Monday, 15 September 2014

Lifestyle || Run like Ryan Gosling's at the end

For a while now I've been thinking about doing this post but then always decided not too because I'm certainly no expert and well I didn't want to sound a bit preachey. 
Never the less I have decided to share with you my running tips and why I love to run. 
Like I said I'm defiantly  not an expert it's just something I've always enjoyed doing, it's a great way to stay in shape and for me it's just perfect at clearing my head. 
Like I said before I've always enjoyed going for a run(this probably stems from my dad who's just done his 19th Great North run) and most the time I've been lucky enough to have amazing surroundings to take in on my runs be it the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral or the North East coastline.
I also find that going for a run is just so relaxing it's nice to just forget everything.

So why is running so good? 

Of course any exercise is good and running is just another form of getting the heart pumping, it's good for your knees, weight loss and toning. 
Anyone can run - you don't need to much equipment and it's especially good if the thought of going to the gym makes you feel a little sick inside. 
And like I said it might even take away the stresses of your day. 

My top six running tips

1.   Buy a decent good quality pair of trainers. 
You want something that's comfortable,durable and has a bit of bounce to them.  
I wear Nike Flex TR2 trainers and honestly they were worth every penny. but on this note a lot of 'professionals' recommend spending at least £45 however if your savvy you can usually find a good deal at sports direct or outlet stores.

2. Be realistic.
On your first run your probably not going to manage a half marathon but so anything is an acheivement instead take it easy at first and then build yourself towards going a little bit further.  
And if your struggling take a breather and have some water.

3.Set goals!!!
I find that if I set myself a goal I work a bit harder and push myself to go for a bit longer. 
So at the moment I want to tone up as I'm getting married in 2016 and going to America next year. 
Other goals have included the Manchester 10Km run or the Great North run. 

4. Playlist & app's .
Get yourself a good playlist that will motivate you and make you feel good. 
There are so many good apps on the app store that can track your progress - my personal favourite is the Nike running app. 

5. Alone or in a group? 
The choice is yours some people prefer to run alone and some like to be in a group - this can be friends or a local running group. 
If you are looking for one in your area this website is really great

6. Safety!!!
Most importantly be safe running alone can be a little dangerous especially in the winter months or in an area you don't know so I advise getting to know a route. 
In winter wear florescent or reflective clothing and try not to run too late in the evening. 
If your worried run in a group. 
I'd also recommend that if your running alone to leave one ear phone out so you can hear traffic and pedestrians too and carry a phone.

So there we have it my top tips, sorry it's a little bit of a long un.
Hope you enjoyed this post do any of you enjoy running? if you do what are your tips I'd love to hear them :)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beauty || Revlon Colorstay moisture stain

My make-up weak spot is without a doubt lip products and I love a new(ish) release. 
I was a little excited by these Revlon Colorstay moisture stains so when I saw them on 2 for £10 I just had to pick some up. 
What are they? 
These lip stains have drawn comparisons to the YSL glossy stains and the premise is generally the same. 
A long lasting lip product that gives a bold hint of colour with a glossy almost wet look to them. 
The Verdict 
I picked up the shades Parisian passion which is a deep purple shade, perfect for Autumn Winter. And Miami fever, a bright orange coral shade. 
I  love the classic sleek packaging and the spongey doe foot applicator but I was really taken aback by how much the two formula's differed. 
Parisian passion applied beautifully and really did leave an impact. 
The glossy finish is just perfect and looks classic. 
It also lasts pretty well however I would advise two coats for maximum impact. 
However for me I found Miami fever was just a little bit too streaky and it really required you to take the time and re-apply. 
I also found that when I put on Miami fever it just wasn't the same colour on the lips as the packaging. 
Despite this I think I'll try and pick up another darker shade ... perhaps India Intrigue. 

 If these sound up your street there available now for £7.99

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fashion || A perfect heel?

River Island £35.00 Similar here 

There's a stereotype that girls love shoes but I think I may be a little exception to that and I prefer to spend my money on clothes and beauty products.
When I do find a perfect pair of heels I tend to stick with what I know and these little beauties have been my best friend for about a year now.
I picked these up last year for my graduation and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
Bear in mind for my graduation I had to walk through a huge Cathedral and on cobbles and these didn't even cause a tingle of pain.
I'm often still wearing these whilst everyone popped their flats on.
The simple sleek design means that these heels go with everything and can be dressed up or down.
Perfect to dress up jeans, for work wear or for dancing the night away.
The ankle strap with gold hardware gives some extra support and a bit of interest to what could be a boring old black shoe.
The heel itself is only about 8cm so it's not too high which is perfect for me as I'm pretty tall anyway .
I'm planning on stocking up on another similar pair of these.

River Island, Kurt Geiger ,New Look Whistles

Monday, 25 August 2014

Lifestyle || what's in my gym wash bag

This may seem like a bit of an odd boring post but I love to see what's in people's bags(mainly to check its not just me bringing everything but the kitchen sink) and their gym bags. 
It's probably just that I'm a bit nosy but isn't everyone to some extent? 
I tend to grab make up if it seems necessary but there are a few bits that I just leave in my gym bag because well I need them .... that sounded silly even as I typed it. 

