Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chatty chat post / ways to contact

For today I did have a post planned about the new Revlon nearly naked range but unfortunately my uni work has caught up on me so instead I am spending my day writing about the cultural revolution in China . I did however want to do a quick post because I am attempting to post everyday throughout April...

Instead this post is all about the different ways you can contact me or follow this blog , I love hearing from people and really do appreciate when people follow feedthesharks or give feedback so don't be a stranger!!!! :)

 1) GFC -  You can still follow the blog on GFC ( just click follow me on the right hand side )

Possibly the easiest way of following this blog and many others . You just create and account and search your favourite blogs. You'll then get a daily news feed with all the most recent posts .Simples?

3) TWITTER -  I am also on twitter @brigid_farrell .  Here you can get to know me a bit more personally see my random tweets about all sorts but also what beauty bits I'm trying out etc...
You can also tweet me whenever I love getting tweets !!

4) EMAIL- Late last night I decided to set up a separate email for the blog  again if you have any queries


So there you have it a multitude of ways in which to have a chat,keep up to date or a general nosy about :)

Nice little picture of Tommy and Cupcake cos there cute and make me smile :)

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