good and pumped a healthy amount of moisture back into my locks. A pre-shampoo treatment that you apply to damp hair  and cover with a plastic shower cap , leave for 10- 20 minutes before rinsing well. The main purpose of this is to restore damaged or over processed hair whilst hydrating and providing hair with the nourishment it needs.  Although I don't use as much heat on my hair these days , and certainly don't dye it rather leaving it do it's 'thang' , my hair is still damaged and gets really very dry especially in the sun. This bad boy works perfectly and I just know it will be what my hair is craving after 2 months in the Canadian sunshine.
I just have the 75ml bottle of this because although I'd heard a lot of good things I didn't wanna risk the full size. However I will without a doubt be purchasing the 150ml tub (which comes with a delightful shower cap so you don't need to visit a hotel anytime soon! ... what a bonus!)
I'd defiantly urge you to try this product although I picked mine up in a local department store you can get it yourself in a number in places including Feel Unique for £23.40

Saturday, 8 June 2013

FOTD - Chime for change

A week ago today I was strolling around Kuw gardens eagerly awaiting for 6' O'clock to roll around. Come 6 O'clock I'd have been at Chime for change dancing along to the likes of Florence + the machine, Ellie Goulding , JLO and BEYONCE!!!!  With this I thought I'd do a little bit of a FOTD (or night) post to show you lovely lot the look I went for.
I fancied rocking MAC Ruby Woo on my lips so I wanted everything else to be played down except my eyes which I smoked out a little - not particularly summer make up but certainly concert ready.

Naked Smog and buck , Chanel les beiges 30 , Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in warm ivory , Benefit they're real mascara, Rimmel soft kohl in sable brown, Bobbi Brown brow pencil in ash , Collection lasting perfection concealer, MAC Ruby red, ME ME ME beat the blues in sunbeam and MAC face and body in C2.

BASE -   As a base I used MAC's face and body in the shade C2.  You know something I really love this foundation it's very light coverage and adds a delightful healthy glow to the skin... Perfect . I then covered my dark circles with the Bobbi Brown concealer and the lasting perfection on any red parts - my nose gets very red.
I just wanted a little bit of a bronze glow to my face so I used the Chanel les beiges as a bronzer - this is also really handy for stylish on the go touch ups.  Finally for the base I added a touch of ME ME ME highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones and the cupids bow.

EYES - Base done i moved onto my eyes. I used the shade Smog all over the lid and under the lash line and blended Buck into the crease. This combo is just beautiful . I then popped a little of the Rimmel eyeliner along the water line. Curled my lashes and applied some Benefit they're real mascara - I'm not a 100% sold on this mascara yet .

LIPS -   As for lips I whacked on MAC Ruby red stright from the bullet for a bold strong lip .  This is a colour and formula that you can never go wrong with!


I still feel a bit odd doing these FOTD pictures and not sure if I'll keep going so please lemme know what you think , should they be continued etc...

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine whilst he still has his hat on ! :) 

Friday, 7 June 2013

The gradual tanner....

It's no secret that I love a good tan so when my sister received this St.Tropez product I had to give it a whirl.    A new gradual tan from St Tropez which claims to tan,tone,firm & moisturise - surely the things we all want from a product as the bikini season commences.  St.Tropez also claim that the tan contains anti-oxidants which help to reinforce the skins natural defences for extra firmness... intrigued?

This is a gradual tan so it's never going to be the darkest colour rather it gives the skin a golden glow within the first application. This glow can then be developed over time- I find this works better for me as I am very very pale. And this certainly is very moisturising but I'm not 100% sold on the idea that it will tone and firm the wobbly parts we all hate. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this tan as it has a very strong scent that may aggravate the skin.  Overall I really do rate this tan and I have been slapping it every other day - I may need to buy my sister a new bottle.

If this sounds up your ally you can pick it up from Feel UniqueSt.Tropez and Boots for £20

Monday, 3 June 2013

On the Music scene....The Sound of Change Live

I know I've not blogged properly for few days now but I just haven't had the chance but I promise I have loads lined up for the next week or so :)
This weekend me and my family ventured down to London for the weekend and so my sister and I could go to The Sound of Change live

So what is the Sound of Change live?

This wonderful concert was all in the name of women - promoting better education, healthcare and justice for those who face these injustices on a daily basis. The concert was founded by the GUCCI charity Chime for change and featured a number of big name artists,actors and activist- The concert was headlined by the one and only Beyonce (one of the co-founders of Chime for change)   A voice was provided for those women through a back drop of celebrities but the message was still there.  What is fantastic about this concert is that all of the ticket price goes to the women's charity of your choice.
Of course Beyonce was amazing as expected - I was honestly blown away by how powerful her voice was the passion in her performance , there was even a special appearance from Jay Z .
Other acts included - Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Florence and the Machine and Rita Ora.
I enjoyed all of the acts and was pleasantly suprised by how good Jennifer Lopez actually was with a guest appearance from Mary J.Blige.
  Other appearances made included James Franco, Jessica Chastain , Blake Lively and Madonna- who if you don't mind my saying had an interesting pillow face going on.

 You can read more about Chimeforchange on the website and you can still make a contribution if you feel this a worthy cause. I must say I felt incredibly proud to be a lady .

Hope you enjoyed this little post :)
Did you go along to the concert or catch any of the highlights lemme know !