At the moment I'm using the Emma Hardie wash bag that featured in this post, it's the perfect size for popping in all my gym goodies.
Firstly I always take along a deodorant because well nobody wants to be smelly all day after a good workout. I really love the Mitchum roll on deodorants because they just seem to do the job and smell lovely too.
Continuing on the smelly front I also have a shower gel handy and my favourite has to be Lush Happy Hippy shower gel . The fresh zesty scent is perfect for beating a gym slog and it can be used on your hair too.
But I do like to have a shampoo and conditioner just in case this just tends to be whatever mini's I have around they just so happen to be the Soap and Glory good hair day ones. To be honest I'm not 100% sold on these.
For my hair I also have the Bumble and Bumble surf spray , this is great because it helps hair look sexy and effortless without having to spend ages blow drying hair. Perfect for when your in a hurry.
I always like to have a face wash in my bag because after a tough work out my skin tends to feel a bit gross and tight. I  just have the Kiehl's Ultra facial cleanser mini because well it's just my favourite. With this it's also handy to have a facial and body moisturizer to keep everything hydrated.
Last but not least my trusty Tiger balm red ointment which i just perfect for any aches and pains.
I get a bit of a dodgy shoulder and I find that rubbing a bit of this on eases the pain.
 It smells a lot nicer than deep heat and only the smallest amount is needed.

So there we have it a few little bits that I take along to the gym with me

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beauty|| Sephora travel brush set

It feels a little unfair showing you this little steal from Sephora because as you probably all know we don't have it in the UK. I simply can't understand this and if someone would shed some light I'd be grateful. 
However if you're heading to anywhere with a Sephora or if you're thinking of placing a cheeky American order then I urge you to check out this mini travel brush set.

I'm a huge fan of the Sephora own brand,especially the brushes-they tend to be soft and sturdy for an oh so reasonable price. 
What's really nice about this set is you've got all bases covered and I really love the pink and black theme. It just adds a nice touch. There also perfectly sized for chucking in your handbag,travel bag or car.

In the set you get ....

Powder brush - Loose/compact powder + blush 
This is a really nice big fluffy brush which will be just perfect for powder. 
However I think it will also be great for swirling in bronzer and applying to the face and body.
They do suggest using this for blush but personally I prefer something a little more smaller but hey that's cos I'm not a big blush fan.

Sponge tip shadow applicator 
 I'm not really going to dwell on this brush because for me I find them to be a little naff but if you like using sponge applicator it seems nice enough.

Medium shadow brush and small shadow brush 
 These are both really good quality brushes and will both be great for their intended use.
The medium one is a great size for packing on shadow all over the eye and is as good as some of the more expensive brushes I own. 
The smaller brush is still great as a liner brush but for me where it shines is as a concealer

Brow comb 
And finally is a brow comb- nothing too fancy pants just a nice simple brow comb and who doesn't need that. 

This might not be the most exciting brush set but it very simple and very effective. 
Unfortunately I can't find a link for this exact set but I don't think it was more than 20 euros or maybe a little less. 
You can find similar here 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Beauty || Facial SPF's

Apologies for the slightly sporadic posts this week I am on holiday in sunny Spain and you know how it is you get carried away with sun,sea & sand that everything else seems like a chore. 
Which then leads me onto my post which is all about  my top facial SPF's.
Now I'm just going to chuck it out there that I'm not the best at remembering when to put SPF on and yes I did burn myself on the first day. BUT I do try my hardest to use a facial SPF daily rather than just relying on my foundation. 
Let's get a cracking. 

1) Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25
This is the SPF that I tend to use in the UK as it layers up really well and works well as a primer or as a base product. 
It's very light on the skin, blends in beautifully and doesn't leave a nasty greasy film on the face. 
Whats great about this SPF is that it's skin toned so you never have that horrid white face affect that just wont rub in. 
This is also a great product for those of us who have slightly more sensitive skin. 
Not only does City block protect from harmful sun rays but it also protects your face from environmental pollution. 
You only need a small amount which means that the tube tends to last a while . 
I have the SPF 25 but you can also pick up the Super city block in factor 40. 

2) Bioderma Photoderm AKN mat - Matifying fluid SPF 30 
This is the one that I tend to reserve for holiday's and the summer because a)it's a slightly higher factor and b) it's a little thicker on the skin- more like a traditional sun cream. 
However saying that it does still rub in rather well you aren't going to be left with a white face tanned body situation. 
Now time to get a little gross but we all know that in a hot country were bound to get a little sweaty and lets admit we don't want our faces to look any oiler. 
This is why this SPF is great it's mattifying! It's rather very clever actually it regulates the seabum which then improves the quality of seabum which reduces spots. (I'm not explaining this well but here is a better explanation 
Available from Escentual 

3) A decent SPF Lip balm.

And of course lets not forget lips I use a super budget lip balm that can be picked up any where from Boots to Asda. 
At the minute Garnier Sun protection lip balm in factor 20 is working just fine. 

Do you have any recommendations? 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Let's cook || Super simple Mexican salad

BBQ season is in full swing, especially with all this beautiful weather we've been having in the UK.
Now I love a BBQ but it's sometimes difficult to come up with healthy tasty side dishes.
Cue my 'Mexican' salad, I actually have no idea if it's Mexican but the ingredients sound it so lets roll with that :)
And how can you say no to all those pretty vibrant colours.
Let's get down to business.... 

