Thursday, 13 March 2014

Curlylocks- Enrapture Extremity heated rollers

It's not a secret that I'm a little bit cak handed and I'm just no good at blow drying my own hair - yes I attempt but it just lacks a little something and I'm never quite happy and end up tying it up anyway.
So when I can be bothered I turn my attention to my Enrapture Extremity heated rollers to add volume,bounce and a few curls for good measure. I really don't know why I haven't blogged about these before because I absolutley love them! 
These roller's are so simple to use you dry the hair, pop them in and leave them to do there 'thang' while you do your 'thang' .  
The beauty is that they heat from the core and the heated clip plates.  The rollers are hot in mere seconds and take about ten minutes to cool and set. 
The velevety finish on the rollers mean there's no nasty pulling and they simply slide out. 
SAFETY WARNING Whatever you do don't forget to turn the switch off when they have fully heated because they do get very hot and burn your ears a little. 
I really like that you get two size rollers - the bigger for volume and the smaller for lovely defined curls. 
They aren't the cheapest purchase but they certainly aren't the most expensive when you consider that a pair of GHD's cost £89 onwards.  
For me there a great way of adding volume without having to faff on with the hair dryer and yet it still looks very polished.  And it's always fun to look like a ninny with these on your head - many of my friends are used to it now. 
This may sound a bit adverty but I just have a little bit of a love affair with my heated rollers...
If these sound like your cup of tea you can pick them up here 

you'll have to ignore my spot friend on my chinny chin chin :)

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