Thursday, 13 June 2013

This week #6

L-R - I finally got some scones and tea , Cocktails in the sun, Tommy and Cupcake just chilling and me and my sister at Chime for change
I will be buying this and 5-6yrs will fit !

Product of the week - 
It's got to be the St.Tropez gradual tan which I blogged about recently. It's really helped my skin look summer ready rather than like Casper's big sister! 

Read of the week - 
It's awful but I just haven't had chance to do any reading this week but I will be catching up on my self in the next few weeks. I'd love some suggestions of peoples favourite books so I can download some!

Listening to or watching - 

Over the past week or so I've re-watched all three series of Downton Abby. I love it and Cannot wait for series 4 to start . I usually hate period dramas and didn't start watching Downton until the series 1 Christmas episode . 

Top 5 of the week ( and it's been a cracker) - 

1.  James and I finally picked up the keys to our little cottage . We are renting but it's still super exciting to be living together come the end of August. 

2.  last night my friends and I ordered our graduation ball tickets so the preparations start for the Graduation outfit, make up and then all over again for the ball. 

3.  It's a week today until I go to Canada , so this time next week I'll be high in the sky. 

4. Hotel in London has been booked and as luck would happen that it's the Rock 'N' Kohl festival in Selfridges next week too .... Might have to have a sneaky peek.

5. Last minute catch up's with the girlies <3

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