Ingredients : 
6 Cherry tomatoes
1 Avocado
250g Frozen sweetcorn
1 tin of black eyed beans (your meant to use black beans but ASDA didn't have any)
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt
3 sprigs of mint
1-2 lime's to your own taste - I use 1 1/2
4 tbsp olive oil 

1.In a glass or jam jar mix together the Olive oil , juice from the limes, salt and paprika.
Set aside.
2. Chop your avocado,tomatoes and mint and pop in a large bowl. 
4. Heat the beans on the hob and drain.
5. Add sweetcorn and beans to the other ingredients.
 4. Drizzle dressing and stir everything together.
5. Serve.

Simples ya?!?!?! 

p.s This salad went really well with my pesto chicken hallumi skewers if you'd be interested in seeing a recipe for that?  Let me know below!

I do try and eat healthy but sometimes you just need some plastic cheese! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beauty || Emma Hardie Luxury Superskin face & body hamper

I love me a little 'travel' set as there a great way to try a brand , try other parts of a brand and well for there true purpose,travelling. 
I'm going on holiday in a week and of course this meant looking for a new travel kit and boy did I do some searching before finally settling on this lovely Emma Hardie 'hamper'. 
I'm a huge fan of the cult favourite Moringa cleansing balm and I've dabbled in her face creams so it made sense to try some of the more body items in the range. 
I wont dwell too much on the cleansing balm but I will say it smells beautiful and really hydrates the skin whilst removing impurities.(15ml)
I've not yet tried the Amazing face age support cream or night cream (both15ml) and I'll probably still take a bit of my trusty Kiehls Ultra facial cream.

Next up is the hydra body oil (50ml)which smells so luxurious. This can be massaged on or dribbled into a hot bath which I imagine will recreate a lovely spa like experience. Now this may not be ideal for a hot location but anything that gives limbs some hydration has to be good.
In this hamper you also get a Luxurious body cleanser and intense body lotion (both 100ml) which again smell beautiful with ingredients such as Rose,Jasmine,Bergamont and Neroli.
The body lotion is wonderfully thick whilst absorbing quickly to give you the moisture you need .

You also get a body buffing cloth and a sleek white wash bag which is actually really well sized - perfect for travelling or popping in your gym back.
I'm really pleased with this set it's a great way of trying the brand before you buy a full size and I especially like the inclusion of the cleansing balm.
It's a great little kit , I would say that I would have preferred one of the cleansing face clothes as there so soft but overall I really love everything  and for £30 this is a definite steal.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try you can order it online at

Feel Unique & Space NK

Lemme know below your top travel kits :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lifestyle || A little favour?

What's this two posts in two days and another one planned for tomorrow? 
Yes you heard rightly! so for those of you who have stuck around thank you!!
and to any new readers welcome! 
I intend to be giving this little corner of the internet a lot more love over the next few months and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it too. 
To anyone that does read Feed the Sharks I wanted to ask for a little favour? 
Cheeky I know! 
If you could fill in this quick short survey for my Masters dissertation I'd be ever so grateful. 
It's all about if the media forms our perceptions of beauty and I'd love to hear what you think! 
You can be male or female and any age over 16 . 
Please and thank you !!! 
The link's below  and I'll be back tomorrow ;) 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Beauty || A budget Cleanser

I don't tend to change my skincare too often because I'm really very happy with the routine I have at the minute - it seems to be doing the trick and that's just fine with me. 
However I have noticed that my skin's been looking a little blurgh, a bit tired and in need of an umph! 
In Asda(this really is a budget buy) this brightly coloured cleanser caught my eyes especially as it's been compared to the Origins Ginzing cleanser  and at £2-4 it went straight into my basket. 
This thick citrus gel has teeny tiny little micro-particles in which gently exfoliates the skin, leaving radant glowing skin. 
This cleanser is great at giving you a lift when you wake up just feeling a little blurgh.
Although I wouldn't recommend using it everyday as it can be a little drying. 
This is definetly a budget cleanser worth checking out. 
Available from your local super market or Superdrug( on offer for £2.66 at the minute )

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beauty || Marc Jacobs The Lolita

When I go to the likes of Italy,France or Spain there's one shop that I know I must venture into and that is Sephora. 
I can't fathom why there's Sephora in the US and most of Europe but not In the UK odd ? but hey ho it's something to look forward to. 
As soon as I stepped in the Marc Jacobs stand instantly took my attention and I stood for ages deliberating what to purchase. 
I finally decided on the beautiful 206 The Lolita style eye-con Palette. 
There are four palette's in the range but this one really did catch my eye as the most wearable one for me and I think I'm in love!

The Lolita is a nude lovers dream come true and is perfect for both daytime and evening,each shade being completly wearable. 
The palette houses 3 matte golden nude shades and 4 shimmers. 
The shadows are very workable,long lasting with very little fall out.
They have a beautiful buttery texture that is often difficult to find with such excellent colour pay off. 
The packaging of this palette is also pretty darn perfect with the slick black and a good sized mirror and it also comes in a cute little pouch - making it perfect for travel.
The problem with this palette is that the shadows don't have names - not a big problem really. 

Now for the price , it's certainly not a bargain purchase at about £34 but all in all if you think that for the same price you could buy 3 Mac shadows see how I played that logic? 

If your heading to a foreign destination that has a Sephora I'd full heartedly recommend checking out the Marc Jacobs stand... I know I will be when I head out to Spain. 
Alternatively Sephora USA now do shipping to the UK.

