Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Question// Are high end lip balms worth it?

If anyone had asked me two years ago to pay more than £2 on a lip balm I'd say you were mad and yet more often than not I end up paying around the £10 mark for a nourishing treat. This got me wondering are more high end lip balms worth it?

So a bit of a back story - I get really dry scabby lips all year round to the point were they will hurt (a little gross). Personally I just found that cheaper lip balms were just sitting on top of my lips and although they gave a lovely gloss it just wasn't working.
I'd heard a lot about the Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm and never looked back .

Lanolin lip balms - 
These lip balms tend to be thick,long lasting and help shield against cold weather. Lanolin lip balms contain Lanolin which is made from sheeps wool and is one of natures wonder skincare ingridients, it can also hold over 200% of it's own weight of water which makes it perfect for maintaing .
I find these lipbalms are perfect for winter because they really absorb into the lips , there also rather good when you're nose is a little red and snotty.
Favourites - Lanolips 101 Ointment £10.99
                - Khiel's lip balm #1 £9.50 
                - Dr.Lipp Original nipple balm for lips £11

My Holy grial - Nuxe reve de miel  £9.50 
I love this repairing lip balm, it really comforts dry sore lips . Containing lovely ingridients like honey and shea butter this is delightful and it smells a little bit like a chocolate orange what more can you ask for? This can be a lovely night time treat but it's also the perfect lipbalm to wear under lipstick as it is a matte lip balm. Not only is this my holy grial but my family are always asking for a swipe.

The non lip balm lip balm - L'Occitane Shea butter £10.00
This isn't marketed as a lip balm but it is just so nourishing and hydrating . I usually have this in my handbag as it's such a great multi-purpose product that gives any dry patches a little bit of extra lovin.

For me I think I love the more high end lip balms because they do tend to lock in the moisture and sink into the lips rather than simply sit on top.I find that the cheaper ones tend to only temporily help my lips.  They tend to use more natural ingridients and they don't contain as many things that I can't even pronounce.
Saying that I'm not ready to part my cash quite yet over the By Terry Baume de Rose .
And if you prefer something a little more budget friendly then I'd recommend Burts Bee's, Carmex and Blistex  

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