Friday, 14 February 2014

The power of a red lip

I love me a red lip for some reason if I'm feeling a bit down I'll pop on a red lip, If I want to brighten up an outfit I'll swipe on some red and when I want to look a little more glamorous yep you guessed it I'll whack on a red lip. Red represents power and strength so nobody needs to know that you're actually feeling poop!  Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen says that "red lipstick is a source of strength, you put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without."

Whatever the finish, the shade or you're colouring a red still looks classic and sophiscated. If you're new to a red lip you can go for a tinted lipbalm and if you're feeling a little more confident you can hit up a vibrant matte. There's something for everyone!
The only problem is that a red lip does require a little bit more effort and care but it can be made a whole lot easier with a few tools and products.
I've provided a few tips I use in order to acheive a beautiful red lip.

  • Scrub lips to get rid of any dry bits so that the lipstick doesn't stick in any areas and so that you don't have flakey bits. Lush have a great range of lip scrubs which taste scrumptious but it's just as easy to make you're own by mixing a little sugar with some lipbalm. 
  • Once you've scrubbed the lips add some of you're favourite lip balm to add moisture and I think we all know my favourite - the Nuxe reve de miel. 
  • Have some make-up remover on hand for any mishaps you come across.
  • Lip liners can be you're best friend when applying a red lip. They add shape,defination,vibrancy and longevity. As you'd expect Mac do some lovely lip pencil but to be honest I'd just pick one up from the highstreet as I've found them to be just as effective - Rimmel,MUA and Look beauty all do great lip liners in classic red shades.
  • If you're not a 100% confident with applying a red lip stright from the bullet then a lip brush can allow for precsion colour. 
  • When wearing a red lip the key is to keep the rest of you're make up super simple , you don't want to over do it by wearing a smokey eye and a red lip although if you can pull that off then good on ya :) 
  • And finally if you want you're lipstick to last I'd suggest a slick of lipcote  or a dusting of loose powder before applying the lipstick. 
So there we have it my ode to a red lip , hope you've picked up a few tips. 
Have a lovely Valentines day ! 
My red of choice in this picture is Mac sheen supreme in new temptation

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