Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Top ten - Summer nail polishes

L-R - ( all Essie) - Mint Candy apple , Aruba blue, Sugar Daddy ,Lapiz of luxury   and Watermelon

Whenever I want to brighten up an outfit I look to nail polishes they add colour and hide how gross my bitten nails actually are.  Come summer I turn to bright bold colours sometimes a tad garish rather than dark rich tones.

I introduce you to my favourite summer colours...

Ahhh Essie polishes and I have such a love hate relationship , I love the colours they love to chip on my nails ... dilemmas. I also sometimes feel £7.99 can be a bit pricey ... I say this but I still have rather a lot of  those delightful Essie shades.
 Mint Candy Apple -  Mint seems to be a shade adorning everyone these days, you can really see why - such a versatile pretty colour. Mint candy apple is a little more of a pumped up pastel colour.  Whenever I wear this shade I get compliments so it must be nice .
Aruba Blue -  How beautiful is this jewel toned navy blue - I actually love it so much so that it can be worn every season its just that pretty. It is a really rich blue with hints of golden shimmer.
Sugar Daddy -  Funny story I hated this for months, I thought it was a complete waste of money and didn't leave the required pale pink. However I've since learnt that it needs a good few coats. You are then left with a pink that is ideal for days on the beach or summer weddings.
Lapiz of Luxury - I do like a good blue and this is a simply divine cornflower blue .  It does actually feel very luxurious when you look at your blue tipped fingers.
Watermelon - Who doesn't love a bright pink for those hazy summer evenings? and boy is Watermelon bright - it really makes me smile when I look at it and who doesn't love watermelons.

L-R Ciate Pom pom ,Barry M gelly Papaya, Gelly in Greenberry,Gelly in Prickly pear and Ciate in Knickerbocker glory.

For the next five shades it's a bit of a mixed bag as you can see we have the 'high-end' Ciate and then the drugstore Barry M Gelly Polishes.  Now I am aware I said Essie was expensive and then choose Ciate but I find I prefer the formula of Ciate and well the packaging is incredibly sweet.  The first offering is the shade Pom pom which I've spoken about before it's just a simple bright orange , next up from Ciate is Knickerbockerglory . You know having the two together I must say that Knickerbocker and watermelon are very very similar ... I really do like that colour clearly.

Next up are the Barry M Gelly polishes which have been talked about all over the beauty community and the shades are    definatly summer ready, These polishes are really good for summer because they last a good few days longer than the traditional polish ... perfect if you are going on holiday. My personal top three so far have to be Papaya  a lovely orange coral shade which compliments tanned limbs and who doesn't love a coral shade? Next we have green berry which is a brighter mint shade but I wouldn't say it was green green.  Lastly Prickly pear  is a delightful lilac colour which isn't too in ones face rather it provides a much more subtle colour.

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