Wednesday, 19 June 2013

In flight beauty ...

So I thought that I'd do a little post about what beauty bits found there way into my clear plastic bag. Everything is mainly centralised around staying hydrated with a few make up bits chucked in so I don't scare anyone.

So first up we have the hydrating and cleansing - mini bioderma to remove traces of make up,Korres 3 In 1 cleanser in case I fancy something a little more , ginzing eye cream, Clinique dramatically different lotion,beauty elixir and of course origins drink up intensive.

With skincare covered I chucked in some essentials such as toothpaste ,sun cream - opting for Clinique city block sheer and lip balm. I also popped a little this works deep sleep roller ball in as its a lovely relaxing scent (I hate flying) and on the subject of scents I put a travel size prada candy in.

Finally for some make up , I don't wanna scare anyone on the other end !!! I've got some mac studio sculpt samples (I'm in between shades NC15 and NC20 at the moment) then I've got a sample of Chanel sublime de Chanel mascara. I received this with my les beiges and fell in love <3

Sorry it's the best quality post it's done on my iPad,with like 4hrs sleep and my nerves are going crazzzzzy!!! I'm going to try and post whilst in Canada but until then I'll be seeing ya ;)

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