Sunday, 19 May 2013

The 5 product, 5 minute face ...

So recently I've been working non- stop a mixture of early mornings and split shifts make me grumpy and leave me longing for an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than doing my face. With that I've been reaching for 5 products that will leave me looking a little more human than zombie in 5 minutes or so. These are just the products I use of course it will be different for everyone. 

Dr Jart + water fuse BB cream:  This is great for in the morning because it gives a subtle glow to the skin whilst covering a multitude of sins. You don't necessarily need any concealer which is also great as it cuts out another process(note: I do still need a corrector)  I really like that this BB cream has advanced water bead technology which helps to keep the skin hydrated , dewy and healthy - no one will ever know how little sleep you have had.
Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer(warm ivory):  I'm hitting pan on this ( isn't it always the case that everything starts to go when you are saving) but it is really great at covering any dark circles.  I tend to warm it between my fingers and pat under the eyes and were ready to go.
Chanel Les beiges No 30 :  In the morning I tend just to use a bronzer to give colour to the skin with a touch of contouring. It's a toss up between Nars Laguna and this bad boy but as the Chanel is new I'm tending to reach for it. I find that for the morning this gives more of a subtle colour and just suits my skin a little better.
YSL Volume effect faux cils and No 7 eyelash curlers:    This mascara just opens the eyes beautifully and the lashes don't clump together too much - one coat and were good. I do think it's good to curl the lashes in the morning (if you can be bothered)  because it just adds to the wide eyed look. 
Korres Pomegranate lip butter:  I'm a little bit weird in the sense that I don't like the colour of my lips without anything on them but I can't be bothered with lipstick so I just pop some of this on for a teeny bit of colour but it's still really nourishing. The colour is a coral pink which sits very pretty.  


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