Tuesday, 30 April 2013

This week #2

So usually I'd be doing this post on a Saturday but as you all know I've being away so instead I'm doing it today and the post's this week will be totally different and then will be back to normal next week !!I also don't have any work to do anymore so I will be putting much more time and effort into the blog - which I'm really excited about . I really wanted to do this post because well to be honest I've had a really great week even the uni work hasn't annoyed me too much !

L-R - some of the more interesting reading this week, do you need telling , lovely picture of me and James and this amazing vending machine that sells nail varnish :)

Product of the week: 
You are going to notice a Parisian theme in this post but I picked up the Nuxe travel kit which contains Micellar water, youth and radiance  reveling fluid , huile prodigieuse, reve de miel hand and nail cream and shower gel which smells beautiful. I'm really looking forward to trying these bits and bobs . 

Best read of the week :
I've not done too much reading this week other than history books and french airport magazines but I did find some very interesting articles 1 on cheese the other on beauty trends and bloggers :)

Listening to / watching... 
I love french TV and watching cartoons we found this little gem called the random show and my god was it weird but weirdly good too.

Top 5 of the past week : 

1. Enagement drinks with our friends- We are going to have a proper party but we wanted to do something with friends before I go off to Canada . This was a really good night . 

2. Going to the fun fair - One of the best nights I've had in ages !!!! sometime it's nice to be with great friends going on rides that don't feel 100% safe and make you want to throw up .

3. Handing in my last undergraduate piece of work- 

4. Jetting off to Paris - Don't think I need to mention how much I love Paris so this was a fantastic mini break - the hotel was beautiful, the food was great , the sights made me smile and the atmosphere was incredibly relaxing. 

5. Disney land Paris - 
Where no one is aloud to be sad - enough said ?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Clarins liquid bronze self tanning

**Advance apology for the quality of these photographs I wanted to give the blogger app a whirl!

Now I love having a golden glow but often struggle to find a good facial tanner as they tend to go blotchy or give an obvious orange glow - not a good look !! This was until I bought the Clarins liquid bronze .
You simply pop a dollop of the tan onto a cotton pad after your evening skin care and leave it to work it's magic. Wake up to a subtle golden glow ready to take on the day. I would defiantly say be careful around the eyes brows and hairline as you will wake up looking a little ginger but you might like/want that :)
Personally I really like the smell of this tan with floral undertones rather than biscuit ! And can't find fault with it at the moment.

A bottle of this tan will set you back £18 which is reasonable in my eyes considering how difficult it is too find a decent facial tanner.

Hope you enjoyed this little teeny post. As you all know I am heading over to Paris on Friday and would love to hear any suggestions wether it be skin care , beauty picks , places to visit or even a tacky Eiffel tower :) so lemme know !!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Whats in your make-up bag #Hattie

So in the first of these posts I mentioned asking on twitter who would be interested and well the lovely Hattie volunteered her touch-up make up bag for us all to have a peek in.  Hattie's blog is a lovely mix of beauty , hauls and fashion. Not only does she have a great knack for blogging but for drawing too - she's real friendly too! * hope she isn't blushing too much right now :) * If you fancy having a peek at her blog it's Project rattle bag

How cute is this little bag?

  • Benefit Big Beautiful eyes
  • Sleek blush in Pixie Pink 
  • Ecotools brush
  • Sephora blush brush
  • Loreal glam shine stain splash in Marilyn
  • Benefit girl meets pearl
  • Essie nail polish in Fiji
  • Bourjois rouge edition in 04
  • Benefit they're real mascara
  • Collection Lasting perfection concealer in 01
  • Real techniques contour brush
  • CK shock mini perfume
  • Revlon lip butter in tutti Fruity
  • Carmex original lip balm
  • Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder in shade 51

This really is a lovely littlee collection for 'touching-up' make up and has made me want a few little bits that she has included. For example I'd love to try the Sleek blush and the new L'oreal glam shine stain splashes. 

Anyway hope you enjoyed this little nosy in someone else's bag and stay tuned for next week's when we have a look at what my friend Chelsey brought to Lincoln for the night :) 

oh and Happy Monday !!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This week #1

I've decided to do a weekly run down of my week as it's a great way for you the readers to get to know me and it's a place in which I can let you know whats been going on - all good in the hood :)

Sundaes at the yummy Lickity split - Yes I went here twice in the past week ... OPPS!

