Friday, 25 July 2014

Let's cook || Super simple Mexican salad

BBQ season is in full swing, especially with all this beautiful weather we've been having in the UK.
Now I love a BBQ but it's sometimes difficult to come up with healthy tasty side dishes.
Cue my 'Mexican' salad, I actually have no idea if it's Mexican but the ingredients sound it so lets roll with that :)
And how can you say no to all those pretty vibrant colours.
Let's get down to business.... 

Ingredients : 
6 Cherry tomatoes
1 Avocado
250g Frozen sweetcorn
1 tin of black eyed beans (your meant to use black beans but ASDA didn't have any)
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt
3 sprigs of mint
1-2 lime's to your own taste - I use 1 1/2
4 tbsp olive oil 

1.In a glass or jam jar mix together the Olive oil , juice from the limes, salt and paprika.
Set aside.
2. Chop your avocado,tomatoes and mint and pop in a large bowl. 
4. Heat the beans on the hob and drain.
5. Add sweetcorn and beans to the other ingredients.
 4. Drizzle dressing and stir everything together.
5. Serve.

Simples ya?!?!?! 

p.s This salad went really well with my pesto chicken hallumi skewers if you'd be interested in seeing a recipe for that?  Let me know below!

I do try and eat healthy but sometimes you just need some plastic cheese! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beauty || Emma Hardie Luxury Superskin face & body hamper

I love me a little 'travel' set as there a great way to try a brand , try other parts of a brand and well for there true purpose,travelling. 
I'm going on holiday in a week and of course this meant looking for a new travel kit and boy did I do some searching before finally settling on this lovely Emma Hardie 'hamper'. 
I'm a huge fan of the cult favourite Moringa cleansing balm and I've dabbled in her face creams so it made sense to try some of the more body items in the range. 
I wont dwell too much on the cleansing balm but I will say it smells beautiful and really hydrates the skin whilst removing impurities.(15ml)
I've not yet tried the Amazing face age support cream or night cream (both15ml) and I'll probably still take a bit of my trusty Kiehls Ultra facial cream.

Next up is the hydra body oil (50ml)which smells so luxurious. This can be massaged on or dribbled into a hot bath which I imagine will recreate a lovely spa like experience. Now this may not be ideal for a hot location but anything that gives limbs some hydration has to be good.
In this hamper you also get a Luxurious body cleanser and intense body lotion (both 100ml) which again smell beautiful with ingredients such as Rose,Jasmine,Bergamont and Neroli.
The body lotion is wonderfully thick whilst absorbing quickly to give you the moisture you need .

You also get a body buffing cloth and a sleek white wash bag which is actually really well sized - perfect for travelling or popping in your gym back.
I'm really pleased with this set it's a great way of trying the brand before you buy a full size and I especially like the inclusion of the cleansing balm.
It's a great little kit , I would say that I would have preferred one of the cleansing face clothes as there so soft but overall I really love everything  and for £30 this is a definite steal.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try you can order it online at

Feel Unique & Space NK

Lemme know below your top travel kits :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lifestyle || A little favour?

What's this two posts in two days and another one planned for tomorrow? 
Yes you heard rightly! so for those of you who have stuck around thank you!!
and to any new readers welcome! 
I intend to be giving this little corner of the internet a lot more love over the next few months and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it too. 
To anyone that does read Feed the Sharks I wanted to ask for a little favour? 
Cheeky I know! 
If you could fill in this quick short survey for my Masters dissertation I'd be ever so grateful. 
It's all about if the media forms our perceptions of beauty and I'd love to hear what you think! 
You can be male or female and any age over 16 . 
Please and thank you !!! 
The link's below  and I'll be back tomorrow ;) 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Beauty || A budget Cleanser

I don't tend to change my skincare too often because I'm really very happy with the routine I have at the minute - it seems to be doing the trick and that's just fine with me. 
However I have noticed that my skin's been looking a little blurgh, a bit tired and in need of an umph! 
In Asda(this really is a budget buy) this brightly coloured cleanser caught my eyes especially as it's been compared to the Origins Ginzing cleanser  and at £2-4 it went straight into my basket. 
This thick citrus gel has teeny tiny little micro-particles in which gently exfoliates the skin, leaving radant glowing skin. 
This cleanser is great at giving you a lift when you wake up just feeling a little blurgh.
Although I wouldn't recommend using it everyday as it can be a little drying. 
This is definetly a budget cleanser worth checking out. 
Available from your local super market or Superdrug( on offer for £2.66 at the minute )