Saturday, 11 May 2013

This week #4

Product of the week : 
Need you even ask ? Of course it's going to be Chanel les beiges. 

Read of the week:  
 Book:  Book wise I've just started reading the hundred - year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.  It's not my usual choice but I'm really enjoying it .
Blog: As for blog's I've really enjoyed reading Sophia's post's this week over at Tattooed Tealady. I particularly liked the post about which beauty boxes are worth trying . 

Listening to/watching :
If I'm honest I've not been listening to or watching all that much this week but I  am so excited for the release of the Great Gatsby - the fashion, that soundtrack, the story line and of course LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!

Top 5 of the week : 

1. This week has been spent chillaxing with the fam and friends . Trips to the beach,National trust gardens(for the cake) , ice- cream and take away.

2. My friends and I planned a little trip to Skegness- yes it may noy be the nicest beach but I've never been so hey ho !

3. I couldn't stay away from Lincoln for too long and had an amazing night with my course mates :) It was so nice to have a stress free night .

4. Whilst in Lincoln we called into ribs 'n' bibs . We've been wanting to try this little gem for so long now but every time they've been fully booked ... but boy was it worth the wait.  It's a cosy little american restaurant serving whooping big burgers and succulent ribs .The food was so amazing I was still raving about it the next day .  You know what made the meal that little bit better was that  we were seated opposite a Bruce Springsteen print. Now anywhere that has prints of the Boss is good in my eyes !

5. and on that note...
3 weeks for chime for change
5 1/2 weeks till Bruce Springsteen
6 weeks Canada !! 

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