Product of the week ? 

I haven't really been dabbling with any new products this week  but I did pick up some gingerbread flavoured lip balm in the Lake Distrcit which not only tastes and smells fantastic but it really is very moisturising.... Perfect ! I've also been enjoying the Badger sleep balm which I reviewed earlier in the week.

Best read of this week? 
I really love catching up on blogs but this week I've really been getting back into reading books on my kindle . I really love that for half an hour or longer you can just forget about everything that's going on ... it's a lovely escape.  This week I've loved reading the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk I think I read 3-4 of her books this week.

Listening to? 
Easy and don't laugh but ... I've had Disney tunes on full blast the past few days . Well I am going next Saturday but hey who needs an excuse?

Top 5 of  the past week : 

1. Catching up with friends from the North ( my friends from home) ,getting ice-cream and planning a little trip to Edinburgh in May and maybe Dublin in September.

2.Me and James booked to go to Paris this weekend coming which includes a trip to Disney . We wanted a little holiday because we wont get one in the summer as I will be in Canada.

 3.Finally I purchased the beautiful Zara bag , embraced printed trousers and a neon vest ( not together)

4. I'm back in Lincoln for a jam packed week with friends :) this is even ruling out the masses of work.

5.Finally I decided that I wanted to apply to do the London Marathon next year :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Going crazy for Corals

This is a bit of a different trend post for this week but I seem to be pulling towards coral's & oranges at the moment and what's better they seem to be everywhere. It's just such a happy colour perfect for this warming weather and I promise you it is finally warming up and the sun is shining.

Clothes  & accessories - 
If like me you've gone crazy for this trend I'd defiantly suggest a trip to accessorize as they have an extensive range in at the moment.  Both the bag and the necklace are from there and were both very affordable. I then picked up this floaty cami top from Topshop now be warned it is neon orange so you'll be wanting the rest of your outfit to be very toned down. I however love it !!! If you don't fancy a neon top I would still recommend taking a look at these vests as they have a lovely feel to them and come in a range of colours.
Neon vest
 Makeup & nail varnish-
Now I am certainly not brave enough to be wearing a full on orange lip so instead I opt for sheer orange shades or pinks with coral undertones which makes them all together a bit easier to wear.   Nails however I am more than happy to wear full on orange's with my favourite colour been the Barry M gelly in Papaya or Ciate pom pom.   As for cheeks I really do enjoy using Benefit coralista which gives a lovely glow to the skin and I find it pulls a look together .

L-R - Benefit Coralista ultra plush , max factor pink brandy , Benefit Cha cha tint , Revlon lip butter in tutti fruiti , Benefit Coralista blush, Barry M gelly in papaya , Models own tropical sun and Ciate pom pom.

How about you have you been taken in with the coral trend? what are your recommendations becasue I will certainly be on the hunt for more !


Thursday, 18 April 2013

What's in my handbag #2 the update

I finally bought the Zara Office city bag after much lusting and deliberation.  You have probably seen many a beauty blogger with this bag but for me I love the practicality of it - I am a bit of a geek and love organisation !
It has a number of different compartments two of which are padded for any of your gadgets , I also like that it's zipped and secure with either handles or a strap which is padded too- this is perfect for me as I often find if my bags full it kills my shoulder. Now I do have a teeny gripe about this bag and that is that £49.99 seems a lot as it's not leather but I s'pose it is  well made so I'll let it pass. 

Just to give you a peek of the different compartments

Beauty bits & bobs: 
So I carry all my little beauty bits in a little Liz Earle travel bag and my lady things in a cute Liz Earle pouch (discreet) so what do I lug around with me? Soap and Glory hand maid & L'Occitane honey hand cream , Vichy Eau Thermale, Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, A little moomin mirror my housemate bought me , bobbles and grips , Korres wild rose 24hr moisturiser,Benefit Badgirl lash  & Benetint, some depotted foundation(not sure which) , A little eco tools foundation brush , Revlon Nearly naked powder, selection of lip balms, teeny tiny tweezers,Wei eye blend - I find this really refreshing especially if i'm working in the library and a little sample of Molton Brown Valbonne which I'm thinking I may get full sized. Oh and a hello kitty hairbrush . 

