Friday, 7 February 2014

Morning skincare routine

I don't know what it is about skincare posts but I love them! I'm really nosy and find it so interesting to see what people use and why they use these things. I also think looking at other peoples routines are really great because skincare isn't cheap and it gives a little insight into what other people are enjoying.
So here's a little run through of what's gracing my face in the morning...

Cleanser-  I'm not going to lie but sometimes I 'forget' to wash my face in the morning, I know I know bad bridgey. I picked up the Burts Bee's soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream  way back in Canada and just carried on using it. It smells like lemonade so it's really refreshing in the morning and gently removes all the dirt and grime. As it's a cream cleanser its very nourishing. If I'm short on time I'll just use a swipe of micellar water at the momment it's the Garnier one.
For toner I use the Neals Yard Nourishing orange flower toner  which is nice and refereshing but it also adds a nice dose of  moisture.  The blue bottles rather pretty too .

Moisturiser-   when it comes to morning moisturiser I'm a little bit of a floozy and tend to alternate depending on my mood and how my skins feeling. At the momment I'm using the Nude radiant day moisturiser , Clarins Daily Energizer cream and the Body shop Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream. You may notice a pattern? they all claim to give radient skin. 

Treatments -  Ahh you'll see that good old hydraluron makes an appearance, I love popping this on my skin in the morning and you know it's true that you can tell when you stop using it. I did a little review a while ago here. I've been trying the Ole Henrikson truth serum collagen booster but if I'm honest I'm not 100% keen on it yet but I'll let you know how we get on.  Finally it's not strictly a treatment but I'm trying to be a bit better with my SPF so I've been slapping on the Clinique city block in SPF 25.  This is one of my favourite facial suncreams as it glides on whilst giving a nice glow to skin. It can aslo be used as a bit of a primer before applying foundation or simply worn alone.

Lips and eyes-   At 22 wrinkles aren't too much of a concern yet so in an eye cream I tend to look for something that hydrates the delicate under eye area. My current go to eye cream is the Khiels creamy eye treatment with avocado  which is very hydrating and has the wierdest texture (Review will be up soon). Sometimes I'll use the Emma Hardie amazing face natural lift and sculpt firming eye serum . For lips I use the lovely Nuxe reve de miel  ready for whatever lip products I decide to use that day. 

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