Monday, 3 June 2013

On the Music scene....The Sound of Change Live

I know I've not blogged properly for few days now but I just haven't had the chance but I promise I have loads lined up for the next week or so :)
This weekend me and my family ventured down to London for the weekend and so my sister and I could go to The Sound of Change live

So what is the Sound of Change live?

This wonderful concert was all in the name of women - promoting better education, healthcare and justice for those who face these injustices on a daily basis. The concert was founded by the GUCCI charity Chime for change and featured a number of big name artists,actors and activist- The concert was headlined by the one and only Beyonce (one of the co-founders of Chime for change)   A voice was provided for those women through a back drop of celebrities but the message was still there.  What is fantastic about this concert is that all of the ticket price goes to the women's charity of your choice.
Of course Beyonce was amazing as expected - I was honestly blown away by how powerful her voice was the passion in her performance , there was even a special appearance from Jay Z .
Other acts included - Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Florence and the Machine and Rita Ora.
I enjoyed all of the acts and was pleasantly suprised by how good Jennifer Lopez actually was with a guest appearance from Mary J.Blige.
  Other appearances made included James Franco, Jessica Chastain , Blake Lively and Madonna- who if you don't mind my saying had an interesting pillow face going on.

 You can read more about Chimeforchange on the website and you can still make a contribution if you feel this a worthy cause. I must say I felt incredibly proud to be a lady .

Hope you enjoyed this little post :)
Did you go along to the concert or catch any of the highlights lemme know !

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