Trying to be organised : 
One of my new Years resolutions was to be more organised and with that I marched to Waterstones and picked up a moleskin diary so I always carry that around with me with some sort of pen I usually end up with 6 hanging round the bottom of my handbag . I then have my Kindle to hand because although it's usually me driving I do like to take a few minutes to read as I'm really getting back into reading. It's also a bit safer for me to keep it in my handbag along with when I get my Ipad he'll go in there.  I then have a selection of snacks from gum, tic-tacs and some biscuits I naffed from the hotel in the Lake District.  

Then the usual bits : 
My studded Topshop purse which as lovely as it looks isn't so practical but I love it anyway , I then have my house keys (with the dog one which I bought in the Vets) which are covered in glitter nail polish and my car keys. Ray ban wayfarers- These ones just stay in my handbag for those odd sunny days and last up my ipod classic you will notice no headphones which are somewhere in my gym bag , I do have some big ones but there in the car for some crazy reason. It's all cool though really cos I tend to only plug my ipod into the car cable . 

So there you have it I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my bag no doubt my the end of the week it won't be nicely organised and will be full of crap :) 
If this is a bag you may be interested in it's still available Click for Zara

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Badger Sleep Balm

First things first my apologies I haven't been blogging much this week. I've got a tonne of uni work whilst trying to squeeze in seeing friends before heading back to Uni and hitting the gym so I've had very little spare time. I have however made myself a little schedule of blogging and post's etc... so fear not all back to usual next week!  Now onto the review...

I've done a post before (Sleep post) about my difficulties with sleeping and things I use to relax and unwind when it's time for bed and with this I'm constantly on the lookout for new bits cue Badger Sleep balm . I picked this up from feel unique as I thought it was just a little bit cute but low and behold it actually does help. A delicate blend of Lavender and Bergamot with just a hint of ginger.  The lavender isn't too strong and the ginger is a subtle pick me up. It's a hard balm that you warm in the fingers and I rub it onto my wrists and temples although it says you can put it on the face but that's just not for me.It could all just be in my head but I really do feel this relaxes me ready for bed.  What I really do love about this is that it's natural and organic which I like in sleep aides- the ingredients list is short and simplified.

Fancy trying this for yourself?
Feel Unique badger sleep balm Feel unique have a whole range of different Badger balm products so worth checking out :)
56g pot = £6.99
21g mini pot = £3.99

Monday, 15 April 2013

S/S 2013 Make up trends - Glowing skin

It looks as if the glowing and healthy skin look is here to stay . The trend is super fresh and natural skin with peachy toned cheeks and perfectly highlighted skin. Now we aren't all as lucky to have natural skin like this but a few pointers in the right direction can help re-create the look.

  • Fresh and natural skin
  • A good skincare regime goes a long long way 
  • Cream based products if your skin can handle it but don't worry the look can still be achieved with powder products. 
  •  Light reflecting primers 

Tan - Now this is my no means compulsory but I find with a bit of a tan I can get away with only tinted moisturisers and BB creams.  For me Clarins is my go to brand for facial tanners. 
Clarins liquid bronze self-tanning - This is great for popping on just before bed and waking up with a lovely natural hint of colour. Just be careful not to rub in around the eyebrows and hairline- it is however also good for popping on any difficult patches such as hands. 
Clarins instant smooth self- tanning -   Fantastic for an instant colour which can be built upon and with priming properties too you can't go wrong .  This is also great if you're feeling a little peaky as it just perks the skin up . 

Primer & Foundation - 
L'oreal Lumi-Magique -  This is a lovely primer but I do find sometimes its a little too glowy if possible but for a drugstore primer it works really well and can be used just as a highlighter. 
Smashbox Photo finish Luminizing - Now I must buy a new one of this it is amazing it creates a subtle glow, evens out the skin tone and helps foundation last longer. 
Dr.Jart + Water fuse BB cream - Whoa this is my go to 'foundation' at the minute with it's skincare properties but gives such a beautiful glow to the skin leaving little need to powder up any overly shiny areas. 
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - Now this is a bit pricey but it's worth every penny in my eyes I love it !!! but I do find it needs a little powder under the eyes and the nose but hey ho not a big deal .  It really does what you'd expect gives a healthy glow without looking too heavy. 

Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel bronze universal - Personally I love this to perk my complexion up and I find the smallest amount goes along way . It's also really great for contouring . 
Nars Laguna-  Now I know not everyone is a fan of bronze universal and it isn't for everyone's skin type so if I had to pick a powder bronzer it would be Nars laguna every time. 

