Friday, 30 August 2013

Buys From Across the pond

So as we all know I recently spent some time across the pond and of course I picked up a few bits and bobs(not all beauty). With this I thought hey why not show off some of what landed into my squashy bag ! So grab a cuppa and maybe a piece of cake as this looks set to be a lengthy post .

 Beauty bits & pieces :

  • First up we have a couple of lip products the EOS melon lip balm  I picked this up purely because I needed a new lip balm and had heard a lot of good things about these sphere shaped wonders. This now sits in my hand bag ready to soften my lips when needed. Maybelline Baby lips (Cherry me)  was something I purchased because when I left you couldn't buy them in the UK- when I returned you could... nevermind eh? Personally I don't see the hype over these little sticks. 
  • Next we have blushers the Balm Frat boy  instantly caught my eye due to the funky 'retro' packaging and then the beautiful pink colour which is highly pigmented with a subtle subtle sheen. I've already spoken about the NARS Soulshine cheek palette so I won't go into too much detail. 
  • From NARS I also bought the Sheer glow foundation which I'm afraid I haven't had much use out of yet because it's just a touch too light for my tan I am however really looking forward to using it. 
  • One of my best friends chelsey recommended I pick up the Marc Jacobs eau so fresh: summer edition.  This is a lot sweeter than the original eau so fresh and is without a doubt a summer scent . It just makes me smile and the neon flowers aren't too bad either. 

Body bits :
  • Australian gold spray gel with bronzer SPF 15 . Now I don't know if I would have been this tanned without this tanning gel but I do feel it has deepened the tan. If not it's an excellent way of getting you're skin covered in SPF (especially if you are in water) and it smells beautiful . Thanks Rhona for the recommendation! 
  • Across the pond EOS is a much bigger brand than just the lip balms and with that I picked up the EOS shaving creams(Pomegranate raspberry) which smells divine and leaves the legs incredibly smooth and soft. 
  • Whilst out there I wanted a new cleanser as the Clarins creamy cleanser felt a little too heavy with the heat and not wearing much in the way of make up . The Burt's bees soap bark & Chamomile deep cleansing cream caught my eye. A mix of soap bark - to deep clean , chamomile to soften and menthol to calm the skin perfect? Now in England I'm not using this as my main cleanser instead it is now used in the morning. 

Some of my other favourite bits include the my future listography book , Roots sweatpants and sweatshirt and the most beautiful jacket from Aritzia which unfortunately doesn't deliver to the UK. 
So there you have it just a few little bits and pieces hope you enjoyed ! 

See you soon 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A growing NARS Obsession ...

This time last year I would have sworn on the likes of Chanel, YSL and MAC if I wanted something a little more high end , however more recently I've headed straight to the NARS counter with little more than a side wards glance towards the shiny counterparts.  
So in a recent trip to Sephora there was no exception in honesty I could have spent a lot more money than did as there was just so much I loved alas I restrained myself to two purchases - one of which I want to talk about today :) 

Ladies (and maybe gentlemen) I present NARS SOULSHINE CHEEK PALLETTE: (£35)

NARS market this product as been a cheek Palette which can be used to create a beautifully sculpted look. I'm not entirely convinced it will give you those greatly desired chiseled cheekbones but what it will do is add beautiful colour with a hint of shimmer.  
Soulshine is made up of a barbie esq pink , a darker grape shade and a beautiful apricot shade all completed with a subtle rose shimmer. 


  • Adds a beautiful glow to sunkissed skin and is perfect for evening make up.
  • This palette is 12g whereas the regular NARS blusher is 4.8g - so uno you are getting good value for you're dollar 
  • The apricot shade is absolutely beautiful , it gives such a nice pinch of colour whilst highlighting the cheeks. 
  • Now personally I don't see many cons in this bad boy but I can see that it's defiantly more suited to darker skin tones but never fear if you are light handed when applying you can still control the amount of product you are applying. 

You can pick this pretty little palette up for a limited time only from Space NK


Monday, 26 August 2013

Honey I'm home ...

So this week has been a  little stressful in the least, Wednesday saw me land in the UK after spending 2 of the best months of my life in Canada to then moving into a cute little cottage in Lincoln. So it's safe to say that the blog has been incredibly neglected for a number of reasons - 
1) I simply didn't get the chance or strong enough WI-FI in Canada 
2) Secondly I wasn't really buying anything worth blogging about  until my last week in Toronto
With that out of the way I send my apologies and have a new notepad packed full of new posts to upload in the next few weeks of so :) 
If you have stumbled across Feed the sharks before you will know that I spent 2 months in Canada working at a summer camp. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life (CHEESY EY?) yes I missed my friends and family but in return I met some amazing people, had an opportunities to do activities I've not done in years and Canada truly is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been too. 
I'm going to do a more detailed post about Canada in a few days for now I just wanted to update you all about my absence.