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs line and any reccomendations?
Is there anything on your Sephora list?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Haul || Milan purchases

Sometimes it's nice to just go away to a different city, bask in a bit of sunshine, eat incredible food and forget about everything else with all this in mind myself and James booked a littel trip to Milan for the weekend just gone. 
I love Italy and couldn't wait to hit the fashion capital and of course do a little shopping. It would be rude not to? 
Although I didnt buy too much because well we were limited by lugguage allowences , I wanted to share a few bits and pieces that I did pick up on my travels. 

Pull & bear have some really lovely clothes in a momment and I couldn't resist this blue palm tree printed kimono which will be perfect for when it's a bit warmer but also chucked over a bikini around the beach or pool. Unfortuntatly I can't find the Kimono online but they do have a few other lovely ones so it's worth having a peek. 
I also picked up this cute little pale denim dress,it's such a lovely fit and is super soft. 
But what I really love is the triangle cut out detail of the back which just adds interest to what could be a very plain dress. 
I know I know you can get Pull & Bear in the UK but there isn't a store anywere near me and sometimes It's just nice to actually get a feel for the clothes.

This bikini was calling me in as we walked past Oysho and I just knew I had to have it. 
I'm going to Spain for a couple of weeks shortly and I know this will be just perfect. 
I love the colour of the yellow bottoms and the fruit print - who doesn't love pineapples? 
I also really like the bandeau top because well I'm not gifted in the big breast department and find that these are just the best for us smaller boobie ladies. 
As far as I'm aware Oysho don't have a UK store but they do cheap delivery and I noticed that Asos also stock the brand. 
They have loads of fun and colourful swimwear so I'd recommend it. 

And of course I also took a cheeky trip into Sephora but I didn't want to buy to much because well I'm going to Spain soon and there wont be as much of a lugguage limit - see benefits. 
But something caught my eye and I just had to pick it up and that my friends was the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette. 
But I'm gunna do a full post on that one very soon 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Style || Bargain Booties

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Primark.
 I never seem to love the clothes enough to actually go into the store... I'm just not keen on the layout and how busy it always is and I end up leaving feeling a little claustrophobic
However last week I swallowed all of my feelings about Primark and picked up these beautiful little booties. 
I'd seen them in the window on a late trip to the library and thought mmm there preaty and then couldn't get them out of my head. 
So mine they became. 

At £15 you can't really complain about these lovely little ankle booties that are just perfect for summer. 
Available in the tan or black and white but I personally loved the multi-coloured embroidery.
They fit well and have a nice little zip detailing. 
The cut is just perfect for summer because they aren't too long or too heavy just perfectly lightweight.
What I really love is the embroidery but I also like that they have a nice lowish heel but still add a little height- perfect for us taller ladies. 
I've been styling mine with shorts and dresses but they look equally as good with a pair of black skinny jeans. 
To be honest they've barely left my feet since purchasing. 
Not bad for £15 and I'd definetly recommend picking a pair up as a predict they'll sell out quickly.

I'm definetly back to blogging- I know I keep saying that but we've just finished moving out of our lovely Lincoln home . 
I'm off for a weekend in Milan this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for posts.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May favourites

I don't even remember the last time I did a monthly favourites and can you believe it's already June? 
How time flys and for me June's just as busy what with moving away from the city I've lived in for four years, leaving my job and stepping into the big bad world. 
On the plus side I'm heading for a weekend in Milan soon . 
What are your June plans?

Beauty favourites 
Garnier miracle skin cream - I've really been enjoying using this as a much lighter base.  It's non fuss and can be quickly applied whilst injecting a lovely healthy glow to the skin. perfect. 
Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel -  I like many others have a love hate relationship with this bronzer but at the momment I'm having a love phase. Applied with a light hand this can give a lovely tan whilst adding a little contour. This is a perfect summer bronzer and I'll definetly be popping it in my lugguage. 
YSL Touche eclat - Another one that splits the crowd but for me it's a non mover. Last month I finally picked up a new one of these and I think I used it almost every day is that bad? 
It's great for hiding long nights watching netflix and Gilmore Girls. I also like to use it on my cheekbones and cupid's bow. 
Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet lipsticks - Oh boy I picked one of these up thinking hey can they really be that good? yes yes they can. Perfectly matte,beautiful shades and some serious staying power. 
I picked up Frambourjoise and Peach club both air on the side of red but lovely non the less. 

Non-Beauty Favourites 

I told you in this post that I'm trying to eat a little better so I picked up this Super healthy snacks and treats book by Jenna Zoe to try and whip up some healthier snacks. I made some 'protein energy balls' the other day so I'll pop that up. 
In this book there's so many interesting recipes that I would never have thought to try.
One of the best things about summer is the clothes shopping and I am totally in love with the Jacquard print on these Asos shorts.
I must say I'm really enjoying the Asos tall section- at 5'10-11 I really struggle with skirts,shorts and dresses showing just a little bit too much bum.
It started with a travel candle and now I have a whole collection of Neom goodies.
My latest edition been the Enchantment candle- a delicate blend of Bluebell,Guaiacwood & rose, this scent is really uplifting.
It's nice and relaxing whilst putting a smile on my face as I walk through the front door.

