Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A different kind of beauty box

So I've had a subscriptions to both Glossybox and Birchbox(formally Joliebox) and cancelled because I felt I was wasting my dollar and the products simply weren't 'luxury'  - I was well and truely sworn off beauty boxes. However this one off Summer box caught my eye and I quickly snapped it up . Priced at £25 this Summer Selfridges box is perfect for those long summer days on the beach or for hazy evenings.  So I hear you cry out what's in the box?!?! 

First up is the AQUA Splash which is a much more water friendly version of the infamous tangle teezer.  The aqua splash is hallowed out and stands upright which allows water to drain quickly , this therefore makes it better suited for showering,swimming and the beach .  My only worry with the aqua splash is that it's a little chunky and may be a little more difficult to hold - I'm sure it will be fine though. 
I think this is what really drew me towards this box as I've been dying to try. Now I don't have a great track record with surf sprays so I didn't want to pay for the Bumble and bumble version if I didn't like it or it didn't work. I am really very excited to try this having heard such great reviews. 
These are in such pretty colours and will make a lovely addition to any hairstyle.  That's about it really what can I say about hair clips?

I really do love Molton Brown so this is a great addition. It smells delicious and is said to help prevent moisture loss often found in the summer months. I will certainly be taking this along to Canada with me .
Two tanning products is always going to please me(although at the minute I look like Casper) . St Tropez is a brand I love and use on a regular basis so I know I'll love the glow lotion. Lancaster however is a brand I've only ever really seen in France so I haven't used it before but I am very excited by an after sun which will  prolong your tan.
Not my kind of colour but maybe on the tootsies however I think I would have named it highlighter pink.

I've seen this about in Space NK and not really battered an eyelash but after reading the packaging I am rather interested. It claims to be '5 in 1 , total sheer, make-up-care cream 'baby skin' effect' intrigued? On first glance this BB cream is interesting because it's rather dark in comparison to other BB creams I've tried so I'll let you know how I get on.
Does this really need any introduction? I think not . I find it really does refresh the skin, clears up any blemishes and my skin simply drinks it all up. I do have one big gripe... the smell I just don't know if I like it :S

Sunday, 26 May 2013

MAC - Sunny Seoul

MAC Sunny Seoul £14.00

When I recently took a trip up to Newcastle I had two shops on my mind Space NK and MAC (Yes I was meant to be going Canada shopping but hey ) . From MAC I wanted to pick up a new pink lipstick and although I had a list of what I fancied  however I completely went of track n purchased this beauty instead.

Sunny Seoul is in the creamsheen+ Pearl formula - these lipstick finishes are combined with crushed pearls to give a high shine glossy finish- Perfect for summer!
Sunny Seoul isn't a bright in your face pink, instead it gives a pop of colour - more a wash of pink . This is the perfect shade for me as I find Pinks a little intimidating - give me a red or coral any day
The one thing I absolutly love about MAC lipsticks is the sweet vanilla artificial smell it just makes the product a delight to wear ! does anyone else agree? 

I apologize I haven't got the hang of lip photo's yet !

Saturday, 25 May 2013

This week #5

Last week I didn't do a weekly round up because if I'm honest it wouldn't be worth writing about- I worked and slept pretty much ! I don't mind this so much I like seeing my friends at work and sleeping is always fun just not to write about.  This week has been a little more enjoyable - I do seem to be drinking a lot of tea however !

Product of the week-  

I recently purchases the Clarins creamy cleanser and it's been a pleasure to use so far . Wouldn't say I love it as much as the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm but it's certainly a close contender. 

Best read-

I'm still reading the hundred year old man which I'm really enjoying, but I've also enjoyed catching up with the blogs I love following. 

Listening to/watching- 

I've still not seen Gatsby :( I really am very sad about this.

Top 5 of the week- 

1. After one of my friends telling me she was slightly worried that I hadn't purchased anything for Canada, I went on a little spree and I think I'm nearly fully stocked up now. I might do a travel essentials post next weekend. 

2.  I was re-united with one of my best friends who is studying in Edinburgh. We had a lovely day of burgers,culture, Tea and cake.  What more can a girl want? 