 Blushers - For this look peachy toned blushers work best or very subtle flushes of pink. 
Powders or creams ?  Using a cream blush can give the skin a natural flush without looking too much or too strong but it is important to carefully blend the product into the skin. My favourite cream blushers are without a doubt the Topshop Cream blushers . 
Powder's can work just as well and are certainly more long lasting for this trend I particularly like Nars deep Throat and Look Beauty make me blush flush shade 2 . 

Highlights, Highlight and you guessed it highlight- 
Again there's a whole host of different products with the aim to highlight you're best features and achieve that healthy glow. A powder will give a more obvious glow than say a cream but sometimes it will sit a bit nicer on the skin the choice is truly your own !

So there you are my take on the glowing skin trend I hope you all enjoyed . Next Friday we'll be looking at the brow trend- a bit of an interesting one if I say so myself ! I'm hoping to get another post up tonight :) 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barry M textured nail polish

So today I give you another Barry M polish this time it's the textured effect.  You really ought to praise Barry M for the way they are keeping up with the current nail trends we've seen the gelly,textured , crackle and the upcoming nail art pens.
So the textured polishes is an interesting one ... I love the pastel colours and I can see why some  people may like the effect. However I personally don't like the grain - it feels like a nail file YUCK!! and if like me you have very dry hands it feels even worse. They do apply really well 2 coats and it's opaque and like I said they are really gorgeous colours. I managed to keep this on for a few days before the feeling drove me mad and I opted for the green berry gelly polish instead.
I guess it's all personal taste I think I'll try them again soon when my hand's aren't feeling as dry. If you do wanna give these a go they are currently on 3 for 2 at boots for £3.99 each .

Have you tried any of the textured polishes?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The lazy girl's chicken pie

Little  bit of a different post for today in the shape of 'The lazy girl's chicken pie' but it's also suitable for any lazy boys out there. Now i'm not usually a pie fan but I had a craving and fancied doing something a bit different . I will say our pies ended up looking a little rustic but who wants perfect anyway?

Ingredients -  serves 6 
3 Spring onions finely sliced
3 mushrooms finely sliced
400g diced chicken breast
2 tbsp Plain flour
4 tbsp half fat creme fraice
A block of ready roll puff pastry ( for the lazy part)
330ml of chicken stock ( I use knorr stock pots)
3 rashers of bacon
125g sweetcorn
20g Unsalted butter
1 egg

1. Firstly I fried of the chicken and bacon in a little oil until fully cooked. I then popped this mixture into a big bowl. I then fried off the mushrooms,corn and spring onions for 2-3 minutes and added this to the chicken/bacon mix.
2. For the sauce. Put the butter in a saucepan and melt over a low heat. Tip the flour into a pan and mix with the butter to make a thick smooth sauce. Gradually whisk in the stock until the sauce has thickened. Turn down the heat and leave the sauce to boil for a few minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the creme fraice. Pour the sauce over your filling and spoon the mixture into the dishes or dish your choice.

It may look yuck! but I assure it's really tasty 

3. Unroll the pastry to fit your pie dish . Now you could do this really neatly and make it look pretty BUT this is a lazy chicken pie so just cut the right size and pop it on the top. Once you've done this pop it in the fridge for 15 mins so the pastry can relax ! and you can get a cuppa !
4. Glaze your pastry with a beaten egg and pop in the oven at 190 degrees for 35 minutes.
5. After 35 minutes you pie should have risen somewhat and be golden brown. Leave to cool then enjoy for you dinner with mash and vegetables( if you like) .

I did warn you they were rustic ! 

Monday, 8 April 2013

What's in your make-up bag ? #1 Brigid

This weekend my lovely friend came down to Lincoln initially to watch me do the 10k but unfortunately I was too poorly :(  we still had a great weekend . I was eagerly waiting to see what make up she'd packed when I had a brainwave a what's in your make-up bag series ! With this I asked on facebook/twitter if any one would be interested in volunteering their 'everyday' make up bag , I certainly didn't except such a great response so there we have it the what's in your make-up bag series was created.

This week we get a lovely peak into my everyday make-up ... 

