Monday, 10 February 2014

Review // Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen wow foundation

I bought this foundation when it was first released in 2012 and I just felt a little bit blah about it and I especially hated the packaging( note to self don't judge a book by it's cover!) so I used it for a month or so and then pushed it to the back of my foundation wardrobe . At the time it was majorly hyped but it just wasn't doing anything for my skin back then .
However ...
I noticed that Lisa Eldridge mentioned the Hello Flawless Oxygen wow foundation in the March edition of Elle and thought to myself well if it's good enough for Lisa Eldridge maybe I should give this foundation another go.

A little about the foundation itself - 
Hello Flawless was Benefit's first liquid foundation and took three years to create. This is an oil-free brightening liquid foundation which aims to leave the skin looking luminious and healthy.
A light to medium coverage with 9 shades in the range . Wear time is around 6 hours but can be extended with a good primer.
The foundation is also SPF 25

So have I rekindled a love for hello flawless? 
Well I'm still not sold on the packaging at £25 I just want something a little bit more luxe looking , but at the same time it does fit in with the more fun and vintage feel that Benefit runs with. The colour range isn't fantastic , I picked up the lightest shade ('believe in me' Ivory ) and it's still a little bit too dark on my pale skin.
All that aside this is rather a nice foundation it's very liquid which means the coverage can be built upon and it doesn't look too shiny or greasy. Rather it brightens the skin giving a luminous finish , almost you're skin but better.  Hello flawless is also very hydrating which is why I think Hello Flawless is a perfect foundation for the warmer summer months.

Girls and maybe boys the lesson to be had here is that you shouldn't judge a foundation by it's packaging and just because it doesn't work once don't shrug it off for ever!

Benefit hello flawless Oxygen wow foundation can be found at Benefit , Feel Unique and House of Fraser 

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