Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Three is a magic number

When it comes to face masks three is the magic number. This method of applying fcae masks is popular with the likes of Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup and skincare guru Caroline Hirons( who's blog is a must if you are a lover of a good skincare routine) .  'the triple threat facial' is time consuming but it feels amazing, relaxing and really targets a number of areas rather than attacking one specific issue. Tools are also essential to this process - my tools of choice an old flat foundation brush and a flannel from Primarni.

Step one :  A clay mask 
For step one I don't use anything particularly fancy but it works beautifully and is readily available .  I use Neutrogena's visibly clear 2-in-1(£3.50) as a mask as it unclog's the pores and deep cleans the face...PERFECT!!  I leave this one for about ten minutes to let it really do it's thing and so that all the grime and crap comes away. 

Step two: The exfoliating mask
Clinique turnaround instant facial masque(£30) claims to turn back the years whilst microdermabrasion works to reveal the radiance , smoothness and tone. Now I'm not sure I look more youthful after using this but the skin certainly does look smoother and has that glow we are all lusting after. This mask smells delightful and uno it really does help remove those last traces of dirt.  Yes this is an expensive buy but I'm a believer that you should spend money on your skin . Just a little note DO NOT get this in your eye it will hurt and you will cry.

Step three: The Hydrating overnight mask
If you are a regular beauty blog reader you will have heard of the Origins drink up-intensive mask (£20) as basically it is a dream - smells like peaches and leaves the skin glowing and hydrated. You simply slap this on before bed and leave it to do it's 'thang'. It's also perfect when your feeling a little worse for wear , hungover or generally need a perk ( James has been known to pat this on of a night).  I honestly don't think I'll ever stop re-purchasing this bad boy. 

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