Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Battle of the body butters

Body butters are something that I never used to give too much thought to as long as it moisturised my scally bits and smelt nice I was generally happy . For this reason I tended to stick to the Body shop and Soap&Glory offerings . 
These offerings provided me all the moisture I needed and I was a happy bunny , however before Christmas I was having a nosy in the Nottingham branch of Khiels and decided to pick up there infamous Creme de corps which as beautiful as it is certainly isn't the cheapest . 
My appetite for more luxurious body butter's was wetted and when I saw this Laura Mercier fresh fig offering in the January sales I had to pick it up . 
Last night I was doing some thinking in the bath(doesn't everybody think about beauty related things in the bath?) about whether paying extra for a body butter is worth it ? 

Considering theres a £14 difference between the two there's not a lot in it to determine which is better. 
The texture is very similar I'd probably say the Laura Mercier one is a little lighter in texture and absorbs a little quicker than the Body Shop's offering . However saying that it's so much easier to get the Body Shop butter out of the tub. They both smell gorgeous I'd maybe say I prefer the sweet fresh fig but that's personal and nothing to do with the price. They both also do what it says on the tin and provide rich hydration and soothe the skin. 
So is it worth paying the extra doller for a body butter? 
Honestly probably not It's a luxuary to be smothering yourself in the more expensive option so for the odd treat I'd happily plump for the Laura Mercier or Khiels butters but for everyday I'll probably just stick with the cheaper options. After all the Body Shops butters have been bestsellers for 20 years so they must be doing something right.

The Body shop butter - £12.50 (200ml)

What do you think is it worth paying a little extra when it comes to body butters? 

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