Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites

This month's favourites is rather a mixed bag of some old and new favourites that I've enjoyed throughout this short month.

Beauty favourites -  
Bright and bold.
I've been loving wearing a lot more colour on my lips I've really enjoyed bright bold lips or candy pinks - which is very unlike me . I really like pairing pink lips with a slick of black eyeliner there's something very classic and sixties about that look. My favourite lip products of February have been Mac Sunny Seoul ,YSL Rouge pur couture vernis A levres in the shade 09 (I think- It's rubbed off you see) and the Revlon lip butters in Raspberry pie and cotton candy .
Colourful talons.
Now Spring is on it's way I've really enjoyed wearing brighter colours on my nails. And I've rediscovered a love of the Barry M gelly nail paints You don't need a top coat , they dry super quickly and they are nice and shiny what more can a girl want ? I've really been loving greenberry and prickly pear.
And to the land of nodd.
It's a fairly well known fact that I'm not the best sleeper so I like to use different things to help me sleep and relax. I picked this up Boots as part of the This works dream believers set. In the set there was a sleep balm and this dream cream. Now I'm not as keen on the balm but I really love popping this cream on my arms and hands before nodding off.
A little skincare treat. 
I really do love Kiehl's and I've always been really happy with everything I've tried and the creamy eye treatment doesn't disappoint. Once you get over the odd texture it really does hydrate the delicate eye area and doesn't cause make up to slide. I tend to use this in the morning or throughout the day when I've sat at the computer all day. It's quite nice to just pop it under the eyes and allowing it do sink in.

Everything else- 
Bathing Beauty.
Another Lily flame candle I really do love these candles they aren't too expensive, look and smell lovely and there's a whole range of different scents to suit everyone and every room. Now my all time favourite is the rhubarb - I've used two up since Christmas is that bad? This Bathing beauty candle is an interesting scent that is pefect for lighting when have a pamper. I can't put my finger on the scent but it is lovely and relaxing.
Lets dance Snorkmaiden! 
You may or may not know but I love the Moomins. My mum and I used to sit and watch it all the time and read the books(she worked in Finland so maybe that's why). There's something about those cute little creatures that makes my heart swoon .It would proably be fair to say that i own a fair bit of moomin related merchaindise- I have PJ's ,placemats, teddys, candle holders and now coasters. I was buying my Dad a birthday present and this just caught my eye , mainly because it's usually me asking everyone to dance when I have a glass of wine in my hand .

Something to look forward too... 
PANCAKES!!! mmmm I cannot wait! I'm gunna make some gluten free ones to be a little healthier and I'll pop the recipe up tommorrow because there rather good for a sunday brunch too! I'm also cooking to be having a pancake battle with my American friend for our cooking blog that we are doing for University (feel free to check it out

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