Monday, 14 April 2014

Skincare newbies from Kiehl's

If your a regular to these parts then my love for Kiehl's will come as no suprise, in fact I'd even go as far as saying Kiehl's is my favourite skincare brand (well at the momment anyway.)

I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've bought, I had a fondness for the no fuss packaging and I rather like the skeleton and white coats when you go instore.
It's also worth noting that I've always found the staff in Kiehl's too be lovely - never too pushy but yet happy to offer guidance. Last time I went to the Nottingham Kiehl's I had a lovely chat with the assistant about the Origins drink up mask in comparison to the Ultra facial hydrating Overnight masque.

Gushing about the brand aside lets move onto my latest purchases....

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream £24.00 for 50ml 

Does any one else find it's easier to find a night cream then morning? I was very happy with what I had been using but just fancied something a little bit different - I get bored easily and felt my skin still needed a little more moisture.

The Ultra Facial cream is slightly heavier than the Ultra Facial moisture but still holds many of the same traits. It claims to give the skin up to 24hr of ultra hydration,reduces moisture loss whilst helping with water replenishment. With these traits it's easy to see how this is an ideal night cream.
I really love this cream it's a pleasure to apply and I wake up with soft youthful looking skin. Can I just say that on at least 4 accounts this week I have been mistaken for been on school work experience. Something must be working?

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser £8.00 for 75ml 

This cheeky little cleanser caught my eye just as I was paying (hence it's the travel sized one). I've actually being bowled over by this cleanser. Although it's a liquid formula it doesn't foam too much and it definatly doesn't dry the skin. Instead it gently cleanses the skin of excess oils,dirt and debris. It smells really fresh too which is always a plus I'm definatly going to buy the full sized one next.

Another thing I love about Khiels is that they do a number of travel sized products which are perfect if you want to test a product or if you know your travelling!

So there we have it a little ode to two of my new favourites... next on my list from this range is the ultra facial toner.

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  1. Oooh that cream sounds amazing! I actually need a new moisturiser so I may give this Khiels one a go :) x
    A MakeupHabit