I'm using this bag at the moment for my weekly picks because my muji stack currently homes my lipsticks but I think it's nicer having it in a bag because if need be I can just chuck it in my bag. The bag is from T.K.Maxx but I am tempted by the Ted baker wash bags.  

So first up brushes(please excuse how grubby they are might have to wash them tonight ) ... 
Right to left - 
Real Techniques contour brush - Not everyone likes this for contouring but It works for me 
Body shop blusher brush - Again this isn't a brush for everyone . The brushes are very compacted but I've had it for a few years now and not had any problems . 
Real Techniques stippling brush - I use this for cream blushers , cream bronzers and highlighter as it's dual fibre and allows for a light coverage of product. 
Real Techniques buffing brush - I love this over any flat foundation brush I find it just blends seamlessly to give a flawless finish. I urge all my friends to pick it up . The only problem it's only available in the core collection but I'd buy it purely for this brush and the contour brush . 
Random assortment of eye shadow brushes, tweezers and concealer brush - Sorry for been so vague but it changes so much with eye shadow brushes it's hard to name an exact one that i'll use all week. 

Make-up time ...
Base -  Revlon nearly naked in the shade 130, Collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 2, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit warm ivory. 
Bronze,blush and highlight -  Nars laguna and Nars deep throat and for days I want a more dewy finish I use Topshop cream blush in head over heels or Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel and YSL Touche éclat I use this as a highlighting product. 
Lips and  eyes -   YSL mascara volume effect faux cils personally I prefer this over shocking , It's a different formula and doesn't clump as much. I am however loving it at the moment for eye shadow I tend to have the naked palette close by as I can create any look depending on my mood. 
For lips I have mac Shanghai spice - my perfect nude lipstick or if I'm feeling like a bit more colour I have the Pomegranate Lip butter by Korres. 

There you go hope you enjoyed it :) 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gelly High shine Nail paint by Barry M

Personally I have a love hate relationship with Nail polish I go through phases when I was younger I loved Barry M for the cheap prices yet bright colour range however more recently I've been favouring brands such as Essie,Revlon and Ciate this was until the Barry M gelly high shines were released. Without a doubt like many I have fallen hook line and sinker for this range. 

Like the name suggests these polishes are meant to mimic a gel manicure which means high shine and long lasting ( a gel manicure tends to last up to 3 weeks) . These are certainly high shine even with one coat and without a top coat and they last more four days but for £3.99 you can't complain ! What I really love is the colour range it's full of  pastels, dark's and beautiful brights , I also think they'll be excellent for the summer especially for holidays or days on the beach . 
I have Prickly pear ( Lilac pastel) ,Blood orange ( a bold bright red), Papaya( my favourite ! A lovely bright coral) and Lychee ( a sophisticated twist on a nude nail). I will defiantly be purchasing some more over the next few weeks in preparation for the summer.  

You can pick these up for £3.99 however at the moment in boots they are on 3 for 2 Booties

L-R Lychee,Blood Orange, Prickly pear and Papaya . 

Friday, 5 April 2013

S/S 2013 Make up trends - Lips

So I have decided to do a little series about Spring/Summer make up trends . Now I'm a) no expert b) never been to a fashion show ... I'd love to one day though . I have however done a little research and found this article of particular interest . Lisa Eldridge for Elle and Harpers Bazaar

I am defiantly a lipstick 'junkie' so for me this seemed an obvious place in which to start. On the catwalks it seemed to be 'pop lips ' with a matte effect , we saw Bright pinks, oranges , corals and the trusty reds were still around.  I have compiled a selection of my favorite lipsticks that fit into the S/S 13 trends . 

Please excuse the arm hair :)
L-R -  Chanel Enjoueé , Look beauty Hyper melon , Revlon Lip butter in Tutti Fruti , Max factor  Pink brandy , Elysambre 220 , YSL Rouge Volupte Shade 01 and a mixture of Mac Matte Ruby woo and Georgio Armani Lip Maestro 201

Bright Pinks as seen on the likes of Giles. 
Elysambre 220 - I got this in a Jolie box ages ago and can't find it in the UK but I love it so much. It's a hot vibrant pink with a slight - slight matte effect. I'm going to Paris at the end of the month so I'll go on the hunt . 
YSL Rouge Volupte shade 01 - When I first picked this up I hated it but I've now found that by adding some trusty lip seal it's an easier way to  wear bright pink- especially if your not brave enough for barbie esque lippy. 
Chanel allure Enjoueé -  I LOVE this bad boy it's such a beautiful colour that really does give a 'pop'. Its got more coral/red undertones then it been a bright bold pink but then again that could mean it's combining all the trends. 

