Monday, 31 March 2014

Something new : Maybelline Coloursensational shine gloss

It's rare that I fall so easily for a product , I like to test it out for a little while and then decide if I want to buy more of whatever this may be. 
However these Maybelline lip glosses have really caught my heart, I bought one on Friday and coudn't stop thinking about the next (which I purchased today)
Typically I'm a lip stick girl but since around Christmas I've been hitting up the lipglosses and I'd heard so much about these that I had to give them a go and boy they are worth the hype. 

I first picked up Glorious grapefruit purely because the colour looked beautiful and well I love me a grapefruit. 
It also smells of grapefruit a little but maybe that's just me.
It's a gorgeous coral with a little more pink and red undertones.
It's really quite pigmented but not so much that you can't wear it over a lipstick - I like to pair it with Mac Sunny Seoul. 
Next up is Cashmere Rose  a more delicate soft coral.
This is a little more sheer and has finely milled specks of gold running through which makes this the perfect layering gloss. 

What really excites me about these glosses is the formula.
They aren't awfully shinny they just add a nice glow and finish to the lips but best of all they aren't sticky at all. 
There's not that nasty tacky feeling and they last a reasonable ammount of time too. 
The packaging is slick and for around £6 you can afford to have a  couple of these beauties in your make-up arsenal . 

Now which to go for next? 

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