Sunday, 9 February 2014

The lifestyle post #2// Cake,silly selfies & a trip to the 'carribean'

This week we went down to my Boyfriend's parents house because his mumma hasn't been feeling too great and it's always nice to catch up with family and the pet rabbit montie...
We were really naughty and ate out rather a lot this week but you know I was so glad because we visited some cute cafes and an amazing restaurant.

#1) Montie helping me with my human rights reading and wondering if animal rights will be covered.

#2 & #4)  Lunch at ARtea room on Wakefield farm was lovely. This cute little shop was filled to the rafters with cute little trinkets and an arrangement of different teas (and each hot drink came with a jammy dodger what more can you ask for? )  On the farm there was also a lovely little farm shop selling pies,bread,cheeses and vegetables with this cute little bike outside.

#3)  Do they put the tags in the middle so you can't take selfies?

#5)  And finally the piere de resistance ! we fancied something a little bit different for lunch and this little restaurant caught our eye. Now a while ago we'd been to Turtlebay (milton keynes)  for cocktails and eyed the menu with hungry eyes but then forgot about this little gem until Friday afternoon.
This is a chain restaurant but it feels warm,friendly and intimate and the carribean food is beautiful. We sat on a cosy picnic bench and took in the aroma of jerk chicken. I'm talking a lot about the food but the drinks aren't too bad either. Now I'm not the biggest chillie eater but I couldn't help but dig into this carribean delight it was super!!
The staff were all really friendly and to my delight I discovered there is a turtle bay restaurant in Nottingham - It is an hour away but a trip I'm more than happy to take.
If you spot one of these restaurant's I'd definatly recommend heading in and picking up a carribean curry like the one in the above picture .
Sorry this turned into a rave about the restuarant but I really just enjoyed it , I've not enjoyed a restuarnt that much in a little while  :)

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