Elysambre 220

Orange/Corals as seen at Missoni . 
Look Beauty Hyper Melon -  As the name suggests this colour is'hyper' , I don't think I've ever seen a melon that colour but I do still love it. It's vibrant and fits beautifully into the 'Coral/orange category' . For the price its such a pigmented shade. 
Max factor Pink brandy - This is a great introductory colour to the coral trend if your not ready for such a bold colour. Again a super steal for the high-street as is every lipstick I have included in the coral section. 
Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti -  Now this is an orange orange which takes a lot to pull of and requires minimal other make up but it is a very sexy colour. However it is incredibly moisturising but does need constant top ups. 

The Look beauty lipstick in hyper melon ahhh it's such nice colour

Matte reds and berry tones which made appearances at both Prada and Jonathan Saunders - 
Good news ! I don't usually go for matte lipsticks but I am tempted to buy another Armani lip maestro as they are much more long lasting - perfect for nights out , dinner or even kissing which I guess means perfect for a date ? 
For this trend I mixed Mac Ruby woo (matte) with a little of the lip maestro in the shade 201 to give a beautiful red with berry undertones.  I then popped some highlighter on the cupids bow to replicate the Prada trend of  a bright red with a subtle white line on the cupids bow.  

So hope you enjoyed my little run down of the lip trends and my ultra cringey pictures. Next week I'm going to look at my other favorite dewy skin So see you same time next week?  

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and powder

This foundation has made an appearance on many a beauty blog but initially I wasn't going to purchase but as usual I caved after seeing the results on friends and blogs .  I haven't heard to much about the accompanying powder but make up is on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment so there we go seemed a sensible choice.


Foundation(£8.99) - shade 130 shell
I was a little worried that I'd struggle to find the right colour as the range isn't particularly extensive at 10 different shades but low and behold this is perfect ... RESULT!  The coverage is a funny one you would think that nearly naked would imply a lighter coverage but the product is a foundation after all so it is more of a medium coverage , it does however blend beautifully.  Another plus about the nearly naked foundation is that it because it is a slightly heavier coverage it isn't overly dewy and doesn't look at all greasy or wet - Never a good look.
For me what spoils this is that it doesn't have a pump. This is something constantly brought up within the reviews . This isn't a problem if you are very careful and controlled at pouring... however I am cack handed and pour too much out which then wastes the product.

Pressed Powder( £7.99) - shade 020 Light Pale
I don't really wear powder that often but I do like to have it in my collection/make up bag for touch ups and setting any oilier areas of my make up. With that it's just a pressed powder I can't really say that it's anything to write home about it does what you want it to do and is priced well.  One major problem is that the colouring is way off I bought the Light pale shade and I feel its a bit too dark , There is one shade down but my local boots didn't have it in so I can't really comment.

Overall I really like the foundation especially for a drug store foundation and I was lucky enough to find a shade that's perfect for me and it's got a good level of coverage - a bit better when a tinted moisturiser is somewhat lacking. I would say purchase something else instead of the powder.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chatty chat post / ways to contact

For today I did have a post planned about the new Revlon nearly naked range but unfortunately my uni work has caught up on me so instead I am spending my day writing about the cultural revolution in China . I did however want to do a quick post because I am attempting to post everyday throughout April...

Instead this post is all about the different ways you can contact me or follow this blog , I love hearing from people and really do appreciate when people follow feedthesharks or give feedback so don't be a stranger!!!! :)

 1) GFC -  You can still follow the blog on GFC ( just click follow me on the right hand side )

2) BLOGLOVIN - http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4672305/feed-the-sharks
Possibly the easiest way of following this blog and many others . You just create and account and search your favourite blogs. You'll then get a daily news feed with all the most recent posts .Simples?

3) TWITTER -  I am also on twitter @brigid_farrell .  Here you can get to know me a bit more personally see my random tweets about all sorts but also what beauty bits I'm trying out etc...
You can also tweet me whenever I love getting tweets !!

