Saturday, 15 June 2013

In Vogue ...

I love flicking through the pages of Vogue , looking at all the beautiful clothes and pieces of make up that I just can't afford right now.  Whilst flicking through the July edition a particular piece caught my eye- All about Charlotte Tilbury and her tips for youthful make up with this I thought I'd put my twist on her tips and share with you lovely lot.
If you aren't aware Tilbury is the queen of a sexy smoldering eye with a client list to die for - Cara Delevinge, Kate Moss, Beyonce and Penelope Cruz.  Last year Tilbury launched a You tube channel and accompanying blog so that we can all give that infamous flick a go. Watching her work is simply fascinating. One of most interesting tips of the whole article is that Tilbury sees that the face isn't a flat canvas rather it is moving and has higher and lower points that need to be enhanced.

1. Cheeks that make the eyes pop ! 
By using a creamy highlighter on the highest points of the cheeks it allows the cheekbones to appear higher which in turn will leave the eyes to smolder even more... Hey sexy lady!
Two of my favourite cream highlighters include YSL Touche eclat or MEMEME beat the blues.

2.Strong brows that frame the face 
It does't look like the big brow trend is going any where fast so Tilbury advises that you should never pluck above the brow and when applying product make you stipple it on for a natural effect.  Strong brows can really frame the face and pulls the whole look together.
Personally I prefer to take my time with a shadow and angled brush ( I use MAC wedge) but I also really love the Bobbi Brown brow pencil in the shade Ash.

3.Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Who would have thought that curling eyelashes would make such a difference to the way our make up looks? but boy it really does. By curling the lashes the eyes look wider and let in more light which in turn creates a brighter more open look. Mascara then adds lift to the lashes.
A good nude eyeliner along the lower lash line will again make the eyes look brighter and more awake... no one need know what time you went to bed last night.
Rimmel do an amazing nude in their Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl range- this soft nude pencil glides gently and effectively onto the lash line.
For Mascara I tend to lean towards L'oreal waterproof Telescopic or YSL Shocking . I do however want to purchase the Chanel Inimitable intense mascara after trying a sample of it.

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