Thursday, 18 April 2013

What's in my handbag #2 the update

I finally bought the Zara Office city bag after much lusting and deliberation.  You have probably seen many a beauty blogger with this bag but for me I love the practicality of it - I am a bit of a geek and love organisation !
It has a number of different compartments two of which are padded for any of your gadgets , I also like that it's zipped and secure with either handles or a strap which is padded too- this is perfect for me as I often find if my bags full it kills my shoulder. Now I do have a teeny gripe about this bag and that is that £49.99 seems a lot as it's not leather but I s'pose it is  well made so I'll let it pass. 

Just to give you a peek of the different compartments

Beauty bits & bobs: 
So I carry all my little beauty bits in a little Liz Earle travel bag and my lady things in a cute Liz Earle pouch (discreet) so what do I lug around with me? Soap and Glory hand maid & L'Occitane honey hand cream , Vichy Eau Thermale, Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, A little moomin mirror my housemate bought me , bobbles and grips , Korres wild rose 24hr moisturiser,Benefit Badgirl lash  & Benetint, some depotted foundation(not sure which) , A little eco tools foundation brush , Revlon Nearly naked powder, selection of lip balms, teeny tiny tweezers,Wei eye blend - I find this really refreshing especially if i'm working in the library and a little sample of Molton Brown Valbonne which I'm thinking I may get full sized. Oh and a hello kitty hairbrush . 

Trying to be organised : 
One of my new Years resolutions was to be more organised and with that I marched to Waterstones and picked up a moleskin diary so I always carry that around with me with some sort of pen I usually end up with 6 hanging round the bottom of my handbag . I then have my Kindle to hand because although it's usually me driving I do like to take a few minutes to read as I'm really getting back into reading. It's also a bit safer for me to keep it in my handbag along with when I get my Ipad he'll go in there.  I then have a selection of snacks from gum, tic-tacs and some biscuits I naffed from the hotel in the Lake District.  

Then the usual bits : 
My studded Topshop purse which as lovely as it looks isn't so practical but I love it anyway , I then have my house keys (with the dog one which I bought in the Vets) which are covered in glitter nail polish and my car keys. Ray ban wayfarers- These ones just stay in my handbag for those odd sunny days and last up my ipod classic you will notice no headphones which are somewhere in my gym bag , I do have some big ones but there in the car for some crazy reason. It's all cool though really cos I tend to only plug my ipod into the car cable . 

So there you have it I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my bag no doubt my the end of the week it won't be nicely organised and will be full of crap :) 
If this is a bag you may be interested in it's still available Click for Zara

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