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S/S 2013 Make up trends - Lips

So I have decided to do a little series about Spring/Summer make up trends . Now I'm a) no expert b) never been to a fashion show ... I'd love to one day though . I have however done a little research and found this article of particular interest . Lisa Eldridge for Elle and Harpers Bazaar

I am defiantly a lipstick 'junkie' so for me this seemed an obvious place in which to start. On the catwalks it seemed to be 'pop lips ' with a matte effect , we saw Bright pinks, oranges , corals and the trusty reds were still around.  I have compiled a selection of my favorite lipsticks that fit into the S/S 13 trends . 

Please excuse the arm hair :)
L-R -  Chanel EnjoueĆ© , Look beauty Hyper melon , Revlon Lip butter in Tutti Fruti , Max factor  Pink brandy , Elysambre 220 , YSL Rouge Volupte Shade 01 and a mixture of Mac Matte Ruby woo and Georgio Armani Lip Maestro 201

Bright Pinks as seen on the likes of Giles. 
Elysambre 220 - I got this in a Jolie box ages ago and can't find it in the UK but I love it so much. It's a hot vibrant pink with a slight - slight matte effect. I'm going to Paris at the end of the month so I'll go on the hunt . 
YSL Rouge Volupte shade 01 - When I first picked this up I hated it but I've now found that by adding some trusty lip seal it's an easier way to  wear bright pink- especially if your not brave enough for barbie esque lippy. 
Chanel allure EnjoueĆ© -  I LOVE this bad boy it's such a beautiful colour that really does give a 'pop'. Its got more coral/red undertones then it been a bright bold pink but then again that could mean it's combining all the trends. 

Elysambre 220

Orange/Corals as seen at Missoni . 
Look Beauty Hyper Melon -  As the name suggests this colour is'hyper' , I don't think I've ever seen a melon that colour but I do still love it. It's vibrant and fits beautifully into the 'Coral/orange category' . For the price its such a pigmented shade. 
Max factor Pink brandy - This is a great introductory colour to the coral trend if your not ready for such a bold colour. Again a super steal for the high-street as is every lipstick I have included in the coral section. 
Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti -  Now this is an orange orange which takes a lot to pull of and requires minimal other make up but it is a very sexy colour. However it is incredibly moisturising but does need constant top ups. 

The Look beauty lipstick in hyper melon ahhh it's such nice colour

Matte reds and berry tones which made appearances at both Prada and Jonathan Saunders - 
Good news ! I don't usually go for matte lipsticks but I am tempted to buy another Armani lip maestro as they are much more long lasting - perfect for nights out , dinner or even kissing which I guess means perfect for a date ? 
For this trend I mixed Mac Ruby woo (matte) with a little of the lip maestro in the shade 201 to give a beautiful red with berry undertones.  I then popped some highlighter on the cupids bow to replicate the Prada trend of  a bright red with a subtle white line on the cupids bow.  

So hope you enjoyed my little run down of the lip trends and my ultra cringey pictures. Next week I'm going to look at my other favorite dewy skin So see you same time next week?  

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