Thursday, 4 April 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and powder

This foundation has made an appearance on many a beauty blog but initially I wasn't going to purchase but as usual I caved after seeing the results on friends and blogs .  I haven't heard to much about the accompanying powder but make up is on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment so there we go seemed a sensible choice.


Foundation(£8.99) - shade 130 shell
I was a little worried that I'd struggle to find the right colour as the range isn't particularly extensive at 10 different shades but low and behold this is perfect ... RESULT!  The coverage is a funny one you would think that nearly naked would imply a lighter coverage but the product is a foundation after all so it is more of a medium coverage , it does however blend beautifully.  Another plus about the nearly naked foundation is that it because it is a slightly heavier coverage it isn't overly dewy and doesn't look at all greasy or wet - Never a good look.
For me what spoils this is that it doesn't have a pump. This is something constantly brought up within the reviews . This isn't a problem if you are very careful and controlled at pouring... however I am cack handed and pour too much out which then wastes the product.

Pressed Powder( £7.99) - shade 020 Light Pale
I don't really wear powder that often but I do like to have it in my collection/make up bag for touch ups and setting any oilier areas of my make up. With that it's just a pressed powder I can't really say that it's anything to write home about it does what you want it to do and is priced well.  One major problem is that the colouring is way off I bought the Light pale shade and I feel its a bit too dark , There is one shade down but my local boots didn't have it in so I can't really comment.

Overall I really like the foundation especially for a drug store foundation and I was lucky enough to find a shade that's perfect for me and it's got a good level of coverage - a bit better when a tinted moisturiser is somewhat lacking. I would say purchase something else instead of the powder.

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