3.   I also had a trip up to Newcastle with another bestie , which was fab ! I got stressed in boots about miniatures, purchased a lovely new mac lippy, introduced Stella to Space NK , and drank lots of tea ! Fenwicks currently have a pop up tea shed cute eh? 

4.  James and I planned a little holiday to Scotland when I get back to England. We wanted some were hotter but unfortunately  were saving for a house so Scotland it is. I'm still really excited as I have a few tricks up my sleeve :) 

5. And finally I'm seeing Beyonce a week today !!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Top ten - Tools

So I have decided to do a little series of products featuring some of my favourite products,tools,foods and bakes. I don't know if this will work but hey we'll never know if we don't give it a go yer?
Today I thought we'd focus on some of my favourite tools be it brushes,hair or body  theres a mix of it all for today's post  :)

1.Real Techniques buffing brush : (£21.00 from Boots)
I am constantly recommending the real techniques brushes to my friends and family because they are a) cost effective and b) work fantastically. Words cannot express my love for this brush I use it every day without fail - it just allows you to blend the make up to blend flawlessly.I also find it applies the right amount of product and gives a great distribution   My only problem is that you can only pick this brush up in the core collection but at £20 it's still perfect !
2. Tangle teezer : (£10 from Space NK)
A brush which splits the crowd some love it , some don't. Personally I fell in love with this little brush as soon as my hairdresser used it - I didn't feel like crying after she used it , always a plus. My hair tangles so easily it's unreal I often find lumps of tat's and own numerous bottles of L'oreal kids detangling spray and this brush just makes the whole process a whole lot easier.
3. Real techniques stippling brush :(£11.99 from Boots
Another hit from Real techniques did I mention how much I love these brushes?  I find this particularly good at blending cream blushers,highlighters and bronzers but I do know that some people use it for foundation. I will warn you that this brush does require a little extra time and care.
4. Flannel: (£10 from Space NK) There seems a sudden rise in love for the flannel whether it's a muslin cloth, Primark flannel or a more expensive pick , I have em all. Now personally I prefer these Emma Hardie clothes as one side is slightly more abrasive and both sides serve a different purpose. It just feels that you are really giving the face a good clean with a flannel. 

5.Eyelash curlers : Now ladies I don't think I really need to talk too much about the benefits in which a good pair of  curlers can bring .
6.Denman dressing out brush: ( £4.29 from Boots)  Again another hair brush but for a different purpose - odd in the sense that it creates knots in order to back comb the hair. A great brush for under a fiver that I find essential for creating volume.
7. Urban decay brush (from Naked palette 2) I'd love to say that this brush is readily available - it isn't as it is part of the Naked Palette 2 . I just love the fact that it has a flat brush and a blending brush all in one which means it is the ideal travel brush. I'm always a little skeptical about brushes that come with products but I actually really love this one.
8. Body brush:(£6.00 from Boots) Perfect as Bikini season slowly emerges. Body brushing is a quick and easy way of riding the body of toxins. Doing regular body brushing can help loose pounds, boost circulation and the immune system . I just find this little brush is perfect you don't need to spend a lot to body brush. 
9.Real Techniques contour brush (£20 again from the Core collection) Another member of the core collection , it's not a tapered brush but I still find it works really well for contouring and applying bronzer.
10. Clarins spatula Finally a daft little tool that for some may seem silly and irrelevant. Yet I find it an incredibly handy little tool- you can use it instead of sticking your fingers in the pot ( no innuendo intended!) Additionally it's always handy to have a spatula near by for de-potting products into travel pots and what not.

So there we have it my top ten tools , hope you enjoyed this little piece. I think next week I'll do top ten lipsticks (if I can choose ten) . Lemme know your favourite tools and what you thought of this post .

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Brand in the spotlight - Clarins part 1

Clarins is a brand which has been around for quite some time now but for me I've always seen it as a bit of an oldie brand - that was until the past year or so when I have been leaning towards Clarins for Tanning products and skincare bits . With this I thought I'd share my love for the brand and what I've been using recently !  

