Sunday, 5 May 2013

My summer in Canada #1

The baking bits may seem a little random but it will all become clear soon :) 

Now you have probably seen me mention in passing that this summer I will be spending two months in Canada however you may not know why.  So I thought you know I think I'll do a series of posts about Canada - what I'm doing , why I'm doing it and a peek into what I'm doing when I'm there :)  I also wanted to do this little series because well it's a fantastic experience and a lot of people have asked me how I got involved. I might try and get my best friend to do a post about her feelings towards the camp in the next few weeks.

What am I doing over there? 
So I am flying out on the 20th of June to be the head of a culinary arts program in a children's camp (similar to Camp America) . In this position I will be showing both boys and girls aged between 7-16 the joys of cooking and the benefits it can bring in a fun environment . I am so excited to start yet I am feeling more and more nervous as the time draws nearer.  I am however very lucky that the camp directors are great and my best friend is also doing Camp Canada and shes only half an hour away from me.

How did I get involved? 
So I was initially considering doing Camp America until my Auntie told me all about Camp Canada. I'd always wanted to go to Canada so this seemed an obvious choice and with this I rushed home to complete the application with a spring in my step.  I was invited to go to a job fair run by NYQUEST and a number of Camps and was offered a job. Cue a very excited Bridgey !! I will say it isn't quite that simple there are a lot of application forms to fill in as they want dedicated people but honestly they are the most supportive helpful people I have ever met. The guys at NYQUEST have honestly made the nerves of living abroad subside somewhat.

So I am asked why I am doing this all the time and in honesty I have always wanted to travel . This seemed an amazing opportunity in which I can share my passion for food, make new friends , build confidence and travel . It's something different and exciting and you I just cannot wait ! Yes it's going to be difficult being aware from James, my friends and family but hopefully it will be worth it :)

Unfortunately applications for Summer 2013 are now closed but if this sounds apealing to you definatly check out

*P.s all these views are my own and are no way influenced by anyone else.


  1. Hope you have an amazing time. You'll have to keep us all updated :)

  2. Thanks lou :) will certainly miss you all , don't think I'll have the same weight loss as you :P feel free to follow for updates :)

  3. This looks soo fun
    Hope you like it here!
    My second coment on your blog in 2 minutes
    Creepy Mc creppester!

  4. Thanks really starting to worry now ! haha little bit but it's all good in the hood :)