Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beauty || Lets clean those brushes

First things first lets do a little hello and nice to meet you, It's been a while. 
It would be an understatement to say I've not blogged properly in ages!
deadlines and work well and truly took over my life for the past month 
But I'm back and ready with new ideas and lots to talk about so hey ho lets go!  

So Where I live we have a new Tesco now usually I wouldn't care a supermarkets a supermarket yes? No this isn't any old supermarket it's amazing - a day trip in it's self and whats so great is the new beauty section and I went a little cray cray . 
One item I picked up and the thing that spurred this post and long winded explaination. 
So cleaning make-up brushes often a little neglected but important non the less. 
Brushes collect dirt,oil and grime which can of course lead to breakouts and clogged pores . 
In the long run if your working hard to keep your skin nice you could end up reversing all of that hard work you did- it makes sense to clean them hey?
Regular cleaning can also help preserve brushes 
I try to do a deep clean once a week but realistically it's usually once a month.
And my weapon of choice and the long winded purchase .... Dr.Bronner's pure castile soap
I just swirl my brushes in a ramekin with a bit of the soap and rinse simple as pie and allow to dry.

This stuff is great for cleaning brushes so much so that it should be the 19th use (or however many they're on now) it smells nice,gentle and really does clean those brushes.

FYI Dr.Bronner's pure Castile soap is perfect for travelling as it can be used for a whole of different things such as washing,shampooing,shaving,brushing your teeth(I'd advise the peppermint one) and cleaning your clothes. 

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