Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Haul || Milan purchases

Sometimes it's nice to just go away to a different city, bask in a bit of sunshine, eat incredible food and forget about everything else with all this in mind myself and James booked a littel trip to Milan for the weekend just gone. 
I love Italy and couldn't wait to hit the fashion capital and of course do a little shopping. It would be rude not to? 
Although I didnt buy too much because well we were limited by lugguage allowences , I wanted to share a few bits and pieces that I did pick up on my travels. 

Pull & bear have some really lovely clothes in a momment and I couldn't resist this blue palm tree printed kimono which will be perfect for when it's a bit warmer but also chucked over a bikini around the beach or pool. Unfortuntatly I can't find the Kimono online but they do have a few other lovely ones so it's worth having a peek. 
I also picked up this cute little pale denim dress,it's such a lovely fit and is super soft. 
But what I really love is the triangle cut out detail of the back which just adds interest to what could be a very plain dress. 
I know I know you can get Pull & Bear in the UK but there isn't a store anywere near me and sometimes It's just nice to actually get a feel for the clothes.

This bikini was calling me in as we walked past Oysho and I just knew I had to have it. 
I'm going to Spain for a couple of weeks shortly and I know this will be just perfect. 
I love the colour of the yellow bottoms and the fruit print - who doesn't love pineapples? 
I also really like the bandeau top because well I'm not gifted in the big breast department and find that these are just the best for us smaller boobie ladies. 
As far as I'm aware Oysho don't have a UK store but they do cheap delivery and I noticed that Asos also stock the brand. 
They have loads of fun and colourful swimwear so I'd recommend it. 

And of course I also took a cheeky trip into Sephora but I didn't want to buy to much because well I'm going to Spain soon and there wont be as much of a lugguage limit - see benefits. 
But something caught my eye and I just had to pick it up and that my friends was the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette. 
But I'm gunna do a full post on that one very soon 

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