A Few quick facts : 
  • Created in 1954 by Masseur Jacques Courtin who believed that a women's happiness was intrinsically linked to beauty. 
  • 1987 saw the company to be the first French company to abandon testing on animals and by 1991 all ingredients of animal origin had been completely abandoned.  
  • When I was having a spy on the Clarins website I came across this page The Courtin Arthritis foundation which aims to promote research into the most severe cases of arthritis. Clarins also support dynamic women. 

Skincare - 
First up is the Clarins Extra- comfort cleansing cream(£25 for 200ml) which I picked up after my Emma Hardie cleansing balm ran out and after reading Caroline Hirons review .  Although I love love the Emma Hardie balm I fancied something a little lighter for summer especially as I'm away in a hotter country for two months. This is certainly a lot creamier and doesn't remove make up as well as the balm but it does leave the skin feeling soft and clean .  Another Cleanser is the Water comfort One-step cleanser (£19.50 for 200ml) which smells divine and is a lovely cleanser for freshening up so I tend to chuck it in my gym bag or after work. Next up is the Daily Energizer cream(£21 for 30ml)  which is recommended for those of us in our 20's who don't really require anti-aging but still want to retain moisture and radiance - so far so good . Lastly of the skincare front we have the Clarins Beauty Flash balm (£29 for 50ml) this claims to be the perfect pick me up for tired and stressed skin which is ideal for me. It retains the radiance of skin, tightens and smooths making a better surface for make- up application. I find when I apply this my make up tends to last longer and just looks a little more polished . 

Now I feel that this has become a rather long post so I'm going to leave it on the skincare aspects and do Part 2 next week which will be all about Clarins tanning products. 
Bye for now and have a lovely rest of the day ! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The 5 product, 5 minute face ...

So recently I've been working non- stop a mixture of early mornings and split shifts make me grumpy and leave me longing for an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than doing my face. With that I've been reaching for 5 products that will leave me looking a little more human than zombie in 5 minutes or so. These are just the products I use of course it will be different for everyone. 

Dr Jart + water fuse BB cream:  This is great for in the morning because it gives a subtle glow to the skin whilst covering a multitude of sins. You don't necessarily need any concealer which is also great as it cuts out another process(note: I do still need a corrector)  I really like that this BB cream has advanced water bead technology which helps to keep the skin hydrated , dewy and healthy - no one will ever know how little sleep you have had.
Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer(warm ivory):  I'm hitting pan on this ( isn't it always the case that everything starts to go when you are saving) but it is really great at covering any dark circles.  I tend to warm it between my fingers and pat under the eyes and were ready to go.
Chanel Les beiges No 30 :  In the morning I tend just to use a bronzer to give colour to the skin with a touch of contouring. It's a toss up between Nars Laguna and this bad boy but as the Chanel is new I'm tending to reach for it. I find that for the morning this gives more of a subtle colour and just suits my skin a little better.
YSL Volume effect faux cils and No 7 eyelash curlers:    This mascara just opens the eyes beautifully and the lashes don't clump together too much - one coat and were good. I do think it's good to curl the lashes in the morning (if you can be bothered)  because it just adds to the wide eyed look. 
Korres Pomegranate lip butter:  I'm a little bit weird in the sense that I don't like the colour of my lips without anything on them but I can't be bothered with lipstick so I just pop some of this on for a teeny bit of colour but it's still really nourishing. The colour is a coral pink which sits very pretty.  


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Three is a magic number

When it comes to face masks three is the magic number. This method of applying fcae masks is popular with the likes of Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup and skincare guru Caroline Hirons( who's blog is a must if you are a lover of a good skincare routine) .  'the triple threat facial' is time consuming but it feels amazing, relaxing and really targets a number of areas rather than attacking one specific issue. Tools are also essential to this process - my tools of choice an old flat foundation brush and a flannel from Primarni.

Step one :  A clay mask 
For step one I don't use anything particularly fancy but it works beautifully and is readily available .  I use Neutrogena's visibly clear 2-in-1(£3.50) as a mask as it unclog's the pores and deep cleans the face...PERFECT!!  I leave this one for about ten minutes to let it really do it's thing and so that all the grime and crap comes away. 

