Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Badger Sleep Balm

First things first my apologies I haven't been blogging much this week. I've got a tonne of uni work whilst trying to squeeze in seeing friends before heading back to Uni and hitting the gym so I've had very little spare time. I have however made myself a little schedule of blogging and post's etc... so fear not all back to usual next week!  Now onto the review...

I've done a post before (Sleep post) about my difficulties with sleeping and things I use to relax and unwind when it's time for bed and with this I'm constantly on the lookout for new bits cue Badger Sleep balm . I picked this up from feel unique as I thought it was just a little bit cute but low and behold it actually does help. A delicate blend of Lavender and Bergamot with just a hint of ginger.  The lavender isn't too strong and the ginger is a subtle pick me up. It's a hard balm that you warm in the fingers and I rub it onto my wrists and temples although it says you can put it on the face but that's just not for me.It could all just be in my head but I really do feel this relaxes me ready for bed.  What I really do love about this is that it's natural and organic which I like in sleep aides- the ingredients list is short and simplified.

Fancy trying this for yourself?
Feel Unique badger sleep balm Feel unique have a whole range of different Badger balm products so worth checking out :)
56g pot = £6.99
21g mini pot = £3.99

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