So let me know what have you being loving this month? 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Beauty|| Getting our tan on

So apprently Summer is coming and you would have believed it with our mini heat wave but then this week has been wet,dark and a little chilly! 
But I'm optimistic that the sun will return which means showing a little more skin and for me this means getting my tan on. (I'm really very pale and fair so it takes a while for me to tan) 
I have a few favourites to give me a golden glow so here we go. 

The Prep ~ 

First things first it's important to prep the skin before tanning. You want soft supple skin so that you don't get any nasty flaky clumpy bits of tan - rookie error. 
The night before I like to use a scrub to get rid of all the nasty scaly bits, paying special attention to the elbows,knees and feet. 
My personal favourite is Soap & Glory breakfast scrub
The maple scent of this scrub is truly delicious that you almost want to eat it . 
I'll then use a thick moisturiser to lock in the moisture and keep it a smooth affair. I love Kiehl's creme de corps or a body shop body butter.

The face ~ 

Personally I like to use a seperate facial tanner because I find that they give better results ,you have a little more control over the product , and your not left with a patchy face as the formula's are face specific.
I'll either use the Clarins Liquid bronze self tanning  which your probably all sick of hearing me talk about. 
I'll pop this on two cotton pads and pop it on my face before bed( take care around the brows and hairline) and I'm left with a subtle healthy glow. 
Another Clarins product is the Instant smooth self tanner this is a great one when you forgot to tan your face or if you just want a quick fix. 
Smooth the light weight texture on and your skins left with a radiant glow - this works as a lovely primer too. 
Another product that is great for when you want a quick fix glow try the Soap & Glory glow job.

Body ~ 

Last but not least the body tanners. 
So I've already mentioned that I am incredibly pale so sometimes instant tan can just be a tad too dark against my colouring and I like to build it up gradually.
I either use the St Tropez Gradual tanner which applies beautifully, moisturises the skin and leaves a lovely natural buildable colour. 
It actually gives a lovely tan after one use . 
Alternatively I'll use the Xen tan transform luxe daily self-tan .
For something a little darker and instant I've been using the Garnier no streaks bronzer-self tanning mousse.  This just does what it says on the tin. The dark mousse is great because you can see where it's been applied. 
I would personally always recommend using a tanning mitt even with gradual tans because nobody wants the tell tale signs of a fake tanning session. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beauty || Lets clean those brushes

First things first lets do a little hello and nice to meet you, It's been a while. 
It would be an understatement to say I've not blogged properly in ages!
deadlines and work well and truly took over my life for the past month 
But I'm back and ready with new ideas and lots to talk about so hey ho lets go!  

So Where I live we have a new Tesco now usually I wouldn't care a supermarkets a supermarket yes? No this isn't any old supermarket it's amazing - a day trip in it's self and whats so great is the new beauty section and I went a little cray cray . 
One item I picked up and the thing that spurred this post and long winded explaination. 
So cleaning make-up brushes often a little neglected but important non the less. 
Brushes collect dirt,oil and grime which can of course lead to breakouts and clogged pores . 
In the long run if your working hard to keep your skin nice you could end up reversing all of that hard work you did- it makes sense to clean them hey?
Regular cleaning can also help preserve brushes 
I try to do a deep clean once a week but realistically it's usually once a month.
And my weapon of choice and the long winded purchase .... Dr.Bronner's pure castile soap
I just swirl my brushes in a ramekin with a bit of the soap and rinse simple as pie and allow to dry.

This stuff is great for cleaning brushes so much so that it should be the 19th use (or however many they're on now) it smells nice,gentle and really does clean those brushes.

FYI Dr.Bronner's pure Castile soap is perfect for travelling as it can be used for a whole of different things such as washing,shampooing,shaving,brushing your teeth(I'd advise the peppermint one) and cleaning your clothes. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Morning perk ups #1

A few weeks ago I was approached to write a post inspired by this post (here)  and it really caught my eye mainly because I am one of those people who definatly don't get the recommended 8hours of sleep. 
In Carly's post she talks about how we generally fall into two categories those who get the full 8 hrs + and those who don't and those who don't need to have a few tricks up their sleeves ... to at least look a little more awake. 
I'm gunna split this post into two #1 the make up perk ups and #2 the skincare saviours. 
And let's be honest this is probably the best time for me too do this post because I am well and truly pooped; it's dreaded deadline time so I'm doing long library days,combined with a job and a whole lotta over stuff . 
but I'm blabbing on so let's begin with the make up that's helped me look a little less like a zombie! 

On days that my skins behaving I've been hitting up the Garnier Miracle skin cream, It's meant to instantly reduce the appearance of tierdness so uno it's perfect yeah? I'm gunna do a more in depth post about this because it's rather interesting.  It's not great for coverage but it does add a little colour and glow which is just perfect.   I also swear by the YSL touche Eclat  now I know it's a product that splits a crowd but for me it's a firm favourite.  I find popping it under the eyes gives the illusion of a good nights sleep.
mmm Chanel Les Beiges how beautiful and expensive you are but mainly beautiful... beauty aside this product is really great at giving a healthy dose of colour and radiance. I like to use it as a bronzer but you can also use it as a setting powder. 
Cream blushers are great at this time of the year and if your skin needs a bit of a pick up (and they can be used on the lips too) a personal favourite of mine is Topshop Head over heels .
Finally I curl my lashes and pop on the L'oreal false lash telescopic because it's just perfect at making the lashes look full and wide. 
And if all that fails I just drink lots & lots of coffee- actually I drink lots of coffee even when this works 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and I'd defintly recomend checking out the original post this was inspired by :) *

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bank Holiday minmizing

Hallelujah I managed to find a bit of time to get a blog post up today :) 
This month and next are definetly the dreaded deadline months but hopefully it will be worth it soon !
I mentioned in my last post that I went away to Center Parcs for the Easter bank holiday and although it's not the most glamourous destanation I thought I'd share with you what make up I took and how I 'minmized'.
Saying that I'm now thinking theres a lot I took that I really didn't need but hey a girl needs choices!

