Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A girl's best friend

I think everybody probably feels like this at some point in their life(well week) that they'd much rather have an extra 10-15 minutes in bed then spend that time making themselves look immaculate. 
I am exactly like this and  because of this I rely on a  number of products that are either multi-use or just allow me to skip a step or two in my morning routine. 
I call these products a girls best friend... 

Skin & Hair ...

Lets be honest at 6-7am I want something nice and simple that still takes all the yuck sleep grime off my face. Cue some form of Micellar water to refresh and cleanse the face. At the momment I'm using the Garnier micellar cleansing water which I spoke about in my last post.
My next little cheat comes in the shape of the Origins No puffery roll - on which not only soothes the under eye area but banishes any tell tale puffy signs and brightens dark under eyes. For a lovely treat pop this in the fridge overnight before using it in the morning.
Ahh dry shampoo is probably one of my favourite morning products it means that I don't have to spend and age blow drying and washing my hair .
The dry shampoo allows the hair to look clean but it also adds volume to the hair .
For me I like to stick with an old favourite and that's the Batiste dry shampoo , I like that they come in all kinds of scents and sizes.

Make up cheats ...

When I'm feeling a bit lazy I'm always guilty of skipping my moisturiser and SPF so I tend to hit up the Dr.Jart + water fuse BB cream , which also minimizes the need for foundation and concealor perfect?
I love this as it gives a lovely healthy glow to the skin with a decent amount of coverage.
As for cheeks I have a couple of options , I either use the Nars Soulshine cheek palette  which adds a pop of colour,shimmer and dimension all in one- and it's perfect for Spring.
Cream blushers can also be your best friend as they are multi-use pop them on the cheeks or on the lips for a subtle hint of colour.  My current favourite is the Max Factor miracle touch creamy blush in the shade soft pink.
Don't be put off by the small size of these blushers as they really do pack a punch and the formula is beautiful.
Another wonder lip product is the Korres pomegranate lip butter  it not only gives a delicate pink shade to the lips but it really hydrates too what more can you want?

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