Monday, 25 August 2014

Lifestyle || what's in my gym wash bag

This may seem like a bit of an odd boring post but I love to see what's in people's bags(mainly to check its not just me bringing everything but the kitchen sink) and their gym bags. 
It's probably just that I'm a bit nosy but isn't everyone to some extent? 
I tend to grab make up if it seems necessary but there are a few bits that I just leave in my gym bag because well I need them .... that sounded silly even as I typed it. 

At the moment I'm using the Emma Hardie wash bag that featured in this post, it's the perfect size for popping in all my gym goodies.
Firstly I always take along a deodorant because well nobody wants to be smelly all day after a good workout. I really love the Mitchum roll on deodorants because they just seem to do the job and smell lovely too.
Continuing on the smelly front I also have a shower gel handy and my favourite has to be Lush Happy Hippy shower gel . The fresh zesty scent is perfect for beating a gym slog and it can be used on your hair too.
But I do like to have a shampoo and conditioner just in case this just tends to be whatever mini's I have around they just so happen to be the Soap and Glory good hair day ones. To be honest I'm not 100% sold on these.
For my hair I also have the Bumble and Bumble surf spray , this is great because it helps hair look sexy and effortless without having to spend ages blow drying hair. Perfect for when your in a hurry.
I always like to have a face wash in my bag because after a tough work out my skin tends to feel a bit gross and tight. I  just have the Kiehl's Ultra facial cleanser mini because well it's just my favourite. With this it's also handy to have a facial and body moisturizer to keep everything hydrated.
Last but not least my trusty Tiger balm red ointment which i just perfect for any aches and pains.
I get a bit of a dodgy shoulder and I find that rubbing a bit of this on eases the pain.
 It smells a lot nicer than deep heat and only the smallest amount is needed.

So there we have it a few little bits that I take along to the gym with me

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beauty|| Sephora travel brush set

It feels a little unfair showing you this little steal from Sephora because as you probably all know we don't have it in the UK. I simply can't understand this and if someone would shed some light I'd be grateful. 
However if you're heading to anywhere with a Sephora or if you're thinking of placing a cheeky American order then I urge you to check out this mini travel brush set.

I'm a huge fan of the Sephora own brand,especially the brushes-they tend to be soft and sturdy for an oh so reasonable price. 
What's really nice about this set is you've got all bases covered and I really love the pink and black theme. It just adds a nice touch. There also perfectly sized for chucking in your handbag,travel bag or car.

In the set you get ....

Powder brush - Loose/compact powder + blush 
This is a really nice big fluffy brush which will be just perfect for powder. 
However I think it will also be great for swirling in bronzer and applying to the face and body.
They do suggest using this for blush but personally I prefer something a little more smaller but hey that's cos I'm not a big blush fan.

Sponge tip shadow applicator 
 I'm not really going to dwell on this brush because for me I find them to be a little naff but if you like using sponge applicator it seems nice enough.

Medium shadow brush and small shadow brush 
 These are both really good quality brushes and will both be great for their intended use.
The medium one is a great size for packing on shadow all over the eye and is as good as some of the more expensive brushes I own. 
The smaller brush is still great as a liner brush but for me where it shines is as a concealer

Brow comb 
And finally is a brow comb- nothing too fancy pants just a nice simple brow comb and who doesn't need that. 

This might not be the most exciting brush set but it very simple and very effective. 
Unfortunately I can't find a link for this exact set but I don't think it was more than 20 euros or maybe a little less. 
You can find similar here 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Beauty || Facial SPF's

Apologies for the slightly sporadic posts this week I am on holiday in sunny Spain and you know how it is you get carried away with sun,sea & sand that everything else seems like a chore. 
Which then leads me onto my post which is all about  my top facial SPF's.
Now I'm just going to chuck it out there that I'm not the best at remembering when to put SPF on and yes I did burn myself on the first day. BUT I do try my hardest to use a facial SPF daily rather than just relying on my foundation. 
Let's get a cracking. 

1) Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25
This is the SPF that I tend to use in the UK as it layers up really well and works well as a primer or as a base product. 
It's very light on the skin, blends in beautifully and doesn't leave a nasty greasy film on the face. 
Whats great about this SPF is that it's skin toned so you never have that horrid white face affect that just wont rub in. 
This is also a great product for those of us who have slightly more sensitive skin. 
Not only does City block protect from harmful sun rays but it also protects your face from environmental pollution. 
You only need a small amount which means that the tube tends to last a while . 
I have the SPF 25 but you can also pick up the Super city block in factor 40. 

2) Bioderma Photoderm AKN mat - Matifying fluid SPF 30 
This is the one that I tend to reserve for holiday's and the summer because a)it's a slightly higher factor and b) it's a little thicker on the skin- more like a traditional sun cream. 
However saying that it does still rub in rather well you aren't going to be left with a white face tanned body situation. 
Now time to get a little gross but we all know that in a hot country were bound to get a little sweaty and lets admit we don't want our faces to look any oiler. 
This is why this SPF is great it's mattifying! It's rather very clever actually it regulates the seabum which then improves the quality of seabum which reduces spots. (I'm not explaining this well but here is a better explanation 
Available from Escentual 

3) A decent SPF Lip balm.

And of course lets not forget lips I use a super budget lip balm that can be picked up any where from Boots to Asda. 
At the minute Garnier Sun protection lip balm in factor 20 is working just fine. 

Do you have any recommendations?