Base - 

For foundation I opted for the Rimmel Match perfection in the shade Ivory. I really like this because it gives a nice ammount of coverage while giving the skin a lovely healthy glow. I'm really impressed with this and I've been reaching for it over my usual more high end foundations. I also chucked in the Mac face and body(C2), this is such an odd foundation and its certainly one thats best suited to the summer but hey I'm trying to get on with it a bit more.
I also popped the Smashbox Photo finish oil - free primer in my bag , just because it's the best primer I'v used but if I'm honest the peaceful countryside didn't require a primer.
For concealor it had to be my favourite combination of the Collection lasting perfection and the Rimmel wake me up Concealor . 

Cheeks and lips -

Of course the Laura Mercier colour-to-go palette had to come on my jolly travels, it's just perfect, you've got everything in this teeny little container.
I've got my eye on a full size of the bronzer come payday and maybe another of the Lip glace if only for the smell.... OH MY GAWD!!! beautiful.
I also packed the Balm frat boy blush because it's a lovely natural blush that enhances that natural countryside glow.
So lipswise I really over packed and had every option well and truly covered.
I wore all the nude shades but to be honest the Hourglass Opaque Rouge(Muse) was a little excessive but hey you never know when you need a red lip.
I also took Mac shy Girl , Clarins instant light , Maybelline colour sensesational shine gloss in the shade glorious grapefruit and my current favourite the Smashbox Be legendary lipstick (posy pink) which is just the most perfect spring time pink.


As for eyes I kept it all very simple and didn't stray too far from my everyday favourites I popped along the Naked 1 palette - I've still not caved and bought the naked 3, my Sister has it and everytime I look at it I think I just wouldn't use it. I do however have my beady eye on the Smashbox full exposure palette .
I also took along the Nars Kalahari duo, Bobbi Brown eye brow pencil,Topshop magic liner and Mascara's from Maybelline and Chanel.

So there you have it what I took on my bank holiday weekend.
There's a real mixed bag of everything and I'm trying to use bit more of a mix between drugstore and highstreet make up.
Hope you enjoyed this ,didn't find it too long maybe it's given you some inspiration for the next bank holiday. Another reason to love this time of year?

So girls and maybe some boys I'd love to hear your'e suggestions for some up and coming blog posts ? What do you guys wanna see or hear about?
You can comment below or tweet me it's all good in the hood

Monday, 14 April 2014

Skincare newbies from Kiehl's

If your a regular to these parts then my love for Kiehl's will come as no suprise, in fact I'd even go as far as saying Kiehl's is my favourite skincare brand (well at the momment anyway.)

I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've bought, I had a fondness for the no fuss packaging and I rather like the skeleton and white coats when you go instore.
It's also worth noting that I've always found the staff in Kiehl's too be lovely - never too pushy but yet happy to offer guidance. Last time I went to the Nottingham Kiehl's I had a lovely chat with the assistant about the Origins drink up mask in comparison to the Ultra facial hydrating Overnight masque.

Gushing about the brand aside lets move onto my latest purchases....

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream £24.00 for 50ml 

Does any one else find it's easier to find a night cream then morning? I was very happy with what I had been using but just fancied something a little bit different - I get bored easily and felt my skin still needed a little more moisture.

The Ultra Facial cream is slightly heavier than the Ultra Facial moisture but still holds many of the same traits. It claims to give the skin up to 24hr of ultra hydration,reduces moisture loss whilst helping with water replenishment. With these traits it's easy to see how this is an ideal night cream.
I really love this cream it's a pleasure to apply and I wake up with soft youthful looking skin. Can I just say that on at least 4 accounts this week I have been mistaken for been on school work experience. Something must be working?

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser £8.00 for 75ml 

This cheeky little cleanser caught my eye just as I was paying (hence it's the travel sized one). I've actually being bowled over by this cleanser. Although it's a liquid formula it doesn't foam too much and it definatly doesn't dry the skin. Instead it gently cleanses the skin of excess oils,dirt and debris. It smells really fresh too which is always a plus I'm definatly going to buy the full sized one next.

Another thing I love about Khiels is that they do a number of travel sized products which are perfect if you want to test a product or if you know your travelling!

So there we have it a little ode to two of my new favourites... next on my list from this range is the ultra facial toner.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gifts from NYC

This week I returned way back up North to do some PR work experience while I was working away my sister was taking in the delights of New York City on a school trip.
Yes you read that as a school trip lucky hey?
I probably could have written her an extensive list of all the make-up bits I wanted but I've been so busy recently that I only had the one request but you know I am over the moon with what she returned with !