Step two: The exfoliating mask
Clinique turnaround instant facial masque(£30) claims to turn back the years whilst microdermabrasion works to reveal the radiance , smoothness and tone. Now I'm not sure I look more youthful after using this but the skin certainly does look smoother and has that glow we are all lusting after. This mask smells delightful and uno it really does help remove those last traces of dirt.  Yes this is an expensive buy but I'm a believer that you should spend money on your skin . Just a little note DO NOT get this in your eye it will hurt and you will cry.

Step three: The Hydrating overnight mask
If you are a regular beauty blog reader you will have heard of the Origins drink up-intensive mask (£20) as basically it is a dream - smells like peaches and leaves the skin glowing and hydrated. You simply slap this on before bed and leave it to do it's 'thang'. It's also perfect when your feeling a little worse for wear , hungover or generally need a perk ( James has been known to pat this on of a night).  I honestly don't think I'll ever stop re-purchasing this bad boy. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When life gives you lemons ... bake a cake?

So initially this blog was meant to be more focused around baking however I just haven't felt like baking recently and find writing about beauty a whole lot easier . However this has all changed be it because of spying all the beautiful pastries in Paris or that I generally have more time to chill in the 'kitch'.
Today after work I decided to bake a lemon and White chocolate tray bake - I warn you now it's not the most glamorous cake nor does it have any fancy decoration but boy does it taste scrummy.


175g Butter
175g Caster sugar
2 unwaxed lemons 
3 eggs
100 S-R flour
74g ground almonds 
100g demerrea sugar 
90g White Chocolate buttons 


1) Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and grease line a brownie tin ( this is your bake you choose ) . Beat together the butter, caster sugar and the zest of 1 lemon. Keep beating until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add the eggs one by one and beat again. 
2) Fold in the flour , followed by the almonds and the buttons. If you feel the mixture is a little too thick add a touch of milk. Spoon into your chosen tin and pop in the oven for 40 minutes. (until a skewer comes out clean) 
3) Mix the juice off both lemons with the demerara sugar , this will give you a lemon syrup. Remove your cake from the oven and allow to cool slightly. When the cake is still slightly warm poke holes into it and pour over the lemony syrup. 
4) Allow to cool. Cut the cake into bite size pieces and tuck in :) - recommended with a good old cuppa tea

Saturday, 11 May 2013

This week #4

Product of the week : 
Need you even ask ? Of course it's going to be Chanel les beiges. 

Read of the week:  
 Book:  Book wise I've just started reading the hundred - year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.  It's not my usual choice but I'm really enjoying it .
Blog: As for blog's I've really enjoyed reading Sophia's post's this week over at Tattooed Tealady. I particularly liked the post about which beauty boxes are worth trying . 

Listening to/watching :
If I'm honest I've not been listening to or watching all that much this week but I  am so excited for the release of the Great Gatsby - the fashion, that soundtrack, the story line and of course LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!

Top 5 of the week : 

1. This week has been spent chillaxing with the fam and friends . Trips to the beach,National trust gardens(for the cake) , ice- cream and take away.

2. My friends and I planned a little trip to Skegness- yes it may noy be the nicest beach but I've never been so hey ho !

3. I couldn't stay away from Lincoln for too long and had an amazing night with my course mates :) It was so nice to have a stress free night .

4. Whilst in Lincoln we called into ribs 'n' bibs . We've been wanting to try this little gem for so long now but every time they've been fully booked ... but boy was it worth the wait.  It's a cosy little american restaurant serving whooping big burgers and succulent ribs .The food was so amazing I was still raving about it the next day .  You know what made the meal that little bit better was that  we were seated opposite a Bruce Springsteen print. Now anywhere that has prints of the Boss is good in my eyes !

5. and on that note...
3 weeks for chime for change
5 1/2 weeks till Bruce Springsteen
6 weeks Canada !! 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Chanel les beiges and my love for Chanel

So I have a funny old relationship with Chanel make up especially the lincoln branch in house of Fraser . Just standing staring at those beautiful interlinking C's makes me feel a little giddy and in this particular branch the staff are so welcoming,patient me the main thing they listen and don't pressure you . I long for some Chanel clothes and handbags but for now I'm more than happy with the make up.
So today I felt like shite (sorry language just how bad i was feeling) and went to my 'safe haven' with one thing on my mind - Chanel les beiges ...

