Sunday, 5 May 2013

NUXE - The essentials

L-R Micellar Cleansing water, Youth and radiance revealing fluid,Huile Prodigieuse , Reve de Miel hand and nail cream and Fondant shower gel

Now I am a huge fan of Nuxe I really like the brand and what they stand for but like all of us I like to try things before committing to the full size. No body wants to spend £10 upwards on something and then hate it. With this I was on the look out for this little set in Paris as it's a little different to the one sold in England and is a little cheaper with the euro . 

Eau démaquillante Micellaire : Micellar cleansing water with rose petals -  Ahhh Micellar water's are popping up here there and everywhere and although I would never use them to take my whole face off they are incredibly handy as a refresher , after a few bevy's or for me after a late finish at work.   This one isn't as good at removing make up as say bioderma but it does smell lovely not at all like old people. 

Nuxellence Jeunesse: Youth and Radiance revealing fluid -  Out of this set this is the one product I'm a bit iffy about - it claims that within the first use you will notice the difference  a result I did not notice. However I will keep going with it and keep you updated. 

Huile Prodigieuse : Multi - Purpose dry oil face body and hair -  You have probably already heard of this little wonder oil that can be used on the body , face or hair. Personally as the weather heats up I like to use an oil on the ends of my hair in order to lock in moisture. This little oil smells beautiful and I will most certainly be purchasing the full size! 

Reve de miel hand and nail cream -  For me there is a teeny problem  with this hand cream and that is that it smells nothing like the reve de miel lip balm .  However it does still smell yummy with a hint of coconut. Theres not a lot to say about this little tube at the end of the day it's a hand cream which is great for popping in your travel or hand bag. 

Fondant shower gel with almond and orange flower petals -  This is another re-purchase yes it's a shower gel and yes it is that great !  It smells delicious which is a definite bonus for a shower gel . Theres just something about this gel it's  soap free which allows the product to foam rather than  create suds - this then means the skin is left much softer rather than drying which is sometimes the case....  
Theres just something I love about this shower gel that makes me think £8-10 won't be too expensive. 

I hope you all liked this little travel set I would defiantly recommend it for a trip or if you just want to give some of the products a little trial run.  I'm thinking of doing another post tonight all about my trip to Canada and why I'm going etc... so keep your eyes open !!


  1. I love nuxe brand. Visited your blog via search. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. I've not been disappointed yet :) Thanks !
      Going to check your blog out now

  2. I'd love to try Nuxe. How much was that little kit out of curiosity please? I'm going to rome soon, wonder if they'd sell it there!x

  3. I got mine for €11 but you can get it on feel unique too ! £12.40 :)