Firstly she brought back these two Mac shadows in the shades Grain and Folie which are right up my ally . Ones a dark brown with red hints with a satin finish , I think this will be lovely in the crease. Next up is Grain a golden champagne hue which is great as either a highlighter or a simple no fuss eye.
I'm going to do a post all about my Mac palette soon and why I love these shadows so much .

She also picked up the Sephora Collection pro angled blush brush , these types of brushes are great for contouring as they get right into the hallows of the cheeks. For first glance's I'm very excited about this brush it feels lovely and has a nice little protection hat . I'll let you know how I get on.
I'm half considering doing a Sephora US order to get some more but then again I'm going to Seville in the summer. Seville has three Sephora's !

Sorry this is a bit of a slap dash post but I thought I'd just show you a few bits and well I've been a little absent recently due to Uni, Work and well I'm a little lazy !
Can we just take 5 minutes to marvel at the amount of 'candy' she brought back , I absolutly love Jolly Rancher's and the peppermint patties aren't too bad either.
Hope everyone's doing well

Monday, 7 April 2014

A spring OOTD

I've not done an OOTD post for a while now so I thought I'd share this skirt that I picked up last week whilst in Nottingham. 
I'm really enjoying skirts at the momment and love this floral Jacquard style mini skirt.
I like that it's really very verstitaile you can either dress it up to look very smart and formal or you can chuck on a pair of flats and a chunky knit perfect?
A definate Spring staple, if only it would warm up enough to whip off those black tights . 

This particular outfit was one I wore for dinner with two of my old housemates.
I decided to pair the skirt was a loose thin Topshop knit and chunky ankle boots. 
I did chuck on my favourite coat of the moment cos it was a little chilly but you know I'm rather happy with this little OOTD. 

These types of skirts seem to be every where at the momment and for a good reason.
If you fancy picking up one for yourself head over to New Look 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Something new : Maybelline Coloursensational shine gloss

It's rare that I fall so easily for a product , I like to test it out for a little while and then decide if I want to buy more of whatever this may be. 
However these Maybelline lip glosses have really caught my heart, I bought one on Friday and coudn't stop thinking about the next (which I purchased today)
Typically I'm a lip stick girl but since around Christmas I've been hitting up the lipglosses and I'd heard so much about these that I had to give them a go and boy they are worth the hype. 

I first picked up Glorious grapefruit purely because the colour looked beautiful and well I love me a grapefruit. 
It also smells of grapefruit a little but maybe that's just me.
It's a gorgeous coral with a little more pink and red undertones.
It's really quite pigmented but not so much that you can't wear it over a lipstick - I like to pair it with Mac Sunny Seoul. 
Next up is Cashmere Rose  a more delicate soft coral.
This is a little more sheer and has finely milled specks of gold running through which makes this the perfect layering gloss. 

What really excites me about these glosses is the formula.
They aren't awfully shinny they just add a nice glow and finish to the lips but best of all they aren't sticky at all. 
There's not that nasty tacky feeling and they last a reasonable ammount of time too. 
The packaging is slick and for around £6 you can afford to have a  couple of these beauties in your make-up arsenal . 

Now which to go for next? 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A girl's best friend

I think everybody probably feels like this at some point in their life(well week) that they'd much rather have an extra 10-15 minutes in bed then spend that time making themselves look immaculate. 
I am exactly like this and  because of this I rely on a  number of products that are either multi-use or just allow me to skip a step or two in my morning routine. 
I call these products a girls best friend... 

Skin & Hair ...

Lets be honest at 6-7am I want something nice and simple that still takes all the yuck sleep grime off my face. Cue some form of Micellar water to refresh and cleanse the face. At the momment I'm using the Garnier micellar cleansing water which I spoke about in my last post.
My next little cheat comes in the shape of the Origins No puffery roll - on which not only soothes the under eye area but banishes any tell tale puffy signs and brightens dark under eyes. For a lovely treat pop this in the fridge overnight before using it in the morning.
Ahh dry shampoo is probably one of my favourite morning products it means that I don't have to spend and age blow drying and washing my hair .
The dry shampoo allows the hair to look clean but it also adds volume to the hair .
For me I like to stick with an old favourite and that's the Batiste dry shampoo , I like that they come in all kinds of scents and sizes.

Make up cheats ...

When I'm feeling a bit lazy I'm always guilty of skipping my moisturiser and SPF so I tend to hit up the Dr.Jart + water fuse BB cream , which also minimizes the need for foundation and concealor perfect?
I love this as it gives a lovely healthy glow to the skin with a decent amount of coverage.
As for cheeks I have a couple of options , I either use the Nars Soulshine cheek palette  which adds a pop of colour,shimmer and dimension all in one- and it's perfect for Spring.
Cream blushers can also be your best friend as they are multi-use pop them on the cheeks or on the lips for a subtle hint of colour.  My current favourite is the Max Factor miracle touch creamy blush in the shade soft pink.
Don't be put off by the small size of these blushers as they really do pack a punch and the formula is beautiful.
Another wonder lip product is the Korres pomegranate lip butter  it not only gives a delicate pink shade to the lips but it really hydrates too what more can you want?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Curlylocks- Enrapture Extremity heated rollers

