Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review : Neom Tranquility

As I've aged my sleeping has defiantly improved but it's still not bang on and as it gets colder I seem to struggle more anyone else get this? Since returning from Canada my routine has been all over the place so as part of establishing a new routine I purchased the Neom Tranquility set from QVC. This is such a nice little introduction to the range and in the set you get a little tranquility travel candle and pillow spray. 
Neom candles are made by mixing vegetable wax and essential oils to create candles which produce a clean and fresh scent.  The tranquility range is a lovely combination of English lavender,sweet basil and jasmine.  I love to light the candle whilst I take my make up off and get ready for bed so that the room is filled with the beautiful scent. 
I then spray my pillow,sheets and even PJ's with the pillow spray and relax! I just love the smell of this spray it's so comforting and oddly reminds me of my mum ... 
I will defiantly be picking up the 3 wick tranquility candle when payday rolls along. 
This little set can still be found here for £19.50 

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