Monday, 5 May 2014

Morning perk ups #1

A few weeks ago I was approached to write a post inspired by this post (here)  and it really caught my eye mainly because I am one of those people who definatly don't get the recommended 8hours of sleep. 
In Carly's post she talks about how we generally fall into two categories those who get the full 8 hrs + and those who don't and those who don't need to have a few tricks up their sleeves ... to at least look a little more awake. 
I'm gunna split this post into two #1 the make up perk ups and #2 the skincare saviours. 
And let's be honest this is probably the best time for me too do this post because I am well and truly pooped; it's dreaded deadline time so I'm doing long library days,combined with a job and a whole lotta over stuff . 
but I'm blabbing on so let's begin with the make up that's helped me look a little less like a zombie! 

On days that my skins behaving I've been hitting up the Garnier Miracle skin cream, It's meant to instantly reduce the appearance of tierdness so uno it's perfect yeah? I'm gunna do a more in depth post about this because it's rather interesting.  It's not great for coverage but it does add a little colour and glow which is just perfect.   I also swear by the YSL touche Eclat  now I know it's a product that splits a crowd but for me it's a firm favourite.  I find popping it under the eyes gives the illusion of a good nights sleep.
mmm Chanel Les Beiges how beautiful and expensive you are but mainly beautiful... beauty aside this product is really great at giving a healthy dose of colour and radiance. I like to use it as a bronzer but you can also use it as a setting powder. 
Cream blushers are great at this time of the year and if your skin needs a bit of a pick up (and they can be used on the lips too) a personal favourite of mine is Topshop Head over heels .
Finally I curl my lashes and pop on the L'oreal false lash telescopic because it's just perfect at making the lashes look full and wide. 
And if all that fails I just drink lots & lots of coffee- actually I drink lots of coffee even when this works 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and I'd defintly recomend checking out the original post this was inspired by :) *

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