Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleep in Rollers

I am without a doubt a heated rollers kind of girl -I got some enrapture heated rollers for Christmas and never looked back . Yet I was curious to try the sleep-in rollers that claim to say goodbye to sleepless nights, a claim I can't ever believe . Cue a walk over to the best friends house to give these rollers a little test run.  So here it goes ... 

How do they work? 
You section your hair the same as any rollers and then secure with grips . You do get a net which you pop over the rollers but I didn't. Then relax ,sleep and awake with bouncy flowing hair. 

My thoughts: 
So when I first used these I wasn't getting much sleep anyway (a mix between last minute uni work and an early train) but I did attempt an hours kip and boy was it uncomfortable. But the results made me still want to use them so I will still try to sleep in them.... the things we do in the name of beauty !   However I have been favouring leaving them in for a couple of hours before hitting the town . I really did love the results though yes it was more volume than curls but it just looked lovely . It would be nicer if the rollers came in two different sizes rather than a set containing all large rollers. These are also a great alternative to using heat on your hair as it just isn't required and because there softer than the usual velcro rollers there's no annoying pulling or tension which I love. 

Excuse my non made up face - but here's the rollers in

And the results :) 

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