Let me give you some facts about this beautiful bad boy !!!!
1) released in march and sold out within 1 day and its still hard to get your mitts on.
2) it can be used as a foundation,setting powder,bronzer, blusher or contouring - depending on the shade you pick I went for bronzer .
3) it gives a lovely healthy glow which perks up the skin
4) gisele bundchen is the model in the advert
5) packaging is simple and beautiful !!!!

Now this is just a little rant and rave about the way make - up can change the way you feel, it can lift a mood and make you feel that little bit more confident . So even though it may seem daft to some who are we to judge everyone has their quirks right?
With that I'll say Cheerios and will without a doubt be letting you know how I find the Chanel les beiges I think it's going to be allright :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The book - Cupcakes and Cashmere

So this is a little bit of a different post today and it's all about this little book.  Some of you may already be familiar with Emily Schuman and her lifestyle blog Cupcakes and cashmere - if you aren't I urge you to check it out.   I recently purchased the accompanying book ' a guide for defining your style , reinventing your space , and entertaining with ease.'  The book is divided into the four seasons with different beauty picks, fashion tips , re-inventing your personal space and recipes whats not to love? The photography is absolutly beautiful with plenty of handy tips .
My favourite sections include the seasonal beauty splurge VS steal pieces , Winterized beauty and the article all about clever packing (something I always need help with ).  Emily also discusses tips on defining your personal space.

If this sound like your cuppa tea you can pick it up From Amazon here

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get ready with me - girls night out

I don't know about the rest of you but I love getting ready for a night out, a meal, drinks or any occasion really. It's a great excuse for a guilt - free pamper either on your own or with the girlies ( I live with four other girls so it's always fun and you always have some one on hand to judge an outfit- or to borrow something)
With this I thought I'd share my make-up picks and outfit for a girls night out last week .

I wanted everything to be very natural so not to clash with the red lips and I planned on wearing my neon orange top.  So first things first I put my locks into the enrapture heated rollers - I LOVE THESE !!!

BASE - MAC face and body in C2 , Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Warm ivory , NARS laguna for a hint of colour and contouring , Estée Lauder blush in the shade pink kiss. I also used YSL touche éclat to highlight my cheek bones , under eyes and under the brow. Touche éclat is one of those products which really splits a crown but you know for me it's a cult product.

EYES AND THE BROWS BABY -   I used Sin from the Naked palette all over the lid with MAC hand written through the crease.Along both the top and bottom lash lines I used hustle from the Naked palette. As for brows I used MAC wedge just to fill in and add a little more definition.For lashes I used YSL volume effect effect faux cils.

LIPS -  For lips I wanted to try something a little different and used LOOK beauty loud lip liner in the shade cherry bomb with CLINIQUE chubby stick in chunky cherry . I was a little worried this wouldn't look very vibrant and would constantly need re-applying but in fact it worked beautifully .

Make up done I spritzed on some Marc Jacobs daisy eau so fresh  and took the rollers out and got dressed. I wore American Apparel disco pants  and a Topshop neon orange cami with brown wedges and a coral studded clutch . Hope you liked this little get ready with me post I just thought I'd give it a go to be honest !

Monday, 6 May 2013

What's in your make up-bag #3 Anna

So last time I did one of these posts I mentioned the amazing response from other bloggers interested in showing us all whats inside their make up makes. Well the lovely Anna from and this little piggy beauty - cute name eh? sent me a number of pictures so we can all have a cheeky peek !

Just a little bit about Anna and her blog -
From the chat's I've had with her so far I can tell shes a lovely lady with her blog featuring travel , fashion and beauty and how can you not love a girl who has J.R.R Tolkien in the background to her photographs :)

I must say I do really love these little Cath Kidston bags 

So What is in Anna's make up bag ? 

