Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Top ten - Tools

So I have decided to do a little series of products featuring some of my favourite products,tools,foods and bakes. I don't know if this will work but hey we'll never know if we don't give it a go yer?
Today I thought we'd focus on some of my favourite tools be it brushes,hair or body  theres a mix of it all for today's post  :)

1.Real Techniques buffing brush : (£21.00 from Boots)
I am constantly recommending the real techniques brushes to my friends and family because they are a) cost effective and b) work fantastically. Words cannot express my love for this brush I use it every day without fail - it just allows you to blend the make up to blend flawlessly.I also find it applies the right amount of product and gives a great distribution   My only problem is that you can only pick this brush up in the core collection but at £20 it's still perfect !
2. Tangle teezer : (£10 from Space NK)
A brush which splits the crowd some love it , some don't. Personally I fell in love with this little brush as soon as my hairdresser used it - I didn't feel like crying after she used it , always a plus. My hair tangles so easily it's unreal I often find lumps of tat's and own numerous bottles of L'oreal kids detangling spray and this brush just makes the whole process a whole lot easier.
3. Real techniques stippling brush :(£11.99 from Boots
Another hit from Real techniques did I mention how much I love these brushes?  I find this particularly good at blending cream blushers,highlighters and bronzers but I do know that some people use it for foundation. I will warn you that this brush does require a little extra time and care.
4. Flannel: (£10 from Space NK) There seems a sudden rise in love for the flannel whether it's a muslin cloth, Primark flannel or a more expensive pick , I have em all. Now personally I prefer these Emma Hardie clothes as one side is slightly more abrasive and both sides serve a different purpose. It just feels that you are really giving the face a good clean with a flannel. 

5.Eyelash curlers : Now ladies I don't think I really need to talk too much about the benefits in which a good pair of  curlers can bring .
6.Denman dressing out brush: ( £4.29 from Boots)  Again another hair brush but for a different purpose - odd in the sense that it creates knots in order to back comb the hair. A great brush for under a fiver that I find essential for creating volume.
7. Urban decay brush (from Naked palette 2) I'd love to say that this brush is readily available - it isn't as it is part of the Naked Palette 2 . I just love the fact that it has a flat brush and a blending brush all in one which means it is the ideal travel brush. I'm always a little skeptical about brushes that come with products but I actually really love this one.
8. Body brush:(£6.00 from Boots) Perfect as Bikini season slowly emerges. Body brushing is a quick and easy way of riding the body of toxins. Doing regular body brushing can help loose pounds, boost circulation and the immune system . I just find this little brush is perfect you don't need to spend a lot to body brush. 
9.Real Techniques contour brush (£20 again from the Core collection) Another member of the core collection , it's not a tapered brush but I still find it works really well for contouring and applying bronzer.
10. Clarins spatula Finally a daft little tool that for some may seem silly and irrelevant. Yet I find it an incredibly handy little tool- you can use it instead of sticking your fingers in the pot ( no innuendo intended!) Additionally it's always handy to have a spatula near by for de-potting products into travel pots and what not.

So there we have it my top ten tools , hope you enjoyed this little piece. I think next week I'll do top ten lipsticks (if I can choose ten) . Lemme know your favourite tools and what you thought of this post .


  1. Great post and tools hun! I absolutely adore my RT brushes and the Tangle Teezer! <3 I need to get a new eyelash curler cuz mine is horrendous! :)

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


  2. Love this post!
    I always find tools to be just as important as the products if not more especially makeup brushes.