4) EMAIL- Late last night I decided to set up a separate email for the blog  again if you have any queries  .feedthesharksblog@hotmail.co.uk

5) PINTEREST - http://pinterest.com//brigeyy

So there you have it a multitude of ways in which to have a chat,keep up to date or a general nosy about :)

Nice little picture of Tommy and Cupcake cos there cute and make me smile :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Neal's Yard ... Brand in the spotlight

Neals yard is a brand that I've always been familiar with whenever we went to Newcastle my mum would drag us round Neals yard and L'occitane and the house would be full of the distinctive blue bottles. However I'd kinda forgotten about the brand ... this was until I received the Bee lovely hand cream in Marie Claire along with 20% discount. I thought before telling you about my purchases I'd fill you in a bit about the lovely company that is NEALS YARD 

"At Neals yard remedies , were driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty should be more natural , less synthetic. This passion and our firm belief that it's down to all of us to protect our precious planet, is at the heart of everything we do . "

With that kind of mantra what can be bad? Neals yard apply a holistic approach towards health and beauty whilst not testing on animals, keeping the buying aware of the ingredients and making the products in England.  

First up ...
Nourishing orange flower toner £15.50 for 200ml  

This smells delicious sometimes I just sit and smell it- Yes Really!! This toner aims to benefit Toning, Clarifying , refreshing and refining and to be honest I think it does all of these things especially refreshes due to the sweet orange scent. Now don't get me wrong I love the blue glass bottles but there not ideal for travel and I have to decant some but you know this is a teeny little gripe in comparison to how much I love the toner in general. 

We then picked up this little gift for mothers day .... 

Bee Lovely collection bespoke gift : £28.00 

How cute are the little bees all over these ?  Neals Yard currently have a line in which they are donating money in order to help save the bees. 
I instantly liked the concept of this especially as you all know I love honey based products. 
The set included a hand wash, hand cream and busy bee balm , today I am going to talk about the balm. 
This little multi- purpose balm can be used on cuticles,elbows, ends of hair and I've just popped some on my lips.  It's perfect for popping in your handbag for whenever you just want a burst of moisture on those dry bits . Again this smells beautiful . 

I can safely say that Neals yard is without a doubt back on my radar and I will defiantly be trying more from the bee lovely range.

Monday, 1 April 2013

What I've been buying... #March

March has been an amazing month for me with a lot going on :

  • I handed my dissertation in ... now to just wait patiently
  • Celebrated some amazing peoples birthdays and welcomed two new guinea piggies 
  • Managed to finally get tickets for Beyonce at Chime for Change excited much? YES!!!
  • Lots of yummy Easter eggs and time with friends and family 
  • The big one me and my boyfriend announced that we were engaged :)  
As you can see March has been fantastic and exciting month despite the freezing cold weather and never ending snow . I thought I'd do a little post about some of the lovely bits and pieces I've picked up this month!

Clothes : 
I really love the midi dress trend especially been a taller lady I find I don't have to buy a size up just so that my bum bum is covered and it seems to be a trend holding it's own. The coral-pink one is from New look and I think was about £15 /£20 I can't fully remember  but the one I really love is the blue tie dye effect dress from River Island (£25) which I think will be perfect for Paris and perhaps for upcoming gigs and travelling. River Island

Make up :  

Make up this month has really been featuring the 'high street/drugstore' brands . I picked up three of the Barry M gel High shine polishes ( Prickly Pear/Lilac colour , Lychee/a gorgeous nude and Blood orange which is simply a vibrant red perfect for the toes). I also picked up the new Revlon nearly naked foundation and powder ( I am defiantly going to do a more in depth review). I am seriously impressed with the foundation it's a much thicker coverage then I expected but it does leave a lovely finish one gripe why not add a pump too the bottle ? 
Lips wise I picked up Hyper melon lipstick by Look beauty a rich coral shade perfect for a pop of colour . On the other end of the spectrum I treated myself to a Chanel rouge allure in the shade enjouee which is a bit different to what I would usually go for . I say this because it's more of a bright bright pink , I did fear it may look a little barbie-Esq but noooo it's beautiful . A little note on enjouee - make sure your lips are smooth and free of flakiness. Finally I strolled into mac and bought a new shadow for my palette in the shade Soba which is a goldey brown perfect for a brown smokey eye which I find just a tad softer for my colouring .  

Little peek at the ring and my work in nero :)

So there you are hope you all enjoyed a peek into my March and what was going on  :) Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday and if your at school or University enjoy the rest of the holidays .