Both the bags are from Cath Kidston as previously mentioned
Brush wise -  Bareminerals Full Contour Shadow Brush, MAC 234 Brush, Sigma E75, Sigma F75, Models Own Powder Brush, Elf Contour Brush, Sigma F80.
Lips-  Rimmel Nude Delight, Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya, NYX Lipgloss in Beautiful, No7 BB Lips in Blink Pink and Yes To Carrots Lipbalm in Berry
Eye shadow's Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked and Benefit Brows A Go Go Kit
Eyeliners and mascaras: Natural Collection Brow Gel, L'Oreal Volume Milion Lashes, Maybelline Master Precise, Benefit Badgal Eyeliner.
Cheek products :NARS Laguna Bronzer, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, NYX Blush in Taupe.
Face products : Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Benefit Lemon Aid, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer.  

So yet again I am left in the position where I am lusting after even more beauty products especially the No7 BB lip glosses and after a chat with Anna I have decided to pop into Boots tomorrow. Maybe this what's in your make up bag wasn't such a good idea after all? especially as i'm meant to be saving OPPS!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My summer in Canada #1

The baking bits may seem a little random but it will all become clear soon :) 

Now you have probably seen me mention in passing that this summer I will be spending two months in Canada however you may not know why.  So I thought you know I think I'll do a series of posts about Canada - what I'm doing , why I'm doing it and a peek into what I'm doing when I'm there :)  I also wanted to do this little series because well it's a fantastic experience and a lot of people have asked me how I got involved. I might try and get my best friend to do a post about her feelings towards the camp in the next few weeks.

What am I doing over there? 
So I am flying out on the 20th of June to be the head of a culinary arts program in a children's camp (similar to Camp America) . In this position I will be showing both boys and girls aged between 7-16 the joys of cooking and the benefits it can bring in a fun environment . I am so excited to start yet I am feeling more and more nervous as the time draws nearer.  I am however very lucky that the camp directors are great and my best friend is also doing Camp Canada and shes only half an hour away from me.

How did I get involved? 
So I was initially considering doing Camp America until my Auntie told me all about Camp Canada. I'd always wanted to go to Canada so this seemed an obvious choice and with this I rushed home to complete the application with a spring in my step.  I was invited to go to a job fair run by NYQUEST and a number of Camps and was offered a job. Cue a very excited Bridgey !! I will say it isn't quite that simple there are a lot of application forms to fill in as they want dedicated people but honestly they are the most supportive helpful people I have ever met. The guys at NYQUEST have honestly made the nerves of living abroad subside somewhat.

So I am asked why I am doing this all the time and in honesty I have always wanted to travel . This seemed an amazing opportunity in which I can share my passion for food, make new friends , build confidence and travel . It's something different and exciting and you I just cannot wait ! Yes it's going to be difficult being aware from James, my friends and family but hopefully it will be worth it :)

Unfortunately applications for Summer 2013 are now closed but if this sounds apealing to you definatly check out http://www.go-nyquest.com/programs.html

*P.s all these views are my own and are no way influenced by anyone else.

NUXE - The essentials

L-R Micellar Cleansing water, Youth and radiance revealing fluid,Huile Prodigieuse , Reve de Miel hand and nail cream and Fondant shower gel

Now I am a huge fan of Nuxe I really like the brand and what they stand for but like all of us I like to try things before committing to the full size. No body wants to spend £10 upwards on something and then hate it. With this I was on the look out for this little set in Paris as it's a little different to the one sold in England and is a little cheaper with the euro . 

Eau démaquillante Micellaire : Micellar cleansing water with rose petals -  Ahhh Micellar water's are popping up here there and everywhere and although I would never use them to take my whole face off they are incredibly handy as a refresher , after a few bevy's or for me after a late finish at work.   This one isn't as good at removing make up as say bioderma but it does smell lovely not at all like old people. 

Nuxellence Jeunesse: Youth and Radiance revealing fluid -  Out of this set this is the one product I'm a bit iffy about - it claims that within the first use you will notice the difference  a result I did not notice. However I will keep going with it and keep you updated. 

Huile Prodigieuse : Multi - Purpose dry oil face body and hair -  You have probably already heard of this little wonder oil that can be used on the body , face or hair. Personally as the weather heats up I like to use an oil on the ends of my hair in order to lock in moisture. This little oil smells beautiful and I will most certainly be purchasing the full size! 

