Saturday, 4 May 2013

This week #3

It's that time of the week again - the time that I share my week with you lovely readers :)

Of course no trip to Parieee would be without a trip to Laudree such a beautiful experience
We were still in Parieee on Monday so I thought I'd include the best hot chocolate I have ever drunk (the hype was right) - I may have felt a teeny sick after !

Product of the Week :

Product of this week was an easy pick and it was Mac face and body foundation. I picked this up because I am fed up of in photographs having that horrible white face tanned body effect. I was a little dubious of this foundation fearing it would be too heavy rather it is medium coverage and gives a lovely sheen to the skin.

Best read:  

I am sad too say that I've not really done any reading this week . Think I'll have to have a spy for a new book on my kindle any suggestions anyone?

Listening to/watching: 

I love love love Bastille - Pompeii - yes it's incredibly overplayed but I think that 's why I like the song it brings back a load of happy memories . It's also just such a cheerful happy summer tune !
With the distinct lack of reading I have been watching the Masterchef final which I absolutely love watching - I find Greg Wallace so funny !

Top 5 of the week :

Me and my boyfriend ( fiance but I hate that word) were still in Pariee on Monday . The flight wasn't until late afternoon so we had all day in Paris . This involved Climbing to the top of the Arc de Triumph , eating macaroons,pizza and drinking hot chocolate. We then had a lovely walk down the champs elysee, tuileries garden through to the lourve. Yes I let old lady push in front of us because she had a Chanel bag :0

2. I got my Dissertation marks back and am thrilled to say I received a 2.1 with 3 marks off a first. I was so pleased to have all that hard work recognized.

3. Homemade Sangria and a girls night out . Sometimes it's just nice to have a night dancing like an idiot with some of your favourite girl-friends.

4.  This week my housemates and I threw a chilled out BBQ and then went out for a friends b-day which was such a fun night . Theres nothing better sometimes than just been surrounded by all your best friends .

5. For me Uni has  finished I am just waiting for a few more marks back. It's sad to be back home as I've made some amazing friends and memories but no doubt I'll be back within a week or two . This also means getting ready for Canada  back to work, catching up with friends up North and looking for a post-uni job. 

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