Friday, 10 May 2013

Chanel les beiges and my love for Chanel

So I have a funny old relationship with Chanel make up especially the lincoln branch in house of Fraser . Just standing staring at those beautiful interlinking C's makes me feel a little giddy and in this particular branch the staff are so welcoming,patient me the main thing they listen and don't pressure you . I long for some Chanel clothes and handbags but for now I'm more than happy with the make up.
So today I felt like shite (sorry language just how bad i was feeling) and went to my 'safe haven' with one thing on my mind - Chanel les beiges ...

Let me give you some facts about this beautiful bad boy !!!!
1) released in march and sold out within 1 day and its still hard to get your mitts on.
2) it can be used as a foundation,setting powder,bronzer, blusher or contouring - depending on the shade you pick I went for bronzer .
3) it gives a lovely healthy glow which perks up the skin
4) gisele bundchen is the model in the advert
5) packaging is simple and beautiful !!!!

Now this is just a little rant and rave about the way make - up can change the way you feel, it can lift a mood and make you feel that little bit more confident . So even though it may seem daft to some who are we to judge everyone has their quirks right?
With that I'll say Cheerios and will without a doubt be letting you know how I find the Chanel les beiges I think it's going to be allright :)


  1. ahhh I love chanel too! hey, if you're interested, check out my blog :)

  2. Just makes me smile :) haha yeah I will !!