Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Style || Bargain Booties

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Primark.
 I never seem to love the clothes enough to actually go into the store... I'm just not keen on the layout and how busy it always is and I end up leaving feeling a little claustrophobic
However last week I swallowed all of my feelings about Primark and picked up these beautiful little booties. 
I'd seen them in the window on a late trip to the library and thought mmm there preaty and then couldn't get them out of my head. 
So mine they became. 

At £15 you can't really complain about these lovely little ankle booties that are just perfect for summer. 
Available in the tan or black and white but I personally loved the multi-coloured embroidery.
They fit well and have a nice little zip detailing. 
The cut is just perfect for summer because they aren't too long or too heavy just perfectly lightweight.
What I really love is the embroidery but I also like that they have a nice lowish heel but still add a little height- perfect for us taller ladies. 
I've been styling mine with shorts and dresses but they look equally as good with a pair of black skinny jeans. 
To be honest they've barely left my feet since purchasing. 
Not bad for £15 and I'd definetly recommend picking a pair up as a predict they'll sell out quickly.

I'm definetly back to blogging- I know I keep saying that but we've just finished moving out of our lovely Lincoln home . 
I'm off for a weekend in Milan this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for posts.

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