Sunday, 23 February 2014

Things to put a smile on you're face...

Apologies that there's been nothing to read over on feed the sharks this past week, I've been ill with flu and in bed since last Sunday and I only started to properly human again yesterday . I'm still feeling a little poop but well enough to get back into the swing of things :)

I thought I'd do this little post because when you're feeling a little poop sometimes you need certain things to put a smile on you're face and add a teeny bit more colour . Although you could also see these bits and pieces as a welcome into spring- which seems to be edging out from behind all that rain and wind.

Reads-  Theres some cracking beauty reads out for Febuary/March and I do love just curling up with a magazine or my ipad to keep up with the latest trends and new realises, it's a lovely way to unwind and put a smile on you're face. I can't wait to read this month's Allure as I'm a big fan  of Victoria Beckham. I'm also a huge fan of the Times styles magazine which contains a nice mix of fashion and beauty. If nothing else the Mrs Mills column always make me chuckle.

Body bits -   One way to make a nice big smile on you're face is to indulge in a nice hot bath with plenty of bubbles.  I love this organic surge lavender foaming bath  it's just so comforting,relaxing and all worry's drain away down the plughole after using this and you can guarantee you'll feel ready to dose off.
Another favourite is the Clarins Liquid bronze which is a welcome addtion to my evening skincare routine as it perks up a dull complextion and adds the nicest glow to the skin. Just pop it on as the last step in you're routine and you'll wake up with a slight hint of tan.
The Body shop always deliver beautiful smelling products and the satsuma body mist is no exception. This zingy fragrance is great for an everyday scent and just puts a huge smile on my face it's so fresh and makes me think of summer. The smell doesn't last a particularly long time but it's not too expensive so I don't feel too bad topping up.

and the make-up-   Another secret weapon for adding a touch of colour to the cheeks is the balm frat boy blush.  There's just something about this peachy coral pink blush that just makes the cheeks pop. It's not too much it's just nice and subtle and is perfect when you just want a no fuss hint of colour. I really want to try some more bits from the balm.

So while I was ill in bed my nails were definetly feeling a little unloved , I couldn't be bothered to even take off my old scabby polish so painting was a definte no no . Now I'm better I just wanted a super bright cheerful colour that takes me back to summer so I went for the Barry M gelly nail paint in the shade greenberry. This bright turquoise green shade is so pretty and I really love the formula of these quick drying nail paints. It's just one of those shades that you look at and smile.

My final make up pick is the Korres lip butter in pomegranate . These little lip balms are fab when you want hydration on the lips whilst still having a little bit of a non fuss colour. Perfect for popping in you're handbag .

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