It's not a secret that I'm a little bit cak handed and I'm just no good at blow drying my own hair - yes I attempt but it just lacks a little something and I'm never quite happy and end up tying it up anyway.
So when I can be bothered I turn my attention to my Enrapture Extremity heated rollers to add volume,bounce and a few curls for good measure. I really don't know why I haven't blogged about these before because I absolutley love them! 
These roller's are so simple to use you dry the hair, pop them in and leave them to do there 'thang' while you do your 'thang' .  
The beauty is that they heat from the core and the heated clip plates.  The rollers are hot in mere seconds and take about ten minutes to cool and set. 
The velevety finish on the rollers mean there's no nasty pulling and they simply slide out. 
SAFETY WARNING Whatever you do don't forget to turn the switch off when they have fully heated because they do get very hot and burn your ears a little. 
I really like that you get two size rollers - the bigger for volume and the smaller for lovely defined curls. 
They aren't the cheapest purchase but they certainly aren't the most expensive when you consider that a pair of GHD's cost £89 onwards.  
For me there a great way of adding volume without having to faff on with the hair dryer and yet it still looks very polished.  And it's always fun to look like a ninny with these on your head - many of my friends are used to it now. 
This may sound a bit adverty but I just have a little bit of a love affair with my heated rollers...
If these sound like your cup of tea you can pick them up here 

you'll have to ignore my spot friend on my chinny chin chin :)

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Last week I reached 30 bloglovin followers.
This may not seem a lot to some people but to me I am truly grateful to anyone who's interested in my beauty related rambles.
so Thank you !!!

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A trip into Boots ...

Unfortunatley this weekend I came down with a nasty dose of food poisoning( for some reason I always get ill) so my skin was suffering for some reason I'm not sure why or if it's even related. but I seem to of had a huge breakout does anyone else find they get bad skin when they are ill?  
Back story aside I went into boots with the hope of finding something to clear up my skin problems and you know how it goes it's 3 for 2 and you have to take full advantage. 
Here's a glimpse into what I picked up. 

Soap and Glory Dr Spot- £8.00  This looked an interesting spot treatment which contains salicylic acid and lactic acids to refine pores and a blend of irritant soothers and redness reducers. What I really like is that it's invisible and drys quickly so it can be re-applied and popped under make up. 
So far so good but I'll let you know how I find it in a few days.  Now I do have one gripe with the packaging of Dr Spot and that is that it looks a little bit like bonjela that you put on sore gums. The gel also comes out really fast so your left with a lot of gooey mess. 

Soap and Glory Glow job - £11.00  This is a product marketed as a morning moisture flash that adds a hint of self-tan to the face... pefect for Spring. You massage the white pearlescent cream onto the face so that the microbronzeburst beads pop so your left with a subtle glow. This leaves a lovely healthy sheer glow whilst moisturising the skin. I think it will be just perfect for 'no-make up' days and good skin days. I think I had this a few years back and really enjoyed it but I do think it's since been re-packaged. Again I'm not too keen on the packaging because it reminds me of toothpaste are we noticing a pattern? but it's whats on the inside that counts . 

Garnier Micellar cleansing water - £4.99   Now I'm not going to dwell to much on this purchase because I have another post planned for a comparison between the Bioderma and Garnier micellar waters.  But the premise is very similar it's a water that gently melts away the make up so the skin is left clean and refreshed. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014


 I recently received an email asking if I'd be interested in entering the Nuxe Pamper hamper blogger competition and of course I jumped at the opportuinity. If you're an old friend on this blog then you'll know I'm a big fan of Nuxe products especially the Reve de Miel ultra-nourishing lipbalm.
The only rule of the competition was to compile a spring inspired wishlist of products for the perfect pamper.
Enough chit chat let's get down to the nitty gritty of what I'd choose for my perfect Nuxe Pamper hamper.

 Huile Prodigieuse OR(link)-  I love the original Huile prodigieuse and cannot wait to try the shimmering golden version. Using this oil is a great way to add moisture to the skin and with this version containing golden particles it's a great way to add a healthy golden glow to the skin. Perfect for bringing a bit of life into those winter limbs.
Reve de Miel- Ultra-comfortable body cream(link)- I have this delicious scented body cream and love using it when my skin needs a hydration hit. It's the perfect end to a lovely relaxing bath . This cream is really comforting but if you feel you need an extra moisture hit - try mixing a little bit of this with a teeny bit of the huile prodigieuse.
Comforting cleansing milk with rose petals(link)-  I've used the Micellar water from this range and was really impressed. This cleansing milk caught my eye because it's a bit lighter for Spring after months of using heavy balms and oils. An added bonus is that if it's anything like the water then it's going to smell amazing , is there any Nuxe products that don't smell delicious?
Reve de miel lip moisturizing stick(link)-  And of course no Nuxe pamper post would be complete without my a nodd to my favourite lip balm. This stick version isn't as thick as the ultra-nourishing lipbalm but it still delivers a perfect dose of hydration. As it's in a tube it's perfect for chucking in your bag ready for any adventures that Spring may bring.
Teint E'clat Prodigieux(link)- This product looks so exciting and it's definetly on my 'to buy list'. This tinted moisturiser looks perfect for achieving that desirable golden glow and whats more it uses active plant ingridients. I really love using tinted moisturisers in the spring/summer because they really do help perk up dull skin.
Candle spa- Huile prodigieuse fragrance(link) - and what pamper session would not be complte without a beautiful candle. This one is fresh and uplifting with a delicious aroma of almonds. The perfect Spring scent.

I hope you enjoyed my selection and hopefully this has provided you with some NUXE spring time inspiration.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.