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Judy's affordable vintage fair

Vintage certainly isn't going anywere fast it just seems to go from strength to strength and this can be seen through a number of fairs popping up throughout the country.
Judy's affordable vintage fairs tour up and down the country bringing something new to each town everytime it pays a welcome visit.
These fairs were set up by ex-Selfridges personal shopper Judy Berger in 2005 as she "had nothing to wear!"(many a project must be based upon these words)
Just before the fair came to Lincoln(on the 15th of Febuary) I was lucky enough to interview the Emily Hughes the brand and event manager for Judy's affordable Vintage fair and thought I'd share it with you lovely bunch especially as she provides some great tips.

For those who may not be aware of Judy's Affordable Vintage fair could you give a little background to the event? 
Founded through love,lust and a little frustration, "I had nothing to wear!" declares founder Judy Berger "and vintage was through the roof!"  The Affordable Vintage fair was born in 2005 and started in London. The mantra of Judy's has always been to host fairs filled to the rafters with the most affordable vintage in the land.

The event started in 2005 and is still going strong eight years on. What makes it so popular? 
Vintage has gone from strength to strength since Judy started the company back in 2005. The formula of affordable vintage,great venues,fabulous traders and a loyal fan base means our events just keep getting better. There's lots 'vintage inspired' fashion on the high streets at the moment too, at our events you can pick up the genuine article at a snip of the price.
Photograph courtesy of Judy's Affordable Vintage fair

Photograph courtesy of Judy's affordable vintage fair

Having attended a number of the fairs myself it is clear to see that they have a wide appeal why do you think this is? 
The beauty about these fairs is the wide demongraphic they do attract. You've got the true vintage lovers who wear vintage everyday to thrifty and fashionable students who are out to get themselves a bargain. I love seeing older customers too who get very nostalgic when they come to fairs(they saw it the first time round)!

Why did you decide to have a fair Lincoln? 
Lincoln was a no-brainer for us! It's got such a thriving student commuinity and some fantastic vintage shops already with lots of true vintage fans. The thing about our events that Lincoln love is the variety of traders in once place(it's like a treasure trove) 

Do you have any tips on how to make the most of the vintage fairs and bag a bargain? 
1. Come with an open mind - why not try an era you've never dared to try before! Are you a 1950's fan- why not try a 60's look this season?
2.Bring friends- why not pick outfits for each other , you may suprise yourself and have a good laugh too.
3.Keep your eye out for a bargain- with £10 rails ,bargain boxes and plenty of affordable vintage offers this is the perfect time to grab yourself an absolute bargain. Have a good rummage too, you don't want to miss out on any vintage treasure.
4. Ask traders advice- If you are looking for something in particular then ask on of the traders. They are really knowledgeable about vintage fashion and give great style advice.
5.HAVE FUN!!! - get stuck in , shop till you drop and chill out at our vintage tea party.

Finally what has been your best vintage purchase? 
Wow, I've never been asked that before funnily enough. I snapped up an amazing burgundy box bag at our Leeds event back in October and it was only £7- I get compliments about it all the time! (me- I must admit I love the colour and style of this bag - perfect for travelling in style. Below is the bag Emily talks about)

So there you have it I hope that's wetted your appetite for some vintage shopping and even if your not a huge vinatge fan I'd really advise checking out one of these fairs because they are a treasure trove of hidden gems and if anything else there's loads of yummy cake at the tea parties. I picked up a really cool pair of black leather shorts last time I went to this fair. Unfortuantely I couldn't go on the 15th because of the stupid flu (I was genuinelly gutted) but I still wanted to share this with you all anyway .

Click here to see if there's a fair coming to a town near you!

I'd just like to say another big thank you to Emily for answering my questions and providing the photographs :)

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