Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beauty|| Sephora travel brush set

It feels a little unfair showing you this little steal from Sephora because as you probably all know we don't have it in the UK. I simply can't understand this and if someone would shed some light I'd be grateful. 
However if you're heading to anywhere with a Sephora or if you're thinking of placing a cheeky American order then I urge you to check out this mini travel brush set.

I'm a huge fan of the Sephora own brand,especially the brushes-they tend to be soft and sturdy for an oh so reasonable price. 
What's really nice about this set is you've got all bases covered and I really love the pink and black theme. It just adds a nice touch. There also perfectly sized for chucking in your handbag,travel bag or car.

In the set you get ....

Powder brush - Loose/compact powder + blush 
This is a really nice big fluffy brush which will be just perfect for powder. 
However I think it will also be great for swirling in bronzer and applying to the face and body.
They do suggest using this for blush but personally I prefer something a little more smaller but hey that's cos I'm not a big blush fan.

Sponge tip shadow applicator 
 I'm not really going to dwell on this brush because for me I find them to be a little naff but if you like using sponge applicator it seems nice enough.

Medium shadow brush and small shadow brush 
 These are both really good quality brushes and will both be great for their intended use.
The medium one is a great size for packing on shadow all over the eye and is as good as some of the more expensive brushes I own. 
The smaller brush is still great as a liner brush but for me where it shines is as a concealer

Brow comb 
And finally is a brow comb- nothing too fancy pants just a nice simple brow comb and who doesn't need that. 

This might not be the most exciting brush set but it very simple and very effective. 
Unfortunately I can't find a link for this exact set but I don't think it was more than 20 euros or maybe a little less. 
You can find similar here 

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