Reve de miel hand and nail cream -  For me there is a teeny problem  with this hand cream and that is that it smells nothing like the reve de miel lip balm .  However it does still smell yummy with a hint of coconut. Theres not a lot to say about this little tube at the end of the day it's a hand cream which is great for popping in your travel or hand bag. 

Fondant shower gel with almond and orange flower petals -  This is another re-purchase yes it's a shower gel and yes it is that great !  It smells delicious which is a definite bonus for a shower gel . Theres just something about this gel it's  soap free which allows the product to foam rather than  create suds - this then means the skin is left much softer rather than drying which is sometimes the case....  
Theres just something I love about this shower gel that makes me think £8-10 won't be too expensive. 

I hope you all liked this little travel set I would defiantly recommend it for a trip or if you just want to give some of the products a little trial run.  I'm thinking of doing another post tonight all about my trip to Canada and why I'm going etc... so keep your eyes open !!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

This week #3

It's that time of the week again - the time that I share my week with you lovely readers :)

Of course no trip to Parieee would be without a trip to Laudree such a beautiful experience
We were still in Parieee on Monday so I thought I'd include the best hot chocolate I have ever drunk (the hype was right) - I may have felt a teeny sick after !

Product of the Week :

Product of this week was an easy pick and it was Mac face and body foundation. I picked this up because I am fed up of in photographs having that horrible white face tanned body effect. I was a little dubious of this foundation fearing it would be too heavy rather it is medium coverage and gives a lovely sheen to the skin.

Best read:  

I am sad too say that I've not really done any reading this week . Think I'll have to have a spy for a new book on my kindle any suggestions anyone?

Listening to/watching: 

I love love love Bastille - Pompeii - yes it's incredibly overplayed but I think that 's why I like the song it brings back a load of happy memories . It's also just such a cheerful happy summer tune !
With the distinct lack of reading I have been watching the Masterchef final which I absolutely love watching - I find Greg Wallace so funny !

Top 5 of the week :

Me and my boyfriend ( fiance but I hate that word) were still in Pariee on Monday . The flight wasn't until late afternoon so we had all day in Paris . This involved Climbing to the top of the Arc de Triumph , eating macaroons,pizza and drinking hot chocolate. We then had a lovely walk down the champs elysee, tuileries garden through to the lourve. Yes I let old lady push in front of us because she had a Chanel bag :0

2. I got my Dissertation marks back and am thrilled to say I received a 2.1 with 3 marks off a first. I was so pleased to have all that hard work recognized.

3. Homemade Sangria and a girls night out . Sometimes it's just nice to have a night dancing like an idiot with some of your favourite girl-friends.

4.  This week my housemates and I threw a chilled out BBQ and then went out for a friends b-day which was such a fun night . Theres nothing better sometimes than just been surrounded by all your best friends .

5. For me Uni has  finished I am just waiting for a few more marks back. It's sad to be back home as I've made some amazing friends and memories but no doubt I'll be back within a week or two . This also means getting ready for Canada  back to work, catching up with friends up North and looking for a post-uni job. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleep in Rollers

I am without a doubt a heated rollers kind of girl -I got some enrapture heated rollers for Christmas and never looked back . Yet I was curious to try the sleep-in rollers that claim to say goodbye to sleepless nights, a claim I can't ever believe . Cue a walk over to the best friends house to give these rollers a little test run.  So here it goes ... 

How do they work? 
You section your hair the same as any rollers and then secure with grips . You do get a net which you pop over the rollers but I didn't. Then relax ,sleep and awake with bouncy flowing hair. 

My thoughts: 
So when I first used these I wasn't getting much sleep anyway (a mix between last minute uni work and an early train) but I did attempt an hours kip and boy was it uncomfortable. But the results made me still want to use them so I will still try to sleep in them.... the things we do in the name of beauty !   However I have been favouring leaving them in for a couple of hours before hitting the town . I really did love the results though yes it was more volume than curls but it just looked lovely . It would be nicer if the rollers came in two different sizes rather than a set containing all large rollers. These are also a great alternative to using heat on your hair as it just isn't required and because there softer than the usual velcro rollers there's no annoying pulling or tension which I love. 

Excuse my non made up face - but here's the rollers in

And the results :)