Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Brand in the spotlight - Clarins part 1

Clarins is a brand which has been around for quite some time now but for me I've always seen it as a bit of an oldie brand - that was until the past year or so when I have been leaning towards Clarins for Tanning products and skincare bits . With this I thought I'd share my love for the brand and what I've been using recently !  

A Few quick facts : 
  • Created in 1954 by Masseur Jacques Courtin who believed that a women's happiness was intrinsically linked to beauty. 
  • 1987 saw the company to be the first French company to abandon testing on animals and by 1991 all ingredients of animal origin had been completely abandoned.  
  • When I was having a spy on the Clarins website I came across this page The Courtin Arthritis foundation which aims to promote research into the most severe cases of arthritis. Clarins also support dynamic women. 

Skincare - 
First up is the Clarins Extra- comfort cleansing cream(£25 for 200ml) which I picked up after my Emma Hardie cleansing balm ran out and after reading Caroline Hirons review .  Although I love love the Emma Hardie balm I fancied something a little lighter for summer especially as I'm away in a hotter country for two months. This is certainly a lot creamier and doesn't remove make up as well as the balm but it does leave the skin feeling soft and clean .  Another Cleanser is the Water comfort One-step cleanser (£19.50 for 200ml) which smells divine and is a lovely cleanser for freshening up so I tend to chuck it in my gym bag or after work. Next up is the Daily Energizer cream(£21 for 30ml)  which is recommended for those of us in our 20's who don't really require anti-aging but still want to retain moisture and radiance - so far so good . Lastly of the skincare front we have the Clarins Beauty Flash balm (£29 for 50ml) this claims to be the perfect pick me up for tired and stressed skin which is ideal for me. It retains the radiance of skin, tightens and smooths making a better surface for make- up application. I find when I apply this my make up tends to last longer and just looks a little more polished . 

Now I feel that this has become a rather long post so I'm going to leave it on the skincare aspects and do Part 2 next week which will be all about Clarins tanning products. 
Bye for now and have a lovely rest of the day ! 

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