Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gifts from NYC

This week I returned way back up North to do some PR work experience while I was working away my sister was taking in the delights of New York City on a school trip.
Yes you read that as a school trip lucky hey?
I probably could have written her an extensive list of all the make-up bits I wanted but I've been so busy recently that I only had the one request but you know I am over the moon with what she returned with !

Firstly she brought back these two Mac shadows in the shades Grain and Folie which are right up my ally . Ones a dark brown with red hints with a satin finish , I think this will be lovely in the crease. Next up is Grain a golden champagne hue which is great as either a highlighter or a simple no fuss eye.
I'm going to do a post all about my Mac palette soon and why I love these shadows so much .

She also picked up the Sephora Collection pro angled blush brush , these types of brushes are great for contouring as they get right into the hallows of the cheeks. For first glance's I'm very excited about this brush it feels lovely and has a nice little protection hat . I'll let you know how I get on.
I'm half considering doing a Sephora US order to get some more but then again I'm going to Seville in the summer. Seville has three Sephora's !

Sorry this is a bit of a slap dash post but I thought I'd just show you a few bits and well I've been a little absent recently due to Uni, Work and well I'm a little lazy !
Can we just take 5 minutes to marvel at the amount of 'candy' she brought back , I absolutly love Jolly Rancher's and the peppermint patties aren't too